Madeline Yaxley

Cordelia's Grandmother


Madeline Yaxley (nee Potter) married Lornell Yaxley and had two children: Jonas and Josephene. She is the VERY distant relative of Harry Potter.

Cordelia has many fond memories of her grandmother. Cordelia and Paul would spend much of their summers running around the Yaxley family manor on the banks of the Ribble River near Preston, England.

Paul is currently living with their Grandmother Maddie.

Son: Jonas Yaxley
Daughter-in-Law: Nebattica Yaxley (nee Weasley)
Granddaughter: Amanda Yaxley
Daughter: Josephee Yaxley-Pomme
Son-in-Law: Laurent Pomme
Granddaughter: Cordelia Pomme
Grandson: Paul Pomme


Madeline Yaxley

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