Valentine Trelawney


An awkward youth with thick glasses and mussy hair, Valentine is an intensely studious child. Serious beyond his years, he is shy and retiring, preferring to avoid attention.

Tall and whip-thin, he is uniformly unsuited to sports, and is intensely frightened of broom-riding (owing to a family tragedy). Apart from his studies, the only thing that inspires overt passion in the lonesome child is Wizards chess, at which he excels.

Though he has only had his own set for a handful of years, the pieces are all hardened veterans, and trust his leadership implicitly. In some ways they are his only friends. Indeed, it can be said that Valentine is a completely different person when commanding his chessmen.


Born to the famed Trelawney family, Valentine is a direct descendant of Cassandra the Seer. Though pure-blooded, the Trelawney Clan lack much of the established wealth of other pure Wizarding lines, having lost much of their worth through poor investment and ill fortune. The fact that a family theoretically known for their precognition has suffered so is a source of amusement and pity in the Wizarding community.

Valentine’s life was struck by particular tragedy when his mother died in a freak broom accident. Since the age of five, he has been raised by his father, Benedictus Trelawney, and occasionally by his father’s elder sister, Sybill Trelawney, the Divination instructor at Hogwarts.

Life in care of Madam Trelawney has been difficult. Her penchant for dire predictions, combined with their regular inaccuracy and the constant reminders of his family’s own poor fortune has led Valentine to be rather dismissive of the entire art of Divination, though Muggle Astronomy fascinates him.

What is your character’s full name?
Valentine Copernicus Trelawney

Does your character have a nickname?
If Valentine had friends, they’d probably call him ‘Val’.

How does your character look?
Valentine is the very portrait of awkward growth spurts. He’s tall and thin, and tends to hunch to compensate. He has pale blue eyes and his hair is a nondescript shade of brown. For all of that, however, he’s a fairly good looking young boy, with well defined, classical facial features.

Where in Britain does your character come from?
Valentine grew up in London, with his father.

Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs?
Valentine’s father is Benedictus Trelawney, a (unsuccessful) investor for Gringotts. His mother, Providence, died when he was five after the sticking charm on the family broom failed.

Does your character have brothers and/or sisters?
Valentine is an only child.

Does your character have any other relatives that pop in and out of her life?
His father’s elder sister, Sybill, has helped to raise him since he was five, although her post at Hogwarts has kept her largely in the countryside since 1980.

What are your character’s hobbies?
Valentine is an enthusiastic reader, and reads both fiction and academic works for pleasure. His true and abiding love, however, is for Wizards chess, a game at which he excels. In an effort to divorce himself from his Saunt’s antics, he has taken up the study of Muggle Astronomy, and finds it deeply fascinating.

Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams?
For a boy his age, Valentine is abysmally uninformed about Quiddich. His mother’s accident left him with a lingering fear of brooms, and even watching the fast-paced, reckless speed of the game can make him feel queasy and ill.

Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?
Wizard’s Chess is Valentine’s abiding passion. It is the only medium in which his personality emerges from the shell. Though his game set is not terribly old, he has formed a deep bond with the pieces, and considers them (somewhat sadly) to be his friends. They, in turn, never hesitate when he risks them in a gambit, fully trusting his skills to see them through.

What are your character habits?
Valentine is a tidy, studious boy. He is a deeply serious child, and veers away from drawing attention to himself with either his wit or his charm, rather giving the impression that he lacks either.

What are your character’s your favorite foods?
Like most growing boys, Valentine is fond of sweets. Life in London has given him a firm appreciation of American-style junk-food, but he is not terribly fickle, and traditional British fair vanishes just as quickly in his presence.

How would your character describe his or her style of dress?
As an only childe, Valentine is not subject to the curse of the hand-me-downs. But his family’s relative paucity still greatly restricts his wardrobe. As a result, he tends to dress simply and without any great eye for style, making use of drab Muggle fashion.

Who are your character’s friends, other than the characters of the other players in your play group?
Valentine has very few friends, and none his own age. The closest thing to a friend he had growing up was a business associate of his father’s, a Goblin named Tinpot, who taught him to play Wizards chess.

Is your character friends with any muggles?
Valentine doesn’t have enough friends to really distinguish between Muggle and non-Muggle. That being said, growing up in London has given him a fairly cosmopolitan view inregards to Muggle culture, and he has few of the biases and hang-ups common amongst Pure-Blood lines.

Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

How does your character feel about being a witch or wizard?
Ambivalence isn’t the right word, but it’s close. Valentine loves magic the way a mathematician loves numbers. He enjoys the challenge and the complexity of its systems, but it’s an impersonal love. Magic is a common part of his every-day life, and Valentine can’t imagine not becoming a Wizard, but it’s only a means to an end.

How does your character feel about the magical world?
As above; since his father works at Gringotts, Valentine has spent a considerable amount of time in Diagon Alley, immersed in the Wizarding world. But apart from his cherished visits with Tinpot, it’s a time spent largely alone, suffused with no special emotional association.

How does your character feel about the mundane world?
Valentine has had a relatively high level of exposure to the Muggle world, measured against Wizards who live sheltered in the country. As a result he is at ease with the Muggle world, although he certainly doesn’t consider himself a part of it (then again he doesn’t particularly feel like he’s a part of the Wizarding world either).
He has a deep appreciation for the inventiveness of Muggles, however, to address questions the Wizarding world tends to overlook. His interest in Astronomy is a prime example: Muggles have measured the heavenly spheres, a subject Magic only addresses in the most luddite fashion.

What is your character’s greatest secret?
Despite his family’s sorted history with precognition, his childhood oversaturation with predictions at the hands of his flighty Aunt, and his general disdain for Divination as a subject, Valentine possesses the Inner Eye, and is occasionally assaulted with visions of the future.
It is something he works diligently to conceal.

Valentine Trelawney

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