Zhivka Vulkanov


Sister to Deyan Vulkanov, Beater for the Bulgarian Quiddich Team, and granddaughter of the infamous Vindictus Viridian (Author of Curses and Counter-curses: Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying and Much, Much More). Zhivka was expected to follow family tradition and attend Durmstrang. However, an old feud with Igor Karakov (and the fact that the Vulkanov family felt Karakov was short-shifting their son to give more attention to his favorite, Viktor Krum) caused the family to instead send Zhivka to Hogwarts. Clearly, the family Vulkanov is still living up to their reputation for petty revenge.

The family name can also be spelled ‘Vulchanov’.

What is your character’s full name?
Zhivka Gergana Vulkanov

Does your character have a nickname?
Zhivka (ZIV-kah), or Zhee (usually to her family or close friends).

How does your character look?
Shorter than average, and of average to muscular build. Having a rather small stature, Zhivka looks a little younger than her 11 years. Her hair is pale blonde, and her eyes are icy grey.

Where in Britain does your character come from?
Zhivka comes from Varna, a port city on the edge of the Black Sea. She is Bulgarian.

Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs?
Blazhe and Zara Vulkanov. Blazhe is a retired professional Quiddich player, and Zara was a clothing (robe) designer. The family is well-off. Zara died of illness when Zhivka was 7, but Z and her three brothers are very close. They interact warmly, and the boys are a bit over-protective. Zhivka is the only girl in the extended family.

Are your parents muggles?
No. The Vulkanovs are a pureblooded wizarding line. Their most famous ancestor (Zhivka’s grandfather) is Vindictus Viridian (Author of Curses and Counter-curses: Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying and Much, Much More).

Is there something special about your parents?
The family tradition is to attend Durmstrang. Both of Zhivka’s parents did so, as did her brothers. They were taught Dark Arts, as that school is known to do, as well as Dark Defense. Because of that, Zhivka knows more about such things than the standard Hogwarts student.

It should also be noted that the Vulkanov family has a reputation for being vengeful (Grandpa’s book could have been called Ten Generations of Vulkanov Family Spells). Although Zhivka is generally a well-behaved child, she is no exception to her family’s predilection. She’s adept with minor hexes and counter-curses (having three brothers pick on you also makes you learn things quickly!), and her father and grandfather are renowned for their knowledge of such things.

Does your character have brothers and/or sisters?
Yes. Three brothers. Both are wizards. The eldest brother, Deyan (20), is a professional Quiddich player, and plays Beater for the Bulgarian National Team. The next brother is Viridian (13) (her grandfather’s namesake), who is growing up very much in his grandfather’s footsteps, and is starting his third year at Durmstrang. Her youngest brother, Pavel (10), has as yet shown no signs of magic. He should begin school next year… but as he’s shown no signs of magic, it’s still undetermined.

Does your character have any other relatives that pop in and out of her life?
Grandfather. He’s really scary and quite domineering, but luckily, we only see him at Christmas. He even makes Father skittish and cowed, and Father’s not afraid of anything. Zhivka hates going home for Christmas break, and generally spends the holiday hiding and trying not to attract her grandfather’s attention.

What are your character’s hobbies?
Playing Quiddich with her brothers (she’s a passable Chaser). Reading, building wooden models, reading, and getting in scuffles with the other kids. She’s something of a tomboy.

The circumstances of her mother’s untimely death haven’t been explained to Zhivka, and she has spent a great deal of the last four years imagining how it could have happened. This, plus the fact that Zhivka tends to be unusually accident-prone, has led her to an unhealthy fascination with things that can kill you. She’s very knowledgeable about various horrible and obscure ways to die, and frequently warns her friends about them.

Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite Quidditch teams?
Zhivka is a very enthusiastic fan of the Bulgarian National team, of course! Secretly, she also likes the all-girls team Holyhead Harpies, and her hidden ambition is to play for them professionally (an ambition she will likely outgrow).

Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?
She likes to be outside, but doesn’t usually play violent games. She prefers to read, and hike, and wander.

What are your character’s habits?
Playing Quiddich, reading, stealing food from the kitchens (having three older brothers means she’s used to fighting for a full meal).

What are your character’s your favorite foods?
Banitsa pastries, Sirene (white cheese), and grilled pork chops.

How would your character describe his or her style of dress?
She dresses warmly. It’s cold in Bulgaria! Also, she’s practical. Having been raised almost entirely by men, she doesn’t have much of a sense of style. She prefers fur-hooded coats, fur hats, and warm pullovers.

Who are your character’s friends, other than the characters of the other players in your play group?
She’s close to her brothers (Deyan and Pavel more than Viridius), and writes them often. They tease her relentlessly for going to Hogwarts, but care about her very much.

Is your character friends with any muggles?
No. In fact, her family looks down on them pretty solidly. They aren’t aggressive about their disdain, but they consider muggles to be ‘unfortunates,’ idiots, and little better than animals. Grandfather, in particular, has something against the muggles, and often expresses his derision (which is then picked up by the boys).

If questioned about it, Zhivka will admit that she’s never met a muggle. (Though, in truth, she’s met quite a few without realizing it).

Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

How does your character feel about being a witch or wizard?
It’s what you have to do if you’re going to grow up and do something useful with your life. Whatever.

How does your character feel about the magical world?
Is there another world?
Oh, you mean where those muggle animals live? Who would ever want to go there? Ew.

How does your character feel about the mundane world?
Truthfully, she knows very little about the mundane world, and would likely be fascinated by it if she were gently exposed to its ‘mysteries.’

What is your character’s greatest secret?
Two things. First, she’s really, really excited to be going to Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang. Secondly, she’s got the sneaking suspicion that grandfather killed mother with some kind of hex. Zhivka’s not sure why. Maybe because mother was a girl…

Zhivka Vulkanov

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