Heath Bishop

Heath is likeable young man with a dark sense of humor


Heathcote “Heath” Bishop.

Heath is likeable young man with a dark sense of humor and a short temper. He idolizes his mother and can’t stand anything that reminds him of his father. He likes poetry, cooking, and classic music. He despises modern music.

Mother: Amy Bishop – A squib and a former groupie of Lorcan d’Eath. Amy has made peace with her lack of magic and was genuinely happy for her son when he manifested magic. Amy owns a successful catering business in London and has clients in both the wizarding and muggle worlds. She has recently received a large amount of money from Heath’s father.

Father: Lorcan d’Eath – A popular half vampire singer. Lorcan has never officially admitted to being Heath’s father but he agreed to pay Amy a large settlement if she waved her right to child support (or the wizard equivalent).

Uncle: Franklin Bishop – Amy’s brother is a healer who works at St Mungo’s Hospital. He has a close relationship with both Heath and his mother and is Heath’s primary magical role-model.


Heath Bishop

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