Slytherin Game Session 21; Year 3 Game 4
Looking for the Tomb

Game 4 of year 3; Game session 21; July 26, 2015

Present: Tale, Cordelia, Rodney, Alistor, Flora
Ancient Runes party scheduled for spring

Uchi Akimbo, approaches Alistor, who is alone in the hallway, and invites him to a party of the Morris Mordre club (death eaters) on Friday night to make up for treating him poorly. Alistor goes to his friends and they discuss if he should go to the party. They agree he can go, but Tale who is good at sneaking, will hide in the hallway just outside as backup in case he needs help. Allistor follows the directions Uchi gave him up to the 4th floor, which is mostly abandoned, lit by torches, and he finds a door at the end of the hall. Entering the room, the goes to the center and stands next to a giant cauldron in the center of the oval room. 20 or so people in masks encircle this scene, and Uchi removes his mask. From behind the curtain opposite the entrance a tall woman is revealed. She asks, on behalf of the founder, for Alistor to state his name and bloodline. When the woman retreats to behind the curtain, she returns and announces that everyone else is to leave; they remove their masks as they step out. In the hall, Tale sees a shadowy fog emerge from the open doors, but as the lights are is dimmed when those figures pass, Tale is also hidden.

In the room Alistor steps toward the curtain. He is asked questions by the disembodied voice about what he knows, Alistors reveals that he knows of the Basylisk’s existence, as well as it’s name. The voice notes that he is her heir, and the heir of Slytherin. After much discussion, the voice declares that she built the chamber when she was headmistress to have a place for the returned founders who were heirs to Slythern: the multi-legged snake, Tenguin; Kendren, the golden haired king of the unicorns who enjoyed being outside and so was never interested in being the headmaster; Donnalee the squid, who was also the heir of Godrick, and doesn’t have his human memory; and Fawxilmore (pronounced Fozzelmore) is a phoenix. It seems that whenever an heir is needed, an heir can be produce and the memories of being heir may slowly erode over time. It is unclear, and Alistor isn’t able to find out from the voice, who put the heirs in there present forms. He finally pulls back the curtain to reveal a 17th century portrait of Headmistress Elizabeth Burk!

When Alistor returns to the common room, everyone follows him into his second bedroom and he tells them of what he learned as well as the fact that, as the heir to Slytherin he becomes the automatic leader of the club. We know that Thomas opened the chamber through Ginny, because Rodney had conversations with Thomas in Parseltongue. He learned that opening the chamber and releasing the heirs in their ascended form one can gain vast amounts of knowledge. We know that Ginny is being possessed by Thomas, and in the conversation Rodney had with Thomas they made a deal: 1) Thomas will help find them find the Tome in Hogsmeed where the can find the scroll with the spell to release the heirs from their trapped forms (Ascended Form per Headmistress Burk); 2) that Thomas wouldn’t harm Ginny. Flora states that her Aunt has a portrait here in Sytherin but she has been hanging out in her portrait in France, so Flora has to contact her family to be able to connect with her Aunt and that may be a good way to learn more about the Headmistress.

In the days leading up to Christmas break, many people who are unknown to Alistor greet him in the hallways. Flora asks Alistor to help her learn to fly better. She did get a new broom when the Slytherin team also got new brooms.

The students discuss things they have learned in a few classes. In Muggle Studies with Professor Burbage he recommends everyone wear a variety of patterns in the same color to best fit in with Muggle society. They learn that the Chamber of Acumun is Rowena Ravenclaw’s chamber where only smartest students figure out the way into the chamber. They know Circle of Everwood is Hufflepuffs chamber.

Snow covers the ground on the last Hogsmeed weekend, also called “shopping weekend.” The students have cast spells for warming cloaks and are ready to set out on their adventure. It takes about 45 minutes to walk up the hill before they arrive at the ruins of “The Good Inn” (which they believe was the headquarters for the war). As the students know, the inn stores its food in the pantry cave that belongs to Nibget. They approach the boulder and knock to see if someone will enter and answer so they can enter. Flora calls out but Alistor immediately pushes the boulder past the door and the cave behind is revealed. They see the narrow cave, about 20 feet deep with shelves carved into the walls and food piled up around the edges. Flora, who had agreed with Nibget that, “your pantry is yours,” goes in and explores the shelves looking for a leaver that would open a secret passage to another cave where they could find the scroll. Behind a small pile of loose stones Flora finds something that looks like it could be a leaver, pulls it out, lifts it up and discovers it looks like someone’s wand, and noting to herself that it can’t be Nibget’s because Goblins don’t keep wands. Flora puts the wand back, exits the cave, and they go off to explore more around the cave. They continue up the path looking for a graveyard or tomb near the church further up the hill. They find old tomb stones, all written in Ancient Runes, many of which have fallen over. No crypts are around this area and the only place without tombs that we can see is the ruins of a building foundation – Tale and Cordelia melt the snow to see the foundation better. It’s possible to see that the stones go very deep into the ground, and they wonder if it used to be a very tall building, or if there is an underground space. It’s possible that if it had been a tower one would have been able to see the Good Inn below. Tale, exploring the hill side near by, finds a few cave entrances in an area relative to this building foundation in the same way the pantry was relative to the Good Inn. The caves are covered with boulders. Alistor is called and helps move the boulder. Everyone enters the cave.
The floor of the cave slants downward, and eventually becomes stone carved steps. It is unclear if the stones were carved by humans or shaped by wizards. At the bottom of the steps appears to be a statue of a person. It turns toward them, drawing a golden sward, and charges up the stairs.
(Action sequence):

Rodney trys to stun him but the spell goes straight through
Alistor trys an impediment jinx but that spell also goes straight through
Tale dodges the figure
Cordelia throws a rock at it and the rock passes through him
Flora attempts to cast a spell that is supposed to work on ghosts, “Confundus abundus” which doesn’t do anything to the non-solid form
Alistor is “struck” by the sword, he feels that he’ll never be cheerful again.

R – sends a spell, strikes the apparition which yells as its sword soars out of it’s hand
A – runs
T – runs to get the sward, but sees a pantry, rugs, and other passage
C – also runs for the sword but swerves to go down the passage
F – trys spell for disarming a hostel personality that she learned from Lockhart – “Personus acomodus” the spell goes through the apparition

The apparition floats down stars, picks up his sword and yells, enraged

R – again knocks the apparitions sword out of his hand but it only flys into air and lands at apparition’s feet
A – trys spell “wadawasi” on the sword but his wand flys out of his hand
T – trys a freezing charm, and though the spell goes through him energy is seen
C – runs down tunnel (6.5 meters long) and sees there is another chamber that slops away from the entrance. In the center of that room there is a “stairwell” lined with tiers that each holds a sarcophagus, she sees about 30 coffins to the edge of the light source
F – turns on her Vela powers to distract the apparition and let everyone run out, but the apparition picks up his sword and, as though he suddenly remembers who she is, points it at her then runs down tunnel and almost runs into Cordelia
C – dives through the apparition

R – calls out to Cordelia and lights his wand to call to everyone to get out
A – runs back down stairs to get everyone out and notices that the “sacks” on the side of the shelves are somewhat human shaped
T – covers Cordelia in a shield charm
F – continues to help everyone to get out
The ghost turns and though Tale is the closest, he runs straight for Flora

Rodney blasts the ghost once more and the sword goes flying. Everyone is running for the door though the ghost is between half of the party and the door, they dodge around him as they pass. Flora runs to try to go around the ghost, and as she passes him she sees that the armor is “really old timey goblin made armor” and similar to one she saw in a period play she once did. Flora makes it up the stairs and outside
the ghost runs back and grabs his sword. Alistor and Randy are the last to run out out of the cave. Once outside, both Flora and Alistor, having been struck by the apparition, feel disheartened and are struggling want to walk or move forward at all. They finally make it down to the village and buy chocolate at honeydukes – which helps Flora and Alistor to recover. Eventually they make their way back to the castle following Jeremiah Blitzen and Angelina Johnson who are on the path ahead of them. Back in Slytheryn, everyone is exhausted goes to sleep.

Slytherin Game 20
Dance and discoveries

Our dates for the dance:
Carobelle – Omar Shaw – Slytherin
Cordelia – Rodger Davis – Ravenclaw
Alastor – Rachel Etham – Slytherin
Tale – Miles Bletchley – Slytherin
Rodney – Ferga Bletchley – Slytherin
Flora – Lee Jordan – Gryffindor

In the few days leading up to Halloween there was a lot of excitement surrounding the secret dance that first through third years have no idea about, unless they are in the exclusive few invited.

