Slytherin Game 2

by druzbasky

Slytherin iconTale’s Recollection of the Events in Game 2

The first few weeks pass easily as the teachers give us a bit of time to ease into the swing of life at Hogwarts. After Transfiguration we are very brain fried. When we return to the common room, there is a silver platter with 10 letters on them with our names on them. I grab mine run to the corner and open mine. We are invited to a special dinner with Professor Sinistra before our first Astronomy lesson.

History of Magic is LONG and BORING. When the bell finally rings we run back to our room to prepare for our special dinner. We get ready to head to the Astronomy Tower except we don’t know which one is the Astronomy Tower.

1st Edit

We go around the table and introduce ourselves to the Professor. Everyone seems to be mentioning their parents and family connections, so I, of course, mention my parents as well, although do not necessarily understand why. The Professor also gives an introduction and mentions who her parents are.

2nd Edit

Professor Snape comes to the common room to let us know that Astronomy class is cancelled tonight because the weather isn’t cooperating. He mentions that he has to go to the Forbidden Forest

3rd Edit

The next day, we go to flying class after Herbology. We learn “Up” and then we try to fly.


Randy druzbasky

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