Tale Atwell

A young witch raised in London to a South African family. Tale is a unique girl with a talent for potions & mischief.


Tale (pronounced Tall-y) is a beautiful young girl who keeps herself well composed. Taking herself a little too seriously she is oversensitive to anyone making fun of her or making her feel like she is different. While pretty small for her age Tale is quick both in wit and physical speed!



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Tale was raised in the magical world and thus finds it entirely normal. She enjoys the living in a world where “anything” is possible. However, unlike most young witches & wizards from magical families that entering their first year at Hogwarts, young Tale doesn’t know what to expect. Most families have a long magical tradition and older siblings, aunts, uncles and parents share stories, advice, and wisdom regarding the forthcoming years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Kaelan & Naledi were born and raised in South Africa and attended nearby Maputo Preparatory School of Magical Studies in Mozambique.

Tale is VERY excited to learn the ins-and-outs of being a witch. She has always been an eager and inquisitive child. Frequently throughout her youth she was caught out of bed spying on her parents while they sat in the parlor room late at night discussing magical mysteries and new spells.

Tale enjoys spicy meats & vegetables. Typical British food rarely interests her. Naledi’s home cooking is her favorite. Tale is very concerned about the food that will be served at Hogwarts and is already eager for the Christmas holiday when she can return to the comforts of home.

Tale’s relationship with her parents is a good one. While her younger brother can sometimes be annoying the entire family actually spends quite a bit of time together doing activities. The family loves to play Exploding Snap together. They also study world geography and follow the Quidditch season each year.

Tale enjoys quidditch. All members of her family are big fans of the Gimbi Giant-Slayers are an African Quidditch team that plays out of Ethiopia. They are two-time winners of the All-Africa Cup. Last year the Atwell’s traveled to Africa and watched the Gimbi Giant-Slayers take on the Patagonia Proudsticks from Uganda. It is one Tale’s favorite memories.

Tale’s father’s work as a diplomat means that the family often attends parties around London. So, even while Naledi is known to dress in fancy African fabrics and jewelry, she keeps her children dressed in semi-formal garb of London. Nice button up shirts and blouses with black and khaki slacks. Occasionally Tale wear’s plaid skirts and woolen tights. However, given her tendency towards clumsiness she prefers pants to avoid ripping her tights.

Tale’s Family
Father: Kaelan Atwell
Mother: Naledi Atwell
Brother: Dominick Atwell
Uncle: Martin Atwell

Other Important People
Best Friend: Harriett Ellis
Friend of Family: Mikalah Ellis

Tale Atwell

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