Kaelan Atwell

Tale Atwell's father.


Kaelan works for the Department of International Magical Cooperation as the diplomat to South Africa. Originally of British descent, Kaelan was specifically chosen as the perfect liaison to increase relations between Britain & South Africa. Kaelan is a tall broad shouldered man with creamy brown skin. Kaelan is most often seen wearing slick stylish business suits.

Kaelan comes off as a strong man with a gruff personality, but his family makes him melt like butter. They are clearly the most and only important thing to him. His sense of protection is strong and unbending.


Married to Naledi Atwell
Father to Tale Atwell & Dominick Atwell
Brother of Martin Atwell

Kaelan & Naledi were both born and raised in South Africa and attended nearby Maputo Preparatory School of Magical Studies in Mozambique. Tale is Kaelan’s first child and very precious to him. Frequently you will catch him saying “My Little Tale…” with deep affection and love in his voice.

Kaelan Atwell

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