Naledi Atwell

Tale Atwell's mother.


Naledi is tall and slender with deep dark brown skin and long flowing hair. Naledi dresses in typical African clothing, bright flowing fabrics, and large eccentric tribal jewelry. Naledi is always completely put together and looks like an African princess.

Naledi is an interdependent woman who knows how to take care of herself and hold her own. She is hesitant to conform to anyone’s direction but her own. She is clearly in-tune with the universe and has a strong sense of what is happening around her and when danger is lurking nearby.


Married to Kaelan Atwell
Mother to Tale Atwell & Dominick Atwell

Kaelan & Naledi were both born and raised in South Africa and attended nearby Maputo Preparatory School of Magical Studies in Mozambique.

Naledi Atwell

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