The girls all spend some time to go get ready for the dance. Carobelle mentions that she will not be eating at all if she wants to look her best. We all dress and arrange our hair. The boys also look smart in their dress robes or other formal attire. Donning out dresses and heading to the feast in and the dance after. Some of our less fortunate fellows have no idea why we are dressed up. One of the first years comes to get Rodney to tell him to meet with Ferga. “You look amazing!” he says. She asks him to go for a walk with her and they make small talk. As they are walking the small, cloaked figure of a child dashes across the hallway ahead of them. “Is that music?” she says. Rodney hears a raspy screeching noise but she wants to investigate and so they do, Rodney pulling out his wand just in case. After a bit there is another hallway and Rodney thinks he hears his name being called from down the hallway. He thinks it is his younger cousin. Ginny Weasley. They go down the hallway. “Ginny? What are you doing down here Ginny?” No response from her. He then hears a disturbing voice telling him to kill them tear their flesh. “It’s my younger cousin. I can’t just leave her down here.” He grabs her arm and walks her back up the stairs. He apologizes to Ferga and escorts her back up to a group of Gryffindors. “That side of my family is all really weird.”

When the other girls are ready we walk down the stairs into the common room. Flora had arranged to meet Lee at the top of the stairs. All of the boys seem properly appreciative of our attire. We are all sitting at our house tables for the feast but talking with our dates. Carobelle gets more information about the Shaw family and seem to be having a lovely time. Rodger and I discuss our curriculum and upcoming academic projects. Rodney couldn’t help but be thinking about Ginny after noticing that she exited the hall but was also having pleasant conversations with his date. Rachel and Alastor seem to be having a lovely time.

Jeremiah Blitzen comes over to pay compliments to Tale and took a plate of food from the table as an excuse. He does not seem to remember their last encounter though. Rodney still glares at him and then noticed that Ginny returned to the great hall for a moment.

Finally the feast ends and people begin to file out to go to their dorms. Those who are going to attend the dance go to the front of the hall while house elves file in to rearrange the tables. Then a mid-year ravenclaw runs in the side door. Whispers spread through the hall and everyone begins to rush out the great hall to see what has happened. We see that someone has vandalized the hall with some red paint (Rodney supposes that it might be blood) and Filch is screaming about something.

Rodney and Ferga go to the front and see that it says “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened Enemies of the heir… beware” and notice that Dumbledore and Filch are arguing. Word starts to filter through the crowd that Mrs. Norris, who we suppose to have been an animagus, has been petrified. We aren’t sure if it is some attack on Filch or perhaps they figured out it was not a cat or maybe Harry Potter trying to get attention or perhaps the Heir of Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts and opened the Chamber of Secrets.

We all hope the dance is not canceled.

After some time the dance begins and, despite some distraction regarding the mess in the hallway. The dance was not as upbeat as we were expecting but still quite fun. Carobelle told Omar all about our theory that Mrs. Norris is an unregistered animagus. With varying degrees of success we all dance with our dates and when Dumbledore comes in to end the dance early we all say goodnight to our dates and head back to the dorms. Rodney kisses Ferga on the cheek as they part and thanks her for a lovely evening.

Then as we all gather in the common room Alastor gathers us all up “Did you all see how Jeremiah Blitzen was dancing his date next to Tale the whole time?” “No.” “Well I did.”

Rodney then told us that the house elf he had heard before had told him to kill again. He tried to mimic the voice and Tale and Cordelia remember that it sounds like what they think is Parseltongue and Cordelia hurries everyone to Alastor’s spare room and discuss it rather than in the common room. We all agree to not tell anyone about this but promise to look into it further.

Carobelle gets fixated on Rodney’s bloodline and Rodney doesn’t believe any of it but agrees to find a snake and test it. We think that we may have opened the chamber last year and that Dumbledore’s traps have disturbed his bones or caused something to happen.

The next morning, at breakfast Rodney goes over to the Gryffindor table to see the other Gryffindors and asks Ginny to come talk with him a bit. “Are you ok? Last night I found you wandering around the dungeons…” She appears very nervous at this line of questioning. “When you were down there last night did you hear anyone talking?” Ginny bursts into tears and all the Gryffindors all turn to look. He tries to play it off but the Gryffindors begin to get upset and he backs away apologizing. Ginny runs out of the room crying.

While he was over there Carobelle and Cordelia had a conversation about the use of magic in the household and different levels of tutoring before attending Hogwarts.

Rodney came over to tell us what happened.

As we are leaving breakfast we see signs for a dueling club and all agree to sign up. Flora is particularly excited about Prof Lockhart teaching it. She is sure that she can impress Lockhart because of a play she was in.

In brainstorming how to find a snake to test Rodney we think to go visit Prof Kettleburn. His residence is in the tower next to the owlry with the animal menagerie above him. We try to sneak up without him noticing planning a story about helping Tale look for Amiri in case we are caught.

The door to the menagerie was locked but Cordelia opened the door with an unlocking charm and we entered the room to the menagere. There are a couple of rooms with various cages and shortly Rodney finds a cage with a snake in it. It looks at him when he says his name in Parselmouth. Another snake wakes up, they look at each other for a moment and then say “Food.” After he established that we could not hear them and when he talked to them it sounded like hissing to us we quickly left the menagere. Rodney thinks he saw one of the snakes escaping as we left.

Over the next few days Rodney is very withdrawn. Tale and Carobelle went to find information about the Slytherin ghost hoping he might be able to help us.

We found out that the next chance we would have to meet the Baron would likely be the Christmas feast. After some discussion Carobelle, Tale, Cordelia, and Rodney decided to stay over the holidays. Flora and Alastor needed to check in with their parents first.

At the dueling club meeting we all arrived early because Flora was so excited. Lockhart was busy with other students though so she didn’t get a chance to speak to him personally.

- see book for scene -

Harry had hissed at the snake and after everyone started saying that Potter was a parselmouth. We all quickly left the room. Carobelle proposed that Potter may have been the one in the hall telling Rodney to kill things. We talk about it and decide that he is probably NOT evil even if he is a thoughtless yutz.

When we get back to the common room one of the first year students comes up to Rodney. His name is Daryl Morden and he tells Rodney that there was a letter delivered to him through the professors’ house mail system rather than by owl. It is a very pretty letter which says: “Dear Rodney, Please meet me behind greenhouse 3 tonight at 9:00pm.” It is unsigned but it appears to be a girl’s writing. We are all a bit nervous and Rodney invites Tale to go with him in case it is a trap.

They sneak out with the key a little before 8:30 planning to wait out by the greenhouses. Tale hides in the bushes and Rodney waits to meet the person.

At the appointed hour a shadow passes over the moon and a small figure comes around the greenhouse. It’s Ginny Weasley. She greets him in parseltongue. Tale gasps quietly in the bushes. Rodney pretends to not understand her and Tale gets her wand out. Rodney realizes that it is not Ginny before him.

“Who ARE you?” he said in parseltongue.

“I am someone who recognizes your potential.”

Rodney then begins to have a discussion with this person about what they want from him. “Ginny” tells him a bit of history and Rodney remembers from the History of Magic that it was a backfired curse that caused the designated heirs of the founders to become animals which were then bound to the castle. It was also the start of the animagus ability in wizards. They have a conversation about this. Rodney wonders if whatever has possessed Ginny might be the ghost of Salazar Slytherin and what it has planned that it needs Rodney’s help. Eventually it says that it wants him to release the heir so that it can turn him back into a man. Rodney will receive a package which will explain more.

Rodney told us about the beasts of the houses. A giant squid for Gryffindor, some sort of draconic beast for Slytherin. He doesn’t remember the others. He told us that it had offered it money and fame but had agreed to teach him alchemy. Carobelle thought this was a wasted opportunity for money and fame but agreed that alchemy could be useful.

Carobelle thinks that the animals might be the founders themselves. That maybe Mrs. Norris and Rick and whatever the other animals are are trapped in their forms.

We come up with a way to pretend that if Rodney slips up with parselmouth we will pretend he is making fun of Potter.

On her way to breakfast the next day Cordelia goes to the docks to see if she can talk to Rick. It is bitterly cold and started to snow the night before so she doesn’t stay long. Cordelia finds Rick and has a conversation with him asking about the beast of Slytherin or the Chamber of Secrets of the Heirs of the Founders. Rick said that he was once called the Heir of Godric but he is now called Rick. He doesn’t remember more though and Cordelia promises to come back in a week to talk more.

At breakfast an owl appears and lands in front of Rodney. It is a huge owl and has a sizable package that appears to be a book. He doesn’t open it right away though.

Cordelia hurries back to the great hall to talk to her friends. They sneak off into a hallway and Cordelia tells them that Rick is short for the Heir of Godric. Rodney also opens the package to find a book from the Hogwarts library about history and a handwritten journal about alchemy. He devotes himself to reading both books.

Cordelia begins working on another batch of the memory potion for Rick. Carobelle works to find a means of reversing the petrification. Flora went to talk to Lockhart to get a pass to the restricted section but he doesn’t seem to be in his office much these days.

