Year 4 Game 1:

Ghost of a Soul

First day of Hogwarts and there are dementors everywhere. Obviously this is Harry Potter’s fault. But it mostly didn’t affect us that much except for things like Hogsmead trips until Gryffindor is playing Hufflepuff in the quidditch match. Cedric got the snitch (yay not Gryffindor!) but the dementors swarmed the field for whatever reason and it is, if I’m honest, rather terrifying. My ears begin ringing and it feels like there is no light in the world eventually the teachers are able to drive back the dementors. Basically Harry Potter ruins everything, including quidditch. He should be expelled.

[Secret] Tale’s mask thing looks slightly different. The eyeholes in the mask allow Tale to see out of the dementor’s hood and control its actions?!?!?! Tale can “feel” them talking to each other. They need to feed to alleviate their condition worse than death but Dumbledore won’t let them get closer to do so.

Tale notices there there is something missing from the room… Amiri. After experimenting with the mask it seems that Amiri is invisible to the dementors.

The hunger and other symptoms that they are experiencing are those of someone with heavy soul damage. [end secret]

Many of us have some “special” dreams.

Allistor has some dreams…

Rodney dreams of being changed by masks (from a wall in a shop) chasing him around the quidditch pitch.

Tale has terrible nightmare of being very hungry and the only thing that will satiate the hunger are the souls of others and sneaks into the hogwarts grounds and into a child’s room (when Tale wakes up Tale will recognize themself) and maybe the child can be convinced to bring others outside the castle walls or maybe this child could do something to release you from the soul crushing robe and existence.

Tale gets a book about dementors from the Ferga Bletchly from the restricted section.

The new DADA professor Lupin is shabby but actually teaching us some things. Nothing VERY dark but not bad either.

Apparently all of the darkest arts have to do with souls and destroying, splitting, or otherwise deforming souls. Horcruxes are mentioned. Dementors began appearing in the 9th century and although they could have occurred before then, Herpo the Foul (by another name), they started to appear more frequently and Herpo with his experiments with maimed souls would force them into a stable form as we now recognize dementors. And now dementors can make themselves and repopulate. Herpo may have a way to control the original ones but not the newer ones. We also look for ways to enrich souls. Cordelia vows to research and devote her life to soul healing, especially for Carobelle who won’t eat chocolate. Tale seems uncomfortable by all of this discussion and eventually reveals that Amiri brought her a mask at the end of last year. Tale goes to get mask and Rodney says that it it the same as the ones he saw on the walls in Borgon and Burkes. He then tells us about his dream and being chased by the mask. We may be able to use fiendfyre as a defense against dementors. Cordelia makes a note to determine other ways to heal the soul and repel dementors.

After all of this research Rodney finds a box at his door from Snape and a note that says “some of the headmaster’s old things” and some miscellaneous alchemy things.

Carobelle ponders if grabbing and transferring the magical essence from others is similar to the soul transfer that can happen.

“Is a ghost just a soul waiting to be used?”

We also notice in the common room little pamphlets for a new school club The Knights of Walpurgus started by Imogen Stretton but the next day there is a note that the group was in poor taste or something to that effect. Cordelia’s father, in the play, was trying to help the muggles, Milt Kreeger of the Knights was warning him against that.

We ask Lupin and learn about the patronus charm and he agrees to ask Dumbledore if he can teach us.

That night Tale has a dream that she doesn’t remember but wakes up thinking about the mask. She puts on the mask and is traveling in a small group of dementors through the forbidden forest. The dementor that Tale is seeing through is one of the original ones and directing the others who are looking for Sirius Black like a pack of dogs before you. At one point it seems like they have found his trail but the trail went cold at the edge of the forest. After they do a rattle to call the hunt. Tale takes off the mask and sneaks out of her room to go onto one of the towers. Suddenly Tale hears a set of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. She is not able to hide but the person, who is not anyone she recognizes though they are shabbily dressed, pays her no attention. She goes to the top of the tower. There isn’t much out on the grounds but she hears a commotion below her and sneaks down to see what is happening.

When the commotion dies down a bit Tale plans to sneak back down to her room but an alarm sounds and Tale goes along with the Gryffindors to the great hall. Tale tells us about what she saw. Dumbledore announces that we are to stay in the great hall. It is ridiculous to expect us to sleep in sleeping bags. We perform cushioning and transfiguration charms on them to make them more comfortable and elegant.

We start a whisper campaign about starting a petition to get rid of Potter.

The next morning a letter comes and drops a letter between Rodney and Allistor. It says:
“Dear Allistor and Rodney,

I enjoyed meeting you the summer before last at my dear brother’s establishment. I had an interesting idea that came up relevant to your studies and would like to consult with you as soon as possible. I sent another letter to the headmaster along with my annual contribution to the school and am sure that this meeting will be arranged forthwith. Do come along to the headmaster’s office and see what arrangements have been made.


Dumbledore gives us permission to learn the patronus charm from Lupin sometimes and to arrange the meeting in a week or so.

Rodney works to be friendly with other people, especially the Hufflepuffs that we share classes with. I help him a bit.

Lupin gives us some more information about dementors and their creation. Said that there was a mass creation for the founding of Azkaban. We practice our patronus.


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