Martin Atwell

Tale Atwell's uncle.


Tale’s uncle Martin is a single man that travels a great deal. But spends a few weeks with the Atwell family each summer. Martin is known to his niece and nephew a the fun-seeking uncle who likes to swoop in occasionally and spoil the heck out of the kids. He like to tickle, wrestle, chase, and generally play with both Tale & Dominick. He plays games, reads books, demonstrates magic, and is often showing off new tricks.


Brother to Kaelan Atwell
Uncle to Tale Atwell & Dominick Atwell
Tale’s uncle Martin Atwell would stop in and stay with the family each summer for several weeks. Martin would always share the most interesting stories. His job is somewhat of a mystery as Martin, Kaelan, and Naledi would never share what it position was with the kids. But he always shared stories of far off strange places. He would bring trinkets and toys from other countries and spoil the children each and every year. His arrival is always highly anticipated by both Tale & Dominick.

Martin Atwell

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