Tegan Brenna Argall


• What is your character’s full name? Nickname or other names?
Tegan Brenna Argall

Tegan(beautiful), Brenna (Hill), Argall (Dweller in a quiet place)

• What does your character look like? Is she tall, short, or average height? What about size? Is she average, thin, plump? Eye color? Hair color?

Tegan is tall. She is not thin, but you would not consider her to be overwieght. Her mother often gives her a hard time about eating less and exercising more. She has long red hair and hazel eyes.

• Where in Britain does your character come from? Is she an exchange student from another land?
Cardiff, Wales

• Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Is there anything special about them? How do you interact? Are they muggles or did the magical talent skip a generation or two?
Tegan’s parents are muggles, but there was magic in the family in the past. The last witch was her father’s grandmother, Carys. She had fallen in love with and married a muggle boy and none of their children inherited the gift. They believed that the magic had left the family. Although those in the family knew about their magical past, it was relegated to the past and to the amazing and wild stories of great grandma, who was only seen once or twice a year on holidays, and to the fun Christmas and birthday gifts she sent each year. Tegan’s mother is named Elin and is an artist. She works in many mediums, but mostly watercolors. Her father is named Cain. He is the police chief of Cardiff. Unbeknownst to Tegan, because of his knowledge of the magical world, he is also the contact for the aurors if they have any problems with witches or wizards.

• Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many? Are they younger or older? Are they also magical? If so, are they at Hogwarts and what year are (were) they in?
Tegan is the youngest of the family. She has an older brother and sister who are both jealous that she is getting to go to Hogwarts. Her brother Griffen is good natured about it being more interested in his life at college. He is excited for Tegan and wants to hear all about it at Christmas holidays. Tegan’s sister Fiona on the other hand is bitter about not having the gift. Tegan and Fiona have always been competitive and it is a major upset for Tegan to have the gift and not her sister. Tegan secretly takes joy in the fact that she is a witch and her sister isn’t, but being kind, she doesn’t rub it in her face, except for those occasions when Fiona pushes her too far about it.

• What other relationships does your character have? Are there other relatives in her life? Who are her friends? Are they mundane or magical? What do they know about your character’s life? Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Tegan isn’t what you would call popular, but she is well liked in her school. She has a couple of close friends that she finds it hard not to tell where she is truly going, and will miss them. She has no boyfriend. She has always been a little unaware that boys might even be interested in her.

• What are your character’s hobbies? Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?

Tegan loves to read, and play board games with her family. She is aware of wizard games like quidditch, exploding snap, and wizard’s chess, but has never played or seen them. They are just things her great grandmother has talked about.

• What are your character habits and mannerisms? What is her style of dress? What foods does she like?

Tegan is friendly, and quick to laugh. She is smart, but not the head of her class. She is most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, but enjoys getting dressed up every now and again. She likes most food, and is not a picky eater.

• How does your character feel about the magical world? About the mundane world? How does she feel about being a witch or wizard? Why is your character a member of the House he or she is in?

Tegan is fascinated by the magical world. Up to this point it’s something that in her life has only been discussed in whispers and a few wonderful conversations with her great grandmother when no one else was around. She is very excited to be going to Hogwarts and can’t wait to become part of the world that she used to dream and make up stories about. She loves the muggle world as the home she has always known.

Tegan Brenna Argall

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