Peregrine Lestrange

The Road Not Taken


Peregrine Lestrange comes from an old, established wizarding family, although his parents appear to have been somewhat estranged from the rest of their family in recent years, spending most of their time on the country estate in Gloucestershire.

Peregrine is a slightly above-average heigh, fairly thin boy, his unruly blond hair starting to darken. Most of his interests are in the study of muggle science and other unusual knowledge; unfortunately, the isolation and home-schooled nature of his upbringing have left him without a lot of friends.


Philip Larkin – This Be The Verse

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.


What is your character’s full name? Nickname or other names?

Peregrine Abelard Lestrange

What does your character look like? Is she tall, short, or average height? What about size? Is she average, thin, plump? Eye color? Hair color?

Peregrine is around five feet tall and weighs about eighty pounds, slightly on the skinny and above-average-height side for his age. He has blond hair which is starting to darken a bit, and dark blue eyes.

Where in Britain does your character come from? Is she an exchange student from another land?

Peregrine was born in Gloucester, England, and has lived on his family’s country estate in Donnington (Gloucestershire) for his entire life. The handful of trips he has taken overseas have been accompanied by his parents.

Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Is there anything special about them? How do you interact? Are they muggles or did the magical talent skip a generation or two?

His father is Geoffrey A. Lestrange, who works as a financial liaison for the Ministry of Magic. He works in a small and publicity-shy department that ensures the magical currencies in use are not subject to any harmful hexes or spells, investigates counter-feiters, works with the Goblin banks, and liaises with foreign governments. Magical currency, despite its apparent contradictions and plethora of potential pitfalls, just works. Mr. Lestrange is one of the people who makes sure it just works.

Peregrine doesn’t really understand what his father does. He knows his father isn’t a ‘real’ employee of the ministry, and that he often travels to foreign countries, but doesn’t know much about money, currencies, etc. He is also unaware of the fact that his family is comfortably well-off, perhaps moreso than they should be.

His mother is Jocasta Antoinette Lestrange, née Jones. Peregrine doesn’t know much about his mother’s history – he’s aware she takes frequent short trips using the floo network and has many seemingly-identical female friends of her own age who visit her often, which means he has to go to his room all the time. The bookshelves in the library hold a lot of books that appear to be hers – the name Jezebel Jones is written inside most of the works on magical creatures and other outlandish stuff he isn’t allowed to read yet. Similarly, many of the well-worn items in the collection of mundane weaponry displayed in the grand dining room appear to be engraved with her initials. She rarely smiles.

Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many? Are they younger or older? Are they also magical? If so, are they at Hogwarts and what year are (were) they in?

Peregrine believes that he has an older brother called Gerard who is around fifteen years older than him, but that for reasons unexplained to him, his brother is estranged from his parents. He can hardly remember his face, and his parents never speak about him. About a month ago, his parents also sat him down in the drawing room, and explained that they were looking to adopt a small child whose parents were killed in an accident, but that they have to do some paperwork first. Peregrine is confused but cautiously happy. A little brother or sister would be wonderful, after all. Finally someone to play with.

What other relationships does your character have? Are there other relatives in her life? Who are her friends? Are they mundane or magical? What do they know about your character’s life? Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Most of Peregrine’s life has been spent in relative isolation – his family’s country estate is a bit remote, and he has been home-schooled so far (which, in mundane Britain, is fairly unusual). His parents are magical, however, and a wizard tutor has come into their home every week for the last four or so years to give Peregrine regular instructions in mostly mundane matters. Magic hasn’t been touched on very much – the laws of magic were explained, as was the distinction between Muggles and Wizards, but not much otherwise. The one time the tutor launched into a friendly discussion of magical history and events, Peregrine’s mother appeared seemingly out of nowhere to ask the tutor a question in private. When he returned, the lesson resumed with basic trigonometry.

His relatives rarely visit, and his parents never take him to see them. A few times in the last year, some uncles or aunts (Peregrine can’t quite remember) came by for dinner. He was sent upstairs to his room shortly after the meal ended, but Peregrine recalls some noise – shouting, maybe? – waking him up around midnight. Not much seemed to have come of it, however, although a crew of construction wizards did come in the next weekend to install a new front door, the last one apparently having somehow suffered from magical damage from a freak rainstorm the previous week.

