Cordelia Pomme

Small, dark and determined. Cordelia is shy and somewhat prickly but has a good knowledge of Wizarding politics and magical lore which she would share, to those judged worthy.


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The Cordelia Pomme that you meet is barely 4’ tall. Her hair is naturally dark brown but has been lightened somewhat by the sun. She dresses impeccably though not with the extravagance that one would expect from a pure blood family with money to spare. Everything is of the highest quality however and there is nearly nothing that she does not already have or can not ask her mother for. She is rather quiet and standoffish but fairly loyal to those she considers friends.

Cordelia’s Family:
Father: Laurent Pomme
Mother: Josephee Yaxley-Pomme
Brother: Paul Pomme
Grandmother: Madeline Yaxley (nee Potter)
Aunt: Nebattica Yaxley (nee Weasley)
Uncle: Jonas Yaxley (aka Death Eater Yaxley)
Cousin: Amanda Yaxley

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Cordelia Pomme

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