This is the homepage for the Hogwarts 1990 campaign. We use the Draco Dormiens rules, a Harry Potter game system of my own design. The campaign includes three groups of players, three separate games, corresponding to three Houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. There is no Gryffindor group because J.K. Rowling has already told this story from the Gryffindor perspective. We are here to see, and to play out, the events of Rowling’s tale from the perspective of the other Houses.

As its name suggests, the campaign begins in 1990 when the players come to the castle as first-year students. It is one year before Harry Potter’s arrival. The game will culminate seven years later in their graduating year. Each House will play its part, sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes openly, in the events leading up to the return of the Dark Lord. Who are the true heroes? Who are the true villains? Which events will make a real difference when the Battle for Hogwarts determines the fate of the wizarding world?

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