In the book Rodney finds an illustration of four fields of colors. In the green field a multi legged snake named Tenguin. In the red field, a giant squid with the name Donnalee. The yellow field contained Kendren a golden haired unicorn which Carobelle pointed out appeared to be the King of the Unicorns who had died in our first year. The blue field contained a phoenix with the name Fawxilmore. (pronounced Fozzelmore)

We remember that we thought it was the Dark Lord who had killed the unicorns and that if that was Kendren then when an heir dies, as an animagus dies, in their animal form then they die.

Carobelle found a book in the library depicting a basilisk as the multi legged serpent that must be the heir.

Then we studied a bit and Carobelle then went to talk to her Ravenclaw friend Peregrine and learned that Dumbledore has a phoenix but not the name.

She comes back to tell us that Dumbledore has a familiar that’s a phoenix. “What if Dumbledore was the one who put the memory charms on them all and trapped them in their animal forms? We need to free the phoenix from Dumbledore.” “What if Dumbledore doesn’t even know?” We discussed it for hours it seemed.

We also researched the fidelius charm and discovered that it didn’t make you forget but it did keep you from telling anyone which might make you forget eventually.

The writing on the wall did not match any writing that we had seen but Rodney received another letter supposedly from Ginny to meet her at the same time and place. One of the Weasley’s noticed us, the prefect, and told us that a student had been attacked and that we should return to the common room.

Once we return Malfoy came up to us to tell us that it was Creevey who had been attacked but that he was petrified. He didn’t think it was Potter though since his friend was a mudblood.

Rodney gets another message and we all prepare to sneak out with him. We all hide within sight but not hearing range. It is cold but Cordelia put warming charms on us all before we left the castle. Rodney thinks that Ginny will not show up because of the tightened security but she does.

“The heirs are trapped because of a magic that they put on themselves and then other witches and wizards took advantage of them. I want to help all of them but primarily the heir of my ancestor. When the curse is broken on one I believe it will lift on the others as well. You must find notes from the time of the founding within this castle. A wizard alive at the time of the heirs would have taken to his grave his notes about a fidelius charm.”

Rodney learns all of this and that there will be more information about alchemy as well within this tomb. He also learns that the being inhabiting Ginny is named “Thomas” and is a descendent of Slytherin.

We decide to start contacting the goblin that we met to make plans for the party and try to get information about the tomb of the famous goblin there Hangus of Woodcroft. The founder of Hogsmeade.

Slytherin Game 19
Alastor - Social Master Manipulator

We had a picnic at the “good inn” at the old Hogsmead. Original buildings (foundations are still visible).
Tale snuck away to investigate the village while the others were eating. We return with the members of the Ancient Runes Club to Hogwarts. There are some rumors about our group and the Ancient Runes Club and it being perhaps more than it is.

Over the next week Mr. Dimes comes on campus. His partner the frizzy haired witch Ms. Crane is not with him this time. One day after Charms class on a Wednesday, Katie Bell approaches Alastor to inquire if he knows anything about Tale Atwell – Jeremiah Blitzen might be interested in her.

Alastor approaches Tale and the group in the hallway outside of the potions class. Alastor lets the group know of Jeremiah’s interest in Tale. We debate whether we should do anything with this information. We go into Potions class and Roy Jones pulls Tale aside “Watch out for Jeremiah Blitzen, he’s a scum bucket.” I confide in Alastor what Roy says. Alastor thinks that Roy also likes Tale.

We have lunch and then head to Herbology – Greenhouse 3. It has significantly more dangerous plants. We are gathering Seed Pods. We have a debate on whether it’s weird that plants could be sentient. Rodney sarcastically says “Now we’re supposed to care about House Elves.” Cordialla quickly responds “No, but you have to agree that their sentient.” The argument is then made that “Hufflepuffs are also sentient…” and we all break into a fit of giggles.

At the beginning of October another Hogsmeade trip is scheduled. The Ancient Runes club appears to have several new members. The Hogsmeade trip has also appears to have several more people attending with blankets and picnic baskets. People are discussing the upcoming Halloween Feast.

Rodney is trying to convince the would-be followers to have their picnic at a location other than where the Runes are in an attempt to be able to leave them behind. We sneak off. Rodney tries to locate a keyhole – we all try to follow his lead, but we all fail. The Runes club arrives and discovers Rodney taking some rubbings of the Runes. Alastor goes off to try to locate Rachel Ethem. He leads her off to look at some Runes. Alastor holds her hand and then brings up the social gathering after the Halloween Feast and how some 3rd years are hoping to attend. Rachel suggests that it could be ok, if they were invited by a 4th year. Alastor hints that he’ll have to find a 4th year to invite him. Alastor spends a willpower to try to impress Rachel. She inquires if he likes to dance and he says he does. She says “Good, it’s a date.”

We are all nodding knowingly (although clearly bored) at the various Runes. We hear from behind the inn a commotion. We all determine that we should go check it out. We see a hole in the side of the mountain. A short creature is trying to block the hole with a large rock. He is able to get the rock back in place and turns around to pick up his pack. He’s a goblin. Rodney offers to help him with his pack. This is Nibgit. We met him in the Forbidden Forest during our first year when we were trying to rescue Rachel Ethem. He asks what we are doing and we let him know we are studying Runes. He wants to know if we are treasure hunting in tombs. Somehow he diverts are attention discussing food and we start talking details about hosting a large feast event during our next Hogsmead trip. He asks us to make a “Goblin Promise” that we will not steal his pantry. Finally after much debate and clauses Nibgit allows Flora to look inside his pantry. We agree that we will coordinate with him via owl the details and confirmation of the feast.

By the time we get back to Hogwarts everyone seems to know that Alastor and Rachel are now a thing.

Later on, Rodney overhears a house elf mumbling to itself about killing chickens. He asks us if we think the kitchen brings in chicken meat or if they pluck and kill chickens. We decide that we don’t really know. We think it’s odd that Rodney would hear this. He says yeah he said “slah si saww ssstteh sas”. He then shrugs it off and walks away. Next morning no chicken or eggs at breakfast, nor lunch or dinner. Later in the day there is a rumor that all the chickens in the chicken coup were found murdered.

Flora goes on a quest to get an invite to the dance. She seeks out advice from Cordialia and Tale. She goes to try to find Uchi Akimbo – this 4th year that she’s had a crush on for a while. Her goal is to catch his attention and try to see if she can convince him to ask her to the dance. Unfortunately she fails and finds that she’s lost popularity by being so publically rejected.

Alastor approaches Tale to see if she would say yes if Miles Bletchley were to ask her to the dance. She agrees that she would, if he were to ask her. He then goes off to find Adrian Pucey to find out which 3 girls he’s asked to the dance.

Miles later approaches Tale in the common room “Hey so, are you going to the Halloween Feast? Cause there is this thing afterward that I thought you might be interested in.”
Tale – “Yeah, I’d be interested.”
Miles “Cool, I don’t really know how to dance, so yeah…”
Tale “Well, I’ve never really tried to dance, so yeah… we could try to figure that out.”
Miles “Cool”
Tale “Yeah, cool”

Alastor continues his quest to try to set us all up with dates. As he approaches Cedric Diggory and Lee Jordan they both inquire about who Tale is going with. He tries to convince Lee to ask Flora to the dance. He might be interested but didn’t commit and said he was heading off to the library. Alastor goes back to the common room and tells Flora to head to the library. Tale insists that Rodney should go with him. They head out and as the approached the end of the hallway, they pass by Lee Jordan who is lurking around trying to figure out where the Slytherin’s area is. Rodney continues on toward the library and Lee awkwardly finds the nerve to ask Flora to go to the dance with him.

Omar Shaw (6th year) has asked Carobelle to attend the dance with her. We also get a special invitation to go shopping with Carobelle in London about a week and a half before the event. Flora insists that Tale should go shopping with them, even though clearly she’s not super interested in any of this nonsense.

Alastor, Flora, Tale & Carobelle continue to try to get dates for Rodney & Cordelia. Miles Bletchley suggests that his sister Ferga could take Rodney for 40 Galleons. We decide that it’s not right to buy her. But we try to locate her to see if she’d be interested in taking Rodney. Alastor goes to try to distract Prof. Sprout while Flora & Tale approach Ferga. They clearly don’t have skill. An owl arrives mid conversation and Ferga opens it. She then suggests that we should walk back to the castle. She again proposes that we need to pay her 40 Galleons for her to take Rodney.

Later at dinner Flora approaches Lee to see if he knows anyone without dates. Lee says his only friends are the Weasley twins and they already had dates.

Carobelle gives us 40 Galleons to get Rodney a date. So Alastor approaches Ferga again about the proposition and she agrees. Right before the dance Roger Davies and his girlfriend broke up. Roger asks Cordelia to attend the dance with him. Somehow we are all invited to go to this event. It is going to be AMAZING! Now… what to wear?

Slytherin Game Seventeen (End of 2nd year)

The Hogwarts students have been taking their end of year exams.

