Eunice Coffin

First year goes by "Nici"


Decendant of Pigrims whose family became ex-patriots living in the UK in grandparents’ generation. Moved to Perth. Industrious, well tempered farmers’ daughter.

What is your character’s full name? Nickname or other names?
• Eunice (Adrina?) Coffin nickname: Nici

What does your character look like? Is she tall, short, or average height? What about size? Is she average, thin, plump? Eye color? Hair color?

• Tall which makes her look thin, but average weight. Brown hair and green eyes.

Where in Britain does your character come from? Is she an exchange student from another land?

• Is from Perth Australia on the west coast.

Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Is there anything special about them? How do you interact? Are they muggles or did the magical talent skip a generation or two?

• Family is involved in mining because it affords them the secluded life of underground house dwelling without alerting the muggle world to any strange goings on.

Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many? Are they younger or older? Are they also magical? If so, are they at Hogwarts and what year are (were) they in?

• I have an older sister by five years that is a prefect specializing in student affairs, mostly counselling in nature, and desperately wants to be a city fashionista. I do not have much to do with her at school. She is starting her sixth year and looking into being an auror, just like Mum. Dad’s a magical mechanical engineer.

What other relationships does your character have? Are there other relatives in her life? Who are her friends? Are they mundane or magical? What do they know about your character’s life? Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • No boyfriend or girlfriend. There has been interest, but nothing’s stuck beyond awkward turtle encounters.
What are your character’s hobbies? Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?

• My character likes team sports, but has mostly been involved in individual sports so far. She follows quidditch, but mostly for the social nature of it and not the obsessive fan following. The Russian team is a favourite, but she’s never been to a real league game.

What are your character habits and mannerisms? What is her style of dress? What foods does she like?

• Some of her sister’s fashion sense has rubbed off on her, so she’s a bit of a hip kid, but nothing outstanding. She dresses on the sporty or muggle club-going side but has affection for the older time period dress for more formal affairs.

How does your character feel about the magical world? About the mundane world? How does she feel about being a witch or wizard? Why is your character a member of the House he or she is in?

• She feels very comfortable in both the magical and mundane world, but longs to be fully immersed in the magical and leave the sometimes-cruel mundane world behind. She is steadfast and true. A hard worker when the time for work is right but loves to play hard, too.
What is your character’s greatest secret?

Eunice Coffin

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