Tale's Journal

This is a space that I will use to capture journal entries & homework from my character. Tale Atwell

(-) Vignette of arrival at King’s Cross Station (3 PTS)
(-) How I matured between Year 1 & 2
(-) The Fight
(-) Character Development Year 2
(-) Summer 2 OR My Crush Experience
(-) How I matured between Year 2 & 3
(-) How I matured between Year 3 & 4 (Include details on siblings & brief summary of character)
(-) What’s your Boggart & Patronus (Happy Memory)

(3) Character Background Tale Atwell
(1) Letter Home
(1) Game 2 Recap (Found on Adventure Log)
(1) Mirror of Erised
(1) Year 1: Christmas Break
(1) Family NPC Details Characters
(1) Easter Holiday Break
(1) Game 7 Recap (Found on Adventure Log)
(1) Summer 1991 (Found on the Forums)
(1) Game 13 Recap (Found on Adventure Log)
(1) Year 2: Christmas Break
(1) Game 19 Recap (Found on Adventure Log)
(1) Game 25 Recap (Found on…Adventure Log)

1 – Read Lips – (p. 19) – You have a limited, self-taught ability to understand the speech of people you can see but cannot hear. You do this simply by watching people’s mouths. This technique is far from perfect; you don’t understand every word and you can get some words confused. Reading lips is particularly useful at Hogwarts where technological eavesdropping devices don’t work and charms like Muffliato can otherwise interfere with a gossip’s ability to overhear things.
2 – Critical Thinker – (p. 17) – You are a remarkable theorist or philosopher, given your age. You often hold mature discourse with adults and you are more likely to be taken seriously by adults than the other students are. Add 1 to your Resolve Pool.
3 – Inner Eye – (p. 20) – You sometimes make prophecies related to possible future events that are emotionally or magically charged. This power is not something your character can knowingly control, but once per school year, you can choose a subject that your character will produce a prophecy about. The Storyguide will provide the details, often giving you significant insight into story events. Other prophecies will come to you at the Storyguide’s discretions. If it becomes known that you can predict the future, the Ministry may try to hound you into recording your prophecies for their
archives. Though you don’t need this Quirk to practice fortunetelling, you always gain a Roll Advantage on Divination tasks and you do not need a medium to attempt fortunetelling. You also add 2 to your Empathy and 1 to your Vigilance Attributes. Example: Sybil Trelawney sometimes, seemingly randomly, spouted important prophecies that she was not aware of. Unfortunately, Sybil had very little knowledge about how to use or teach regular Divination.

Tale's Journal

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