Rodney, Tale, Cordelia, Alastor, and Flora were taking their astronomy exams, but chose to leave to investigate suspicious behavior. Rodney and Alastor confronted Jeremiah Blitzen. He admits that he pretended to be Roy Jones. He and the grabbers are taking Rachel. Blitzen breaks Rodney and Alastor’s wands.

Rodney accepts that he is going to fail astronomy.

Carobelle arrives around this time, with her personal “proctor” who helps administer her exams to her in an “alternate format”, arranged by her father’s wealth and influence. The proctor is a mild mannered old man.

They tell Sinestra that Rachel has been kidnapped by the grabbers. Sinestra reveals that Dumbledore is away from the castle for some reason, and she will get a message to him. Sinestra’s patronus is a silver hawk.

The students debate whether they should simply wait, and leave this matter in Dumbledore’s hands.

Carobelle thinks this is a mistake. If Dumbledore doesn’t return quickly enough, Rachel could be left an empty shell. Rachel has been a bit off lately, with a rattled memory and a drinking problem, but she is still a friend, or at least a girl who was popular enough once to be worth pursuing as a friend.

Flora is certain her roles as an action heroine have prepared her to help in just such a situation.

Cordelia is uncertain if they can make a difference.

Rodney uses a telescope in the room to study the forest. Something in a tree catches his eye. A first year training broom.

It must have been there from the last time the students took out the training brooms, at the beginning of the school year, almost nine months ago.

Alastor uses the broom he took from Crabbe to fly out to the forest and recover the training broom. Now they have two brooms.

Malfoy who has been watching all of this while taking his astronomy exam comments that this is surely Longbottom’s training broom from the Remember-All incident.

They decide that they could ride three to a broom and get down to the ground level from the astronomy tower. Alastor takes the lead in flying one broom, and Flora takes the lead in flying the other broom. They both fly well, ensuring that the students land safely on the ground.

They fly out to the forest, hovering along closer to ground level, so it is not as dangerous.

(Aside: Their astronomy scores will be:
Alastair – 17 (troll)
Rodney – 22 (poor)
Flora – 17 (troll)
Cordelia – 21 (dreadful)
Tally – 20 (dreadful)
Carobelle – 0 (did not take; will ultimately get an “acceptable incomplete”)

They reach the edge of the forest. Flora is curious since she hasn’t been to the forest before. Rodney and Alastor are using Draco & Goyle’s wands. (Alastor has promised to help get Draco on the Qidditch team in exchange for this help.)

Rodney remembers the way to the grabber’s hut.

There is less devil’s snare in the forest than the last time the group was there, likely due to the change in the weather.

They see a distant glow, and put out their own lights, and try to creep up the hill stealthily, towards the hut.

Tale, Cordelia, and Carobelle creep up the hill. Tale stumbles and has to grab a thorny branch to maintain her balance, taking a minor wound.

Rodney and Alastor fly up on one broom. Flora flies up on another broom. She struggles, but makes it.

However, the sounds are enough to cause a man in a black cloak to emerge from the hut.

Rodney and Alastor recognize him as one of the men who were with Jeremiah. The grabbers are here!

Flora attempts to use a spell she used in a movie that would cause a rope to shoot out from her wand and bind the man. Nothing happens.

Rodney attempts to stun the man, using Draco’s wand. The wand must be really special [he rolls like double 40s or something equally crazy]. The man in the black cloak slumps to the ground.

Cordelia sneaks around to the back of the hut. The hole that they snuck in last time is boarded over, but she is able to transfigure the board covering the hole into sand.

Tale adds a sleep spell to the man stunned on the ground so he won’t get back up.

Carobelle watches for anyone else to come out, wand at the ready.

They all hear whispering inside the hut. “Get back in here.” A girl screaming!

Alastor flies closer to the door.

Rodney rushes inside and sees three men with knives. Jeremiah Blitzen is one of the three.

Rodney stuns one of the adults with a wand in his hand. He falls to the ground and drops the wand.

Cordelia sneaks in the back and sees Rachel chained to a bed, and Rodney facing Jeremiah Blitzen and another man.
Tale follows Rodney inside and casts sleep on the adult who is still standing. He falls asleep.

Jeremiah laughs. “You fool, that was the squib.”

Jeremiah pulls out his wand and casts a spell. The hut is engulfed in darkness. Outside, Carobelle and Alastor can see blackness rolling out the door.

Alastor attempts to transfigure the darkness into something they can see through, but it doesn’t work.

Flora continues to try spells from movies. They continue to not work. She looks very stylish, though.

Rodney successfully casts Lumos. It makes him visible to everyone in the hut, but he can’t make out anyone else. He snuffs the light.

Cordelia thinks she may have seen Jeremiah turns towards her and the back of the hut. She attempts to cast a curse on him, but thinks it didn’t work.

Flora crawls towards where she remembers the bed to be located to try to unchain Rachel. She tries an “out of the book spell” – the unlocking charm – which finally works. She frees Rachel, and feels the sensation of real magic flowing through her.

There is a sudden strange feeling of approaching horror. Something is coming of unspeakable dread. It’s coming from the direction of the castle. It’s like a scream inside each of their souls.

Carobelle outside the hut turns back towards the castle to see what is coming. She sees trees falling over and something moves towards them.

Rodney crawls along the floor and recovers the dropped wands from the wizard on the floor of the hut, and at the door.

Tale helps levitate Rachel over to the hole in the back.

Carobelle sees four men in robes running up the hill away from what is coming from the castle. They look like they are also with the grabbers.

She casts Tarantallegra on the man in the lead. He starts dancing and falling back down the hill.

Alastor transfigures the ground in front of the men coming up the hill. They fall into the quicksand, but the falling trees give them sound traction. They are falling back towards whatever is coming.

One of the men succeeds in casting “Confrigo”. A huge ring of fire surrounds the hill that the hut is on. It’s 24 feet high. A barrier perhaps, to keep out whatever is coming.

The sense of immense evil approaching continues. The wall of fire bows inward as if something is pushing against it.

Flora tries to open a hole in the back of the ring of fire, behind the grabber’s hut. But, as she opens the fire, she sees more black cloaked men on the other side. She closes the curtain of fire.

Rodney hears a loud crack inside the hut.

Alastor swoops down with the broom, and picks up Carobelle. They attempt to flee upward. As they get higher, they can see, on the other side of the flames, what looks like an empty cloak. It’s risen up, like a snake. The flames are parting in front of it.

Carobelle has the brief thought that it has come to save them from the grabbers, crazy as that sounds.

The cloak slithers up the hill, ignoring the quicksand and enters the blackened hut.

Rodney runs out of the hut with a fistful of wands. The three bad guy wands, Draco’s wand, and his own broken wand.

The cloak wraps around one the grabbers and drains him.

Everyone flees by broom. They flee first away from the castle, and then circle up and turn around.

Rachel is just gibbering. It’s likely her memory will never recover, though Cordelia vows to continue to study and master memory charms and help her.

We fly back to the astronomy tower. The plan is to take Rachel to the nurse. On the way, coming down through the astronomy tower, we pass Sinestra’s office.

She sees us. She sees Rachel.

We try to tell her what we saw. She orders us into her office, while she takes Rachel to the nurse.

It’s a long wait.

We see the exam tubes and consider finishing the incomplete exams, but decide that the risk of getting caught is too great.

Sinestra returns. She assures us that Rachel will be fine, and is in Madame Pomfrey’s care.

She pours tea and asks for the whole story.

We suspect it’s truth-telling tea, but aren’t afraid to tell the truth. [Everyone spends willpower to describe what’s happened to a teacher.]

Sinestra seems to believe them. She does say that she won’t make them take remedial astronomy if they fail as a result of their adventures, but that she won’t change their grades.

Rodney pockets one of the grabber’s wands, and gives the other two to SInestra as evidence.

Sinestra offers to arrange a special trip to London for them to purchase new wands. Carobelle offers to buy them extremely nice wands, and fast enough that they would have wands to finish their exams (rather than waiting for their parents to send the money). They forgive her for ignoring them sometimes for more popular people.

Sinestra speculates that Dumbledore won’t believe it, and will think it is anti-muggle propaganda. She agrees to call for Mr. Dimes to return, so there is an objective outside party involved in the investigation.

She is not sure that she can return for the London shopping trip.

Carobelle suggests that Quirrel could take them. He’s nice.

Sinestra’s face falls. “Harry Potter killed Professor Quirrel last night.”

They are all shocked.

“Is that a Gryffindor thing? Murder?”

Sinestra nods solemnly. “Yes. Yes it is.”

Harry Potter claims the Dark Lord was inhabiting Professor Quirrel.

It does seem connected to what they saw last night. The cloak coming from the castle…

We say nothing of our adventures, but hear a lot of gossip about Harry Potter’s adventure. There was a 3-headed dog as rumored. There was something Dumbledore was protecting. Something taken from Gringotts. The philosopher’s stone. The alchemical key to eternal life.