Peregrine does know that his parents aren’t excited to talk about some of the members of the family, but he doesn’t know why, and isn’t being told. He does know that one of his aunts did give him a particularly peculiar look during dinner, and it almost felt like a bird was fluttering against the inside of his eyelids for just a second. How odd. Seemed like his forearm itched, too.

As for friends, Peregrine quite likes his tutor’s daughter, Jezebel. He overheard his mother suggesting to his tutor that maybe he ought to bring her by so Peregrine would have someone his own age around to play with. She comes by every week or so and they are sometimes tutored together. Aside from that, the relative isolation means that Peregrine doesn’t see a lot of kids his age.

What are your character’s hobbies? Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?
What are your character habits and mannerisms? What is her style of dress? What foods does she like?

Peregrine enjoys reading about mundane things, especially because his parents won’t allow him to peruse most of the magical works in the library. He’s determined to read all the volumes in the Encyclopedia Britannica, and is fascinated by chemistry, especially poisons, drugs, and explosives. Sadly his parents won’t buy him a chemistry kit, and all of his experiments with ingredients from the kitchen so far have been disappointing — turns out most of them were flavoured salts of one kind or another, as their cook is a witch who simply magics food onto the table.

All of his experiments with sports so far have been disasters, but he is acutely aware that other members of the family were good at sports at one time or another and very much intends to follow in their footsteps. His father appears to have been great at Quidditch, his mother did something with sharp, pointy objects, and all of his relatives’ children are reputedly great – or so he’s overheard. His knowledge of quidditch is limited, but he really likes the colours of the Caerphilly Catapults; unfortunately, he only knows about them because his mother told him that one of her nieces used to play for until about a decade ago. Peregrine perked up at that — a cousin, maybe someone whom he could spend time with? – but he quickly fell silent when he noticed a tear rolling down his mother’s cheek after mentioning her niece. He hasn’t brought it up again.

He doesn’t play any magical games, although he has an electronic chess set. He wears whatever his mother lays out for him – usually simple clothing in dark colours and tall, belted leather boots. His favourite foods are quail and pheasant (usually roasted), which are often brought back from his parents’ hunting trips.

How does your character feel about the magical world? About the mundane world? How does she feel about being a witch or wizard? Why is your character a member of the House he or she is in?
What is your character’s greatest secret?

Peregrine has been made aware of the magical world, the Ministry, and the complications of the Muggle world. His parents appear to live dual lives – to Muggles, they appear to be a normal family of wealthy landowners in middle England; frequent trips, isolation, and occasional disdain for the common man. To the wizarding world, it’s much of the same thing – Peregrine understands that his family are pure-bloods, but don’t appear to make much of it. Many of their photographs show them surrounded by friends, laughing, enjoying themselves. Yet about fifteen years back, a few years before Peregrine was born, the good times appeared to stop. Fewer, if any photos exist. His parents look solemn, and are almost always alone. Few photos showing their friends exist from that time.

Being a voracious reader, Peregrine loves the mundane world, seeking to understand more about it. He is sad that he cannot spend more time outside, discovering more about the world by himself, but is content enough for now to just read about the world until he can explore it. He likes the concept of being a wizard, but is concerned about what it’ll mean. Magic can be really dangerous, can’t it?

His parents, for reasons he doesn’t quite understand, haven’t told him what houses they were in when they went to school. He hasn’t found any photos of their time in school, or any other memorabilia. Before leaving for school, he asked his father why he wouldn’t tell him more, with the elder Lestrange looking at him oddly, replying that he wanted Peregrine to make up his own mind, unburdened by history. Then he gave him his first chocolate frog! What a great day!

His affinity for Ravenclaw is rooten in Peregrine’s studiousness and patience. He values knowledge and discovery about all, and doesn’t let impetuousness overcome the desire to learn.

Peregrine Lestrange

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