Edward Huxley

1990 - Hufflepuff


Wits 3
Observation 3
Memory 6
Logic 5

Dexterity 3
Quickness 3
Strength 5
Toughness 5

Bravery 4
Empathy 3
Impetus 6
Vitality 4

Humor 3
Composure 5
Persuasion 3
Appearance 3


Rubbish at charms
Glasses wearing
body flaw – slow
Obsessed – ravenclaw

Outstanding grade student


Edward comes from two proud and accomplished Ravenclaw parents. His father was a star Quiddich player and his mother was an accomplished magical researcher. Edward’s parents have already made big promises to the other alumni about how Edward will continue their legacy.

Edward has over studied for his first year, trying to become a master of every possible subject. He has very poor social interactions with other children his age because they are not as serious about learning.

What is your character’s full name? Nickname or other names?

Edward Huxley

What does your character look like? Is she tall, short, or average height? What about size? Is she average, thin, plump? Eye color? Hair color?

A bit tall for his age, Edward has close cropped hair and wears thick glasses. He is very awkward and moves with a deliberate slowness.

Where in Britain does your character come from? Is she an exchange student from another land?

Sutton, a suburb of London.

Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Is there anything special about them? How do you interact? Are they muggles or did the magical talent skip a generation or two?

Steven and Victoria Huxley. Hey are both wizards. Steven has been away dealing with professional Quiddich while Victoria is studying the long term effect of Charm spells on Muggles.

Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many? Are they younger or older? Are they also magical? If so, are they at Hogwarts and what year are (were) they in?

No, Edward is an only child.

What other relationships does your character have? Are there other relatives in her life? Who are her friends? Are they mundane or magical? What do they know about your character’s life? Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

A muggle named Jeffery Holly who lived near Edward and was a close friend during childhood. He was a disabled boy confined to a wheelchair and spent most of his time reading science fiction books.

What are your character’s hobbies? Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?
What are your character habits and mannerisms? What is her style of dress? What foods does she like?

Ravenclaw! While Edward does not care much for the game his parents have drilled into him a love for Ravenclaw. He does not have much time for games or playing, or even dressing himself properly. He consumes whatever food is placed near him, without much regard for health. It fuels his learning so he can be the brightest Ravenclaw ever.

How does your character feel about the magical world? About the mundane world? How does she feel about being a witch or wizard? Why is your character a member of the House he or she is in?

He plans on becoming a professor at Hogwarts to correct some of the lackadaisical study practices his parents often complained about in other students. He thinks about the mundane world as many people think about ancient Rome. Something to be studied but not really ever be a part of. As to why he is in Hufflepuff… who knows?

What is your character’s greatest secret?

He seems to hate the thing his parents love most, Quiddich and Charm Spells. He also seeks their approval, and so he will fake interest in these.

Edward Huxley

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