It is ultimately Madame Pince the Librarian who takes us to London. Rodney and Malfoy return Draco and Goyle’s wands so they’ll have them for class.

In London, at Olivander’s, Carobelle tells him to bring out “the good stock”. He brings very fancy wands, set in velvet boxes.

While Rodney and Alastor shop, the group asks Olivander questions about wands, and what can be learned from them.

He says you can usually find the last spell cast, and the person who owned it or borrowed it.

Rodney shows him the third wand that he’d kept.

Olivander identifies it as the wand of a dead witch with a French sounding name. She was killed 8 years ago under mysterious circumstances. It’s a French wizard from wizarding family with members in London. This is dangerous. Magical Law Enforcement still has the case open; they never caught the killers. Rodney plans to give the wand to Mr. Dimes when he arrives.

We return in time for breakfast.

We take more exams:
Rodney Outstanding in Charms
Carobelle Outstanding in Charms
Flora Carrow Exceeds Expectations in Charms
Talle Atwell Outstanding in Charms
Cordelia Outstanding in Charms
Alastor Burke Outstanding in Charms

At lunch, we are feeling cheerful, though everyone else is more awake than us.

Carobelle = barely Acceptable
Flora = Poor
Rodney = Outstanding
Talle = Outstanding
Cordelia = Exceeds Expectations
Alastor = Exceeds Expectations

Total grades:
2 Acceptable (Potions & Transfiguration)
3 Exceeds (Herbology, Defense Against Dark Arts, & History of Magic)
1 Outstanding (Charms)
1 N/A (Astronomy)

Sinestra finds them at lunch. She had wanted to investigate the wand with McGonagall, but it was reclaimed by its owner.

She warns them that they cannot go after Jeremiah Blitzen. There is not enough evidence. His parents are very influential and popular. He might have been acting under an Imperius Curse.

She does want them to keep an eye on him.

Carobelle observes that if they want to make him unpopular, they would have to first make his parents unpopular.

They all attend the end of year feast, happy at Slytherin’s dominating lead (160 points). Then, Dumbledore changes everything and awards a bunch of points to Harry Potter and his stupid friends. Just enough for them to win. And then he changes the banners from Slytherin to Gryffindor. Like that’s fair.

Such obvious favoritism.

Absolutely no acknowledgment of their heroism. Of course.

Rodney plans to apply to study alchemy.

Cordelia tells them that she is planning to go to Beaux Batons next year, and so this is goodbye, except for Carobelle who is still her step-sister. They are surprised and concerned by this.

Cordelia and Carobelle invite everyone to their house over the summer for a two-week house party.

Flora is expecting to spend most of the summer working on the play, and expects another scroll with more of the script over the summer.

Sinestra invites us to retire to her tower, after we are deeply disappointed by house cup outcome.

Many students have already left; we go with Sinestra

“Well, I told Dumbledore everything. And, he seemed troubled. I believe he will actually investigate the whole matter. However, he told me he will need to seem to pay it no mind, and discount it. He believes, as I do, that dark forces have penetrated the castle, and are spying.”

“Dumbledore is showing utter favoritism to Gryffindor over Slytherin on purpose. Because Slytherins are suspicious of muggles, he suspects those helping grabbers are in the other houses. By appearing to slight Slytherins at every turn, he is lulling the muggle-friendly grabbers into a false sense of security.”

Sinestra says that we have restored her faith in the future of the house, and that Slytherin is way ahead in house points this year, in her heart.

She warns us to be careful over the summer.

Mors Mordre has taken a blow on campus with the graduation of Miss Akimbo. She and her cohorts could be causing trouble out in the wizarding world now.

We board the train. Snape gives us permission forms to be able to go to Hogsmeade as 3rd years, next year.

When the train reaches London, we are met by our families.

Rodney’s family meets him. They are full of congratulations to Gryffindor (and family members in Gryffindor) for the big house cup victory. Rodney grumbles, but then plays along, being a very good sport, so his family will let him come to the summer house party at the Nott’s.

Alastor’s parents are there, along with his older brother Valraven. His parents are relatively cool to him after his misadventures this year, but his sister is warm to him. His parents ask him about the Dark Lord rumors. They don’t really believe it. They think it is a cover for Harry Potter to not get in trouble for murdering a professor.

Cordelia & Carobelle are met by the Nott’s butler. He also picks up Theodore (Carobelle’s brother) and Cordelia’s sister. Theodore has done pretty well in his first year. Carobelle helped him as she could to be popular.

Flora is joined by her sister as she gets off the train. Her parents rush them both out of the train station. They are not mingling with any of the wizarding families, and seem conspicuously uncomfortable.

Tale is met by her parents and brother. Her big cat looks wistfully at the train, missing Hogwarts where he is King of Cats.

2nd year is over

3rd year book will be called:
[Your character’s name] and the Hogmeade’s Tomb

Slytherin Game 16
Grabbed again!

Rumors are going around that there is a three headed dog living on the third floor.

In early May – Slytherin is going against Hufflepuff in quidditch. It should not be problem.
While walking to class a little late Rodney is almost surprised when a person is who is attempting to leg lock charm him. In response, Rodney attempted to use a blocking charm and to stun the prankster. The stunning spell works very well and the prankster is discovered to be Jeremiah Blitzen. Rodney decides to turn this wand into his teacher’s possession for safe keeping. There is something odd about the wand but neither Rodney nor his friends can tell what. 13" ebony – quite rigid.

It is raining at the match as it begins. Alastor does well, but not as well as last time. Slytherin wins. If it was against anyone other than Hufflepuff we would have been excited.
Later, some of the first year Slytherins are speaking very quietly about something. Turns out Malfoy says that Potter has a dragon. We send him on his way saying “we will be watching”.
At the same time Rachel Ethem is found “hitting the potion” again and has forgotten much. Cordellia gives her a remembering potion. This seems to depress Rachel when she remembers and is also hesitant to enter her room – the same place from which she was “grabbed”. Cordellia leaves her in her room and goes to Madam Pomfrey a few days later to report the problem.

We return to our rooms and both the boys’ rooms have been ransacked. It appears nothing is missing from Rodney’s room but something may have been planted. They investigated his pepper up potions but did not take any – maybe they added something?

Alastor’s room has been searched too. Nothing is found to be missing or added. Malfoy searches his room but it was untouched.

At lunch Professor McGonagall announces that there is still a wand that was found Rodney suggests to Duncan Ingle(s)bee that it might be his wand. When he looks at it he screams and runs away. McGonagall questions Rodney but can find no wrong doing. Cordellia then goes to the library to look for him but instead find Jeramiah Blitzen putting back an advanced potions book behind the shelves. She then attempts to switch the covers form a different book in order to hide another book back there.

After switching the covers she leaves the library with the book and heads to an alcove without a suit of armor. She then gathers with everyone for lunch and then Alastor’s spare room. The book is booked marked at the polyjuice potion section. It is suspected that Blitzen may be using this – it is also suggested that Rachel might be replaced.
Ravenclaw beats Griffindor in quidditch. Ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup but Slytherin . Gryffindor lost a lot of points for some reason.

Cordellia copies a horrible spell that makes people forget that they have ever been loved.
Rodney researches a way to defend his room from being ransacked again. Quirrill tries to get him a book from the forbidden section but Dumbledore has kept it. He gets a lesser version of the book that has some spells in it. One was a potion that lets you know when someone crosses a line. Another is a fifth year charm that would make a contingency trap for opening something. He makes the potion twice and both Alastor and Rodney use it to protect their rooms.
Studying for finals begins.

Rodney goes to Professor Sinerstra and asks about alchemy. She lectures him about the dangers and ends up using Occlemancy and Veritas potion to get information from him. She discovers the stolen fuel in Rodney’s head. She offers to endorse Rodney in Alchemy if Alastor turns over the fuel to her. By doing so he would also avoid expulsion from Hogwarts. Before they can be delivered, we had to sit our Herbology exam. After Herbology, the fuel is given to Sinestra. Tale still has one because Rodney did not know about it.

Four exams are taken – but in the middle of Astronomy the test is interrupted.

Ingl(s)bee meets in the library and reveals that the wand that Blitzen had was one of the grabbers wand. This combined with the polyjuice book leads us to think that Jeremiah Blitzen might be a grabber. It is decided that Rodney will speak to Joshua to get him to lead his “brother” into a trap in the key room.

During astronomy exam , Tale spots a flash from the portal in the forest. After we adjust the telescopes to see what was happening, we all spot two individuals running up to the castle. They use a key to open the front door. After a while the alarm on Rodney’s room goes off. They leave the exam to investigate. Alastor and Rodney catch Blitzen and two adults. Rodney is stunned and Alastor is bound. Blitzen monologues the plot. He says we cannot stop him this time muhahaha. He was Roy Jones and knows the password for the Slytherin common room. Real Roy has Ingle(s)bee’s power. Rachel will be grabbed and the room trashed. He then breaks both of their wands. As the stun wears off, Rodney cuts ALaster free and they discover that Rachel has been kidnapped and her room has been trashed again. Rodney and Alaster grab Alaster’s broom and fly straight to the astronomy tower after having retrieved their broken wands. Upon arriving, they “borrow” Draco and Crabe’s wand in exchange for making sure Draco makes the Quiddich team. Sinerstro finally notices our arrival. She asks “What is the devil is going on?” and Rodney responds with “Professor, I am afraid I have to fail your exam.

