Imogen Nott

Mother of Carobelle and Theodore (married to a much older man, Barnaby Nott); died in accident when children were young


Imogen Nott was born a Rosier, in 1960. She is the older sister of Evan Rosier, a young wizard in his 20s who fought alongside Voldemort and Barnaby Nott during the first wizarding war. Her brother, Evan, was killed by Alastor Moody at the end of the war.

Barnaby met her through Evan, and proposed to her during the first wizarding war, afraid that he might die in the battles without leaving an heir. Some believe that this wedding helped paint the picture that Barnaby was more focused on his personal life and very small children, then on supporting Voldemort, or that potential accusers like Dumbledore simply didn’t have the heart to name a man with two infant children. He is one of the few allies of Voldemort during this period to escape suspicion and imprisonment after the war.

When they married, Imogen was 17 and Barnaby was 51.

Imogen gave birth to Carobelle in 1979, and to Theodore in 1980.

Though the war ended in 1981, Barnaby knew that many death eaters were jealous that he escaped harm while they suffered for their crimes. He believes that Imogen’s death in 1985 was a magical attack by one of his former comrades, and that his children were in grave danger for some similar retaliation.

Theodore witnessed her death, and was able to see thestrals as a result.

Carobelle was not in the same room with her mother when she died.


Imogen Nott

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