Devil's Snare


Devil’s Snare is a plant with the magical ability to constrict or strangle anything in its surrounding environment or something that happens to touch it. Struggling or resistance to Devil’s Snare will cause the plant to exert a greater force of constriction.

Devil’s Snare does not seem to be common, but certain herbologists have access to it. It is composed of a mass of soft, springy tendrils and vines that possess some sense of touch. This plant uses its creepers and tendrils to ensnare anyone who touches it, binding their arms and legs and eventually choking them. The harder a person struggles against Devil’s Snare, the faster and more tightly it binds them; if they relax, it will not kill them as quickly. It seems when a victim relaxes, and the plant no longer senses struggle or tension, it will pull its victims under its gnarled vines and drop the bodies to the ground underneath, possibly because it registers that the victim has perished. Devil’s Snare prefers a dark, damp environment. It will stop its movement in the environment in front of bright light and will recoil away from the heat of fire, so a well-placed flame spell such as bluebell flames will drive it away from its victims. It resembles the plant flitterbloom.


Devil's Snare

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