Slytherin Game 15
The Eternal Court is born.

Year 2, Second Term Game Recap:

Train from London, Jan 2nd. Overcast

Cordelia, Tale, Randy, Carobella, Flora and Alastor sitting on the train together talking about their Christmas vacation. Carobelle and Flora introduced by Cordelia. Flora notes that she knows Gilderoy Lockhart and suggests the girls reread his books before Flora is sent his advanced copy of “Magical Me” that he’s currently working on.

Rodney got a kitten sweater for Christmas from his family. He spends most of the time in the train looking out the window.
Rachel Ethem, 3rd year, visits cabin, gives Flora advice to avoid tasting “forgetting potions” so that she can remember her lines.

Carobelle gives Rodney a 6th year Arimanthy text book (because it looked like a smart people book) and Tale ceramic jungle cat, respectively. She gives Alastor a signed picture of his favorite Quiditch team the Grimport Huckers from Holland. Rodney gives Carobelle a ribbon that becomes a butterfly and perches in her hair. He gives Tale a swath of cloth like a silk handkerchief that cleans her face. He gives Cordelia a necklace that is a stone that changes color.

Gifts from Alastor: Rodney self-repairing glasses, Carobell slippers, Cordelia bracelet, Tale dream journal with lock, Flora auto-quill.

Alastor, who has been quiet, gets up and leaves the car just after Uchi Akimbo (3rd year), brother of Mika, the girl he liked before, passes by.

Cordelia and Flora get pumpkin pasties from the trolley. Tale gets a chocolate frog with a card of Felix Summberby 1447-1508, inventor of Cheering (people up) Charms.

Flora and Carobelle go for a “mean girls” walk down the corridor. See Alastor talking with Miles Blechly, 3rd year Slytherin, Qidditch player. Uchi Akimbo is also there. The boys do not notice Flora nor Carobelle. The boys are talking heatedly about brooms, Uchi wants them to “lean on the captain” to allow someone (a first year) on the squad, and they’ll get new brooms from that someone’s father. Broom Nimbus 2001, which Flora is very interested in. Boys move off without noticing Flora or Carobelle, the girls return to the cabin, Flora and Tale go to change into their robes.

Jeremiah Blitzen, who had been a squib prior to that year but displayed magic recently, (too handsome for his own good) stops by the cabin and meets Flora; Carobelle appears to adjust her clothing and seems to like him. He offers to do something with Flora and promises to send her an owl. (He never follows up with this which pleases Carobelle but confuses Flora.)

The train arrives in the station.

Tale and Flora wait on the platform as Rodney goes back to train to look for Alastor. Jeremiah runs off the train and Rodney and Carobelle enter the train to find Alastor. In the last car they see several adults talking to Alastor and on the walk toward the last car. The adults are intense with Alastor, Carobelle calls to him, he runs over and says they should leave. Professor Kettleburn (who teaches Care of Magical Creatures) introduces himself to the other adults on the train.

Everyone gets into the last cart as it’s pulling away to take them up to the castle. The rest of the ride is uneventful. Everyone settles in their rooms and goes to the supper meal. Professor Snape approached all to do an unknown task with Prof Kettleburn. Cordelia offers to help Flora learn how to take notes and do homework.

Rodney leads the group to find Prof Kettleburn near the Hufflepuffs. Prof Kettleburn tells them all to go find Rubius Hagrid, tell him that they are doing Prof Fliwicks work. Kettleburn gives Rodney a note to allow them to remain out of doors after curfew. The kids go down to the hut. Hagrid takes them to the shed for burlap sacks and shovels. Instructions: Go to the hall of keys, scoop up the scooping’s /molting’s left by Flitwicks 20 Fwoopers, put them into bags, then elsewhere put them into bags sorted by colors (green, yellow, orange, red). (The Fwoopers have been silenced and pose no harm to the kids.) Take the colored molting’s to Flitwick and then return shovels to the shed.

As the kids walk back to the castle, we see 2 redheads (guessing Weasley twins) headed toward the forbidden forest. Can’t determine what they’re doing. We all go back to the castle, down the hall, to the Hall of Keys with a large door. Open the door, along wall there are thousands of keys. On other wall are purchases and many brightly colored birds with piles and piles of feathers below (the Fwoopers). There are no labels on the keys. We begin with scouring and Alistor shovels, take the bags of feathers in the bags into the hall, dump them out and begin to sort by color – Alastor, Rodney, Tale, and Carobelle pocket one of each color feather, Flora follows suit, Cordelia does not. Rodney takes the largest, oldest looking key. When the task is completed, they take the key and determine that it fits into the front door to the castle.

Tale leads the group to go see the 3rd floor corridor which has been forbidden, though she doesn’t know why as she was there last year and it was neat but nothing special. They see Kim Sharingham (girlfriend of the guy who “likes” Cordelia) during this “restricted time” after hours. She is carrying a scroll and she brandishes this before passing them without a word and heading downstairs. This is the hall behind the unused classrooms. At the end of the hall, there is a door with an iron lock that looks fairly new. Flora tries “Alohamora” to unlock the door, but it doesn’t work. Rodney tries to open the door without success either. Tale looks under the slit at the bottom of the door but can’t see what’s in there; at one point she gets a face full of fowl air. As they continue to try to strategize how to find out what’s in the room, Mrs. Norris comes in and Amiri begins to confront her. The kids decide it’s time to go, so they head down to the front door and out to return our shovels to the Keepers Hut. As we pass across the ground, see a large hulking figure, about the size of Hagrid, pacing back and forth in front of the Forbidden Forest. As the creature begins to move to all fours and comes toward the group, everyone runs toward Hagrid’s hut, pursued by the creature, which turns out to be a werewolf. Alastor manages to change the mud into a trap for the werewolf and the kids return the shovels to Hagrid who then escorts them back to the castle. Hagrid hands the kids off to Filtch and he marches them back to their common room.

The next day, first day of classes

1st class: Charms with Prof Flitwick 1 hr. Flora sits next to Cordelia and learns how to take notes during lecture. Carobelle sleeps during class. At the end of class Prof singles out each student of our goup and gives 10 points each for “special but secretive services”.
2nd Class: Defense Against Dark Arts, with Professor Quirl, double session with Hufflepuff. The whole classroom reeks of garlic, yet Prof intent about talking about Hags despite questions from our group. The rest of the afternoon is uneventful:
3rd Herbology 1 hr
4th Transfiguration 1 hr
5th History of Magic 1.5hrs

2 weeks go by, then Quidditch game Slytherin Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw wins match.
Alastor and Uchi chat about adding a first year to the team; Alastor agrees to promote idea to the captain so they can get new brooms.

Next day:

The next installment of the script arrives for Flora. Flora and Cordelia discuss it.

Some weeks later:

All in the library “studying.” Rodney called away by someone else to talk. Rodney returns and says he suspects Jeramiha Blitzen or someone impercenating him is making polyjuice potion. Moste Potente Potions was a book by Phineas Bourne that gave instructions on how to brew advanced potions. This is the book we are looking for, it was supposed to be in the restricted section but we can’t find it anywhere.
While sitting together, they explain to Flora what happened to them last year and that Squibs hire “grabbers” to get a wizard and suck the magic out of them utilizing a magical ritual.
Rumor: Roy Jones got snidged and is not returning to school.

Toward the end of the semester approaching Easter Holiday:

One day released early from History of Magic, sent to common room where head of house address us all. Only the second year Slythryn class is present, but everyone is there. Snape informs all that it’s time to choose elective classes for next year.
Everyone’s electives: Arymanthsy, Muggle Studies

The kids decide it’s time to put together their group officially. The name of group: The Eternal Court

Slytherin Game 14
The Plot Thickens...

Homework: 1-3 pages about what we would do over the holidays.

Game Recap:

We go to the Quidditch game. Alastor is flying SPECTACULARLY and everyone, even the snotty Gryffindor announcer, is impressed. We are doing such a great job and the crowd is going wild. Then Harry Potter just about falls off his broom and catches the snitch in his mouth. It. Is. Ridiculous. We thought it might have been Blitzen who cursed him off his broom.

The first year blond boy is yammering about how the Gryffindors are going to replace their seeker with a wide mouth tree frog. We all agree that he is obnoxious even though Gryffindors are pretty terrible.

