Rodney Prewett

Rodney is a boy with red hair and bright green eyes. He very rarely smiles but when he does his face lights up and draws you in. He has average size and build. Dressed in generally stylish clothing and often found with his head buried into a book.




Letter Home
Dear Mother,
I hope you are well. I noticed that Nathan and Thomas have received a package from you a few weeks ago and I was wondering if maybe the owl got lost? I am looking forward to seeing what you have put into it.
I have met some very nice people here and have already started to learn so much. My friends have been helping keep me occupied with things other than school work. My friend Alaster has taught me about quidditch and Tale has told me all about Africa. Carobelle is a wonderful dancer and after Cordelia turned orange she was very nice to all of us. Carobelle also got us bigger beds the size of a whole room! The sorting hat did not sort me with my brothers but instead sorted me into Slytheirn. Professor Snape has been great and has really helped me fit in more with my house.
My classes have all gone well but astronomy (since it has rained the whole time) It is too hard to pick a favorite. I love them all. I cannot wait to learn more spells. In flying class I had to help a Gyffindor boy who lost control of his broom. I did not think I would be able to do it, but I was able to keep him from being hurt and land safely. I think that flying a broom may not be as hard as I thought it was going to be. I don’t think I will try out for the quidditch team, but I think that i could enjoy watching it more than I have before.

Rodney Pruett and the Mirror of Erised
Rodney was not too surprised when his friend Alaster was hurt in herbology again. He was surprised that he was asked to escort him to the infirmary. Alaster lost his sight this time when the spore opened directly in his face. Rodney did not mind helping his friend but was a little disappointed that he would miss class time. Luckily they both knew where it was and it did not take very long, Leaving Alaster to treatment, he left to hopefully make it back to class before the lecture had ended, He would not make it in time.
The moving staircases have never been a problem before for Rodney but this particular day they moved in a way that he had never seen before and he ended up wandering the hallways in a section of the castle he had never seen before. One hallway was lined with suits of plate armor armed with a variety of pole arms. when the first axe bladed one missed Rodney by a mere 8 cm Rodney made a sound of surprise and nearly feel in line with the next blade that dropped, It was from his back he saw the face of Peeves grinning at him from the ceiling. Peeve’s laugh echoed throughout the hallway as he flew off in the direction Rodney was headed.
Thinking better of braving the knights more Rodney decided to try a nearby door and discovered a room that was empty with the exception of a full length mirror. Rodney started to leave the room in order to find his way back but at the last second something caught his eye. He saw a light reflected from the mirror that appeared to be sunlight coming from a window. Rodney turned to see where this came from because he was fairly sure it was still raining outside. Yes…he was sure of it. The mirror was reflecting a window that was not in the room. Rodney approached the mirror from the side and stepped in front of it to angle it in a way as to see himself.
He was reflected in the mirror, but it also showed Rodney surrounded by his family. his mother Rebecca and his father Septimus standing on either side of him looking down proudly at him. The smiles upon their faces, the look of pride, the displayed sense of accomplishment…all never before seen by Rodney when looking at him. He had seen that look at his brothers Nathan or Thomas…but never Rodney. As his eyes tear up it becomes harder to see when his brothers and little sister come in and hug him one at a time. His sense of jealousy for the Rodney of the mirror begins to make him feel uncomfortable – so much so that he runs from the room. His tears have dried by the time he returns to the Slytherin common room. It takes weeks for him to stop feeling the emotionally hole like a person feels the hole a lost tooth has left.

Christmas Break
After receiving a large quantity of ill conceived gifts, It becomes clear to Rodney that almost no one in his family realizes what they have. Rodney is left almost in tears as his family all break from the Christmas tree to go enjoy the spoils of the day. While Rodney sits there and attempts to compose himself – he is comforted by the fact that he has friends at the school who will understand and commiserate with him.
While Rodney stifles a tear, his little sister Suzette approaches him and hugs him telling him that she loves him and does not like how sad he always seems. Rodney hugs her back and thank her for being sweet. Suzette then asks Rodney if he is always sad because he is not a Gryffindor. The three year old repeats conversations that she heard their parents have about the house that Rodney was sorted into. The parents said they were going to petition Dumbledore to get Rodney moved into Gryffindor. Rodney is shocked and briefly considers the possibility of joining a different house. This is quickly discounted for he cannot imagine not being with his friends at school.
Rodney explains to Suzette that Slytherin is a wonderful house that the rest of the family simply misunderstands. He tells her of some of his adventures and describes his classmates in great detail. At the end of the conversation Suzette tells Rodney that she wants to be in Slytherin too because it sounds so much more interesting then what everyone else has experienced. At this time Rodney surprises himself by telling his sister that he will love her no matter what house she is sorted in to…even Hufflepuff.
That night Rodney snuck into his brother Nathan’s books and took one on defense against the dark arts. After hiding it in his room for several days it becomes clear that it is not missed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rodney teaches himself a stunning charm – a third year spell. Toward the end of break, Rodney is caught studying the book by his mother – who squints suspiciously at her Slytherin child and takes the book away from him and tells him he can learn DEFENSE against the DARK ARTS when he is supposed to at school. Rodney is left with the impression that his mother now thinks that because he is Slytherin he is destined to work for He Who Shall Not Be Named.
Due to the general mistrust / apathy for Rodney by his family – Rodney focuses his energy on the one person who has accepted him. His little sister makes the break bearable. She demonstrates an excellent sense of empathy and compassion for he brother, way beyond her three years .

Rodney Versus the Boggart.

It is Rodney’s turn to face the Boggart. He steps forward, unsure of what he is about to face. Professor Lupin opens the cabinets, and out steps a pretty young girl dressed in Slytherin house colors. Everyone is shocked to see another Carobelle standing in the room with everyone. Her focus was intently on Rodney as she began to speak. “We never liked you. We only used you for grades and you are not one of us – you should be a Gryffindor like the rest of your blood traitor family. Your Mother, your Father, your siblings are all embarrassed by you. They do not love you, or even like you. You will fail in your plans and die alone. You will never (Hiissshisshisshishisss) " The last dying away in what sounds like a snake – the last making Rodney turn pale.

At this point Rodney near tears waves his wand and says “RIDDIKULUS!”
Carobelle, the fake one, immediately starts to gain weight…first 1 kilo, then 5 kilos, then 10 kilos. At the same time the house colors she is wearing change to those of Hufflepuff. In each of her hands appear a turkey leg dripping with grease. Professor Lupin then returns the Boggart to the cabinet and says to the class, “Odd – perhaps we should talk about this sometime. Well done Prewett. Let’s take a break and allow (glancing at a horrified Carobelle) a chance to recover.

Rodney Prewett

HOGWARTS 1990 Randy York