As we are heading back we see Joshua Blitzen dressed in a overcoat (despite the warm day). He motions “discreetly” to Rodney, who goes over to him. Blitzen thought it was Rodney who had jinxed the broom and tried to kill Potter but doesn’t want the grudge to go on anymore. Rodney told us what Blitzen had said while giggling.

We try to cheer up Alastor and figure out what to do since Sinestra told us to win the Quiddich match. Rodney thinks to use the time turner that we had found. We all agree to sneak down tonight to get it.

The password is changed though so we decide to go find the Hufflepuffs (who have cleaning duties down there so might know the password).

I volunteer to go into the great hall where EVERYONE is celebrating the stupid Griffindor win.

Heidi Macavoy and Kim Sheringham are sitting on either side of Agatha. I try to get her to talk to me about the study group, but no luck. They were being mean so I reminded them that it is a inter house study group and that there are even Ravenclaws there so they might learn a thing or to. Kim turns to huff off and falls flat on her deserving Ravenclaw face.

As a result of my poise and grace (I offered to help them clean up some of the under dungeons if they would give me the password), one of the Hufflepuffs, Huxley, tells me the password and then runs off to console Kim. “Stay out” is the password apparently.

Flora, who has been hanging around the DADA classroom for awhile helping Quirrel with chores and whatnot, goes to clean off the scrap parchment bits, sees a “To Do” list in Quirrel’s handwriting. On the list is a door description and notes about a collapsed passage. There is also a description of a box of stored alchemy bits that Quirrel wants to get but is too small to get through due to the size of the passage. Since the directions to do this are on the sheet, including the password, are on the list, Flora determines to go down Saturday after making an appearance at the Quiddich game.

There are a bunch of mops and cleaning impliments inside the portrait. The narrow, spiral staircase appears to be inside of a wall rather than a normal staircase. There are random little slits in the walls like to spy on people. Like looking through some portraits only there is nothing to see besides collapsed bits of castle. Unfortunately Flora got a little lost and wanders the halls for a bit until after it is probably dark. She walks through a part that is outside of the castle walls with roots poking though the ceiling. Finally she comes to a dead end with a spiral staircase, built from a metal pole and stairs (as opposed to stone). She begins to climb and after climbing up a floor she comes to a door which, as she goes to open it, opens!

“Who’s there?” We quickly sort out that it is Flora facing Alastor with the rest of us close behind. Flora tells us that she is on a mission for Quirrel and the rest are on a mission for Sinestra. Tale gives Flora a roll after she said that she had missed dinner. Tale and Cordelia don’t like her much at first, especially as the boys seem to like her. Rodney tells us to shush a couple times as he listens at the door.

Flora tells us that she is down here looking for a box for Quirrel. We tell her we are down her looking for a necklace for Sinestra.

We peek out into the hallway after the footsteps pass. When no one is there we sneak out. Tale leaves Amiri to keep watch for us and we hurry down to get the “necklace.” The door is closed, which it wasn’t before, Rodney listens at the door and hears a faint bubbling sound, like the barrels cooking before. Tale reveals her sneaky skills to open the door silently.

The room is the same as before, a cot with muggle knitting magazines, and two barrels of bubbling stuff but the necklace isn’t there.

Just then, a door opens at the end of the hallway. We douse our wands but are pretty sure that whoever opened the door has seen us and we run! Back towards the alchemist cell! Rodney lights his wand again so we can run quickly. We come to a spiral staircase and run up it as quickly as possible. It only goes up one floor but there are a number of doors on the hallway and another staircase at the end. We douse our wands again and keep running towards the staircase. Burke is the last to come up the staircase. He sees that it is a suit of armor with a torch lighting the way. Burke tries to transfigure a few of the bottom stairs to mud so the suit will not be able to chase us any farther. He gets two stairs transfigured before the suit blows a trumpet. Burke transfigures that as well but it’s too late! All of the doors open when the trumpet blew and Burke catches up to us but we hear a whole bunch of trumpets from below. We climb up another staircase but we hear all the doors creaking open below us again! We all dive through a crack we find in the wall because the suits are coming up the stairs! Rodney tries to throw a stunner but misses.

We come out into another hallway. It is very dusty. We go left but quickly come to a dead end. We turn around to go the other way and pass the knights trying to get through the crack. Rodney throws another stunner but it does not seem to have an effect so we keep running. Cordelia starts panting and says that we have to stop soon. We come to a familiar door and scurry though it. Cordelia tries to transfigure the door but fails. Alastor and Tale try as well while we clamber up onto the dumbwaiter. They make the lock solid and we start going up the dumbwaiter. We are about 10 feet up when the door starts being slammed upon. Rodney, Flora and Cordelia cast Wingardium Leviosa as Alastor keeps pulling us up. We are about 20 feet up when we hear silence and then a squeeky voice. Then there seems to be smoke and a bunch of crashes.

We all pile out of the dumbwaiter. There is still the smell of smoke as we all pant on the 3rd floor classroom floor. We try to figure out if avoiding Sinestra is the way to go. The rest of us scourgify ourselves. Cordelia does for Flora and Rodney does for Alastor.

We all head downstairs. Tiredly and at a leisurely pace as the bell just rang for curfew. We invite Flora to do homework with us. She reveals that she has been an actress but had decided to take a break from her career to focus on her studies.

Sunday morning we wake up relatively early. The Slytherins are all commiserating about how we lost the match. At breakfast the owl post arrives. Rodney invites Flora to breakfast with us. Flora brings over some fan mail and a large package with help from Alastor. There is a scroll in the package which Flora tells us is a contract for a new production but she is not sure she wants to take it as she has just returned to school. Rodney seems unimpressed but Alastor is intrigued.

Eventually she tells us that it is a play to celebrate the life of Laurent Pomme and she has been cast as Cordelia. Cordelia tells everyone that she doesn’t know anything about it and that she will write to her family for more information, quickly gathering up her stuff to leave. No one will tell her anything. Tale leaves as well shortly after, Rodney goes to study and Alastor sits and talks to Flora.

Tale walks Cordelia to the owlry and writes to her dad about Cordelia’s dad as well on a spare bit of Cordelia’s parchment. They they go up to the library to study and find Flora there. Cordelia agrees to help Flora practice her lines so she can get a chance to read the scroll of the script.

We go to Alastor’s spare rooms to practice. Tale does some of her homework and eventually falls asleep. The play is more idealized than real life but pretty much how Cordelia remembers it. Then, later on, there are a few scenes where Laurent gets involved in an underground movement to expose magics to the muggles, for better coordination with muggle law enforcement and such. The eventual idea that in 100 years or so we can all live together in harmony. Rodney says that it is insulting and Cordelia shouts that her dad is a good wizard. He worked in the government and if he was doing something like that it would be to keep the muggles under control and keep wizard society great.

Flora wants to do the play and Alastor points out that we can all go see the production opening night.

When we next go to Astronomy, we are all afraid she would be totally upset. After class we apologize and she says something to the effect of “It’s all right kids, I didn’t have too much money on it.” The brighter of us (aka not Burke and not Carobelle if she were here…) get the impression that Sinestra might have not actually cared about the match and been distracting us from the important stuff.

Burke seems to be more popular again, since he played so well in the game.

Rumor has it that two unicorns were killed. Rodney asks Quirrel about it, who says that normally the King of the Unicorns would protect them but he died last year and so werewolves might be responsible for it.

We also notice that things in the hallways have gotten particularly nasty. Particularly between Slytherin and Gryffindor. People trying to jinx Harry Potter (he might be a dark wizard why are people doing that?!). Mint humbugs are still super popular to counter the colored face jinx that the Weasleys were spreading. The leg locker curse is used liberally. Rodney uses the counter jinx on whomever we come across.

Time passes. For the winter holidays Flora announces that she is going to go to the Swiss Alps with her mother and Gilderoy Lockhart to work on the production. Cordelia mentions that her family normally goes to be with her grandmother but this year they may be doing something different since they are now living with the Notts. Rodney spends time with his family.

Slytherin Game 13
The Day Carobelle Left Her Friends

It is Autumn and the weather is chilling though still sunny out. One morning in DADA with Professor Quirrell discusses with the class the counter jinx to the Leg Locking Curse. At one point Professor Quirrell takes annoyance at Tale’s lack of attention (but really she was just sleepy) and asks her to stay after class. Then Hagrid comes bumbling into the room. Hagrid and Prof. Quirrell engage in whispering in the back of the room, though it is clear that Hagrid is concerned that they have found something in the Forbidden Forest. It appears a Unicorn was slain. Hagrid consults with Prof. Quirrell for advice. Class concludes, Tale stays behind. Alastor drops a book and Flora Carrow slows down to help him, but Hestia Carrow slaps her hand and hurries her out the door. Eventually after about 5 mins Prof. Quirrell finally notices that Tale is still sitting there and directs her to take the trash bags down the hall and then he heads out. One bag is not closed, so Rodney “helps” by taking the bag and then accidentally spills the bag on the floor. We notice some really nice envelops with papers inside. Cordelia reads one and it is a Thank You note to Mrs. Abervashum from Gringots bank thanking them from visiting Gringots. The next one is a similar thank you to the next person for touring as well. We suspect that the Bank is likely asking Prof. Quirrell for help since he’s the DADA expert.

Tale sends a letter to her father asking if he knows any of these names on the Gringots letters. Rodney studies the Alchemy book that was discovered in Tale’s room. Carobelle is too busy hanging out with her other friends. Rodney gets sick with a flu or cold, so he heads off to visit the infirmary and takes a “Pepper Up Potion” – his ears start steaming. He is spotted by his brother Thomas in the halls. He hands Rodney a little package of something that will make him feel better when he gets sick next time. It is a small red vial (potion) that looks much like the ones that they previously tried to get Rodney to take. It says “To Nathan From Madam Opiere”

Rodney comes back and lets us know that Adrian Pucey and Rachel Ethem are up to something. They take the vial from Rodney that he got from his brother and demand that he get another one next week. Rodney sends a mail to Nathan and asks him if he can send some potions, as Thomas says there is a potion better than the Pepper Up Potion.

Tale’s dad writes back that he doesn’t know any of the names in the Gringots letters. Alastor starts getting “The Cold Shoulder” and Rodney buddies up to him to try to show others that Alastor is ok. Cordelia doesn’t get extra close or extra far from Alastor. But Tale still keeps her distance from Alastor.

Rodney. Alastor and Cordelia noticed that Agatha Thrussington is being harassed by some older Slytherins. They try to come to her rescue and she quickly shuffles off to her common room.

It transitions to October, Cordelia goes for a walk near the lake. She doesn’t wander too closely to the forest or Hagrid’s hut. She dips her hand in the water on the lake’s edge and all of sudden she can smell all sorts of strange new smells. She realizes that many hours have passed and it’s nightfall. She turns and runs for the castle. She is being chased by some cloaked figure coming out of the forest. She makes it to the castle, grabs the door handle and tries to open the door. The cloaked figure opens the door shoves Cordelia in and then slams the door closed. It is another boy of her age, Heath Bishop. He invites her back to the Ravenclaw tower for a Butter Beer. She later invites him to join a study group.

Some girls from Ravenclaw caught up with Cordelia in the hall and, having heard a rumor, ask Cordelia if she likes Heath Bishop. Which causes quite a stir given that he’s apparently seeing Kim Sheringham.

Rodney gets approached by Joshua Blitzen on more ideas on how to take down Harry Potter. Harry Potter receives a new broom delivered breakfast. Rodney starts quickly spreading the news that Harry Potter is the new Gryffindor Seeker. By dinner everyone is talking about Harry Potter and also about Cordelia and her ill intentions toward Heath & Kim’s relationship.

Nathan sends Rodney 4 vials of the red potion. Cordelia will learn some fancy 3rd year memory potion. Agatha is clearly ducking away from Cordelia and the Slytherins. Tale wanders the castle with Amiri, as they are walking around often there are other cats will come up to us and bow to Amiri. We come into the great hall and see that the decorations are being put up. It’s the Halloween Feast!! We are all so excited to be able to enjoy it this year. In the middle of the feast Prof. Quirrell comes running in to announce that there is a Troll in the Dungeon. Professor Dumbledore instructs prefects to move the students back to their houses. The next day it is rumored that Harry Potter single handedly killed the mountain troll.

After Astronomy class one day Alastor decides to talk with Professor Sinestra about Mika and the shunning he’s getting. She welcomes all four of us into her office and serves us tea. We don’t drink the tea. Alastor tells her quite a bit about the troubles with Mikka. He inquiries about a good group of Slytherin wizards that would work against the Death Eaters and Sinestra says that this would be her. He indicates that we would like to help her out. She suggests to Alastor that he should win the upcoming Quidditch match. Then she escorts us back to our common room.

The end.
We will pick up with the first Quidditch Match of the season.


Year two, 1991, opens with a frightening revelation. Rumors of the grabbers are fast forgotten under the shadow of a coming darkness. The secret signs and portents point to a powerful dark wizard on the rise, one that is coming to Hogwarts. Among Slytherins and their families, this power is feared as rivaling even that of the Dark Lord.

Slytherin Game 10

Slytherin icon- Game 10 re-cap -
Rachel wakes up and doesn’t remember anything but going to bed – the snit complains about her slippers being muddy. Her wand is missing.
We find the stream to follow out of the welcoming forest and follow it quietly for 20 minutes. After this time we begin to doubt that it is the correct stream. We conclude that we are most likely parallel to the stream we thought we were on. The stream is meandering through and we check our direction often while moving a quietly as possible.
Cordelia hears a twig snapping ahead of us. Rodney hears it again a few minutes later. Sneaking ahead we hear the water making more noise. This ends up being a 15 foot drop on into a larger stream going perpendicular to where we wish. Rachel has troubles remembering details of even what we have told her and continually asking where she is.
Seeing a light ahead we discover a glowing flower that Rodney remembers a bio-luminescence plant. It is potted in a terracotta pot sitting on a tree stump. There is a path of these that we decide to follow. As we follow the pots become more frequent and become a well worn / well tended path. As the path climbs a hill away from the stream we pass a pile of brush that had been cleared. When the path levels we come to a plateau with two red tents set up.
We take a back pack as the owners return and we overhear one say “I am not responsible for them getting away” and “I will not be the one to tell Arch-e-alder-ton” -(dumb name) We use the sound of them looking for the backpack to cover our escape – that and the sound of the rain. We decide to climb the hill instead of circling back to the river. At another plateau there is a wooden frame with a roof. It has flower pots, bags of fertilizer, and several casks. There is a strong smell for devil’s snare seed emanating from the casks. We scatter the seed across the plateau to be disruptive.
On continuing we find the “Circle of Inner Wood” there is a bridge leading to an island in the grotto. The streams led to this grotto instead of the lake – curses! In crossing the bridge we discover a strange little island with a ring of ancient Oak trees that are swarmed by devil’s snare. There is a smaller circle of potted plants. In this is a circular door with an iron ring. When Burke opens it – Rachel bravely goes in. In the barrow is a woman with rough skin who warns us we cannot go past her. She then passes out.
We hear a male voice from the tunnel – a red haired man appears and asks who we are. AT this point we all try and hit him with a spell – they all fail. He then uses a memory charm. Next thing we know all of us are contemplating the lady on the ground. Tale and Cordelia remember hearing a voice, so we explore the tunnel. The tunnel is a portal to a subway tunnel in London. We return and now assume that the grabbers are making it rain to let the Devil’s vine choke the lady protecting the portal. This gives them free access to the forest and the ability to kid nap students to steal their magic. After this discovery we tromp through the forest and arrive at the castle.
We come up with a brilliant plan to avoid blame/credit for solving the plot issues. We spill plot onto the pages of a found journal. Dimes flies out to meet us. While something is odd about him we cannot place it. He does not believe the “grabber” plot. In fact, he dismisses the whole idea as unbelievable.
We are escorted back and interrogated by Snape, Sinestro, and Dimes. Burke sticks to the story. We are chastised by them to not talk about grabbers. When they are pointed to the planted message – Snape’s eyes alight on Burke. The adults huddle and whisper amongst themselves. We are all given large detention as punishment for going in the forbidden forest. We are also each given 10 points for Slytherin. We are told this afternoon teachers and magical enforcers will go the circle of inner wood and investigate it. The teachers consider our offer of better detention for the spreading of certain “truths”. Rodney is assigned the sweeping and mopping of Snape’s lab and the dungeon. Tale organizes and labels Sinestro’s supplies. Carobelle is assigned to help Professor Quirel with organizing and understanding muggle studies. Alaster is assigned to serve as equipment organizer/manager/grounds keeper to all quiddich teams. Cordelia is assigned to maintain the astronomy equipment.
While cleaning the lab, Peeves arrives to help Rod with cleaning. Rodney uses the spell from his brother’s book and drives him off.
While Cordelia is cleaning the astronomy equipment, Professor Sinestro strikes up a conversation talking about her father. He was killed by muggles after they saw him performing magic. She said that she knew her father and that he would not want her to hate muggles because of it.
While on the quiddich pitch, Burke is cleaning up when approached by some older Slytherin students. Mika Akimbo approaches Alaster and talks to him about “the family business”. Alaster tells her he is going to inherent his seat.
While organizing herbs, Tale’s Uncle Martin visits Sinestro and meets with Tale too. Tale discusses her “project” and she says she got a “good haul”. While dropping eaves, Tale overhears them talking of weather magic.
While counting and organizing muggle studies “equipment”, Carobelle is left to it by herself. While pretending to work, Edwin (the butler) and Theodore (brother) find her there. Her brother is being given a tour and she is being collected early to be privately tutored for the private finals.
The exams are super easy – for those who take them…nothing compared to the forest.


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