Carobelle Nott

Carobelle Nott is the wealthy daughter of a very old pure-blooded wizarding family. She's been at an elite muggle boarding school since aged 4 years old studying aristocratic pursuits like horseback riding and dance.


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Soul: Vitality 5; Empathy 9; Bravery 10; Essence (Pool) 20
Charisma: Persuasion 10; Humor 7; Appearance 16; Popularity (Pool) 32
Body: Strength 7; Dexterity 14; Toughness 7; Health (pool) 17
Mind: Memory 10; Wits 7; Logic 7; Willpower (pool) 17

Modifiers included above: charisma quality = +2 to appearance; filthy rich= +3 to popularity; pure blood = +2 to popularity; practiced resilience = +1 to popularity

Curriculum points at end of 2nd year:
Astronomy: 6
Charms: 10
Defense against Dark Arts: 10
Herbology: 6
History of Magic: 6
Potions: 6
Transfiguration: 6
Flying: 4

Special spells known: tarantallegra; beautification potion; summoning charm (Accio, 4th yr), and murtlap essence potion (5th yr)

Negative traits:

1 minor at creation:
Obsessed (Social Disability): “Dancer”. She is obsessed with continuing her training as a ballerina; she follows a rigorous training routine on a daily basis, to the detriment of her studies, and watches her weight obsessively, interfering with her ability to participate fully in many of the food-related social rituals at Hogwarts. [RP-based]

1 minor at creation:
Soul Flaw: “Troubled Soul”. Her memory of her mother’s death from a magical accident (or attack?) causes her to freeze when in dangerous magical situations. There is something in her soul that recoils from all magic (including accessing her own for counter-attack) when in the presence of a magical attack. Her negative reputation is that she will appear notably reluctant to strike against evil magical creatures in the clutch—the only kind that ever attack—like dementors, leading to whispered speculation that this is because she or her family (or Slytherins in general) are in league with them. [Vitality reduced by 2]

1 minor at creation:
Poor-Grade Student: “Unfocused”. She is a notoriously poor student in the majority of her classes, with a few notable exceptions. She does not prioritize studying, doesn’t care how she does in school, has trouble in general absorbing information that is primarily transmitted as book learning, and is an awkward spellcaster, see below. On the other hand, her ability to observe and memorize minute details of choreography, music, social interactions, and other social/physical/visual skills that interest her is quite good. [Spend 6 discretionary curriculum points per year]

1 minor at creation:
Wears Glasses: (As of 3rd year). You need glasses to see properly and, unfortunately, you seem to lose or break your glasses all too often during your adventures at Hogwarts. (In her case, she doesn’t like to wear them in public and often goes without during classes.) Without your glasses, bleary vision impedes your performance such that most of your rolls are Stress Rolls. This represents an exploitable weakness in combative situations.

Positive traits:

1 minor at creation:

Pure-blooded: “A Nott”. Her family is one of the oldest and purest blooded in England, on equivalent social standing among the pure-blooded families with the Malfoys. The good news is that she is a natural for Slytherin, and will be well respected by wizards who value lineage. The downside is that she knows she will have little choice in who she marries, and will be viewed as breeding stock. [+2 to popularity pool]

1 major at creation:

Filthy Rich: “A Nott”. Money is no object to you. Your family has enough wealth that it can eventually procure almost anything you want. This Trait affects your pocket money and Popularity as described in the Personal Items and Conditions chapters, below. You also possess several significant magical items like a hand of glory and a vanishing cabinet, or one very powerful magic item like an invisibility cloak. Sometimes your friends can also benefit from your wealth but the Storyguide will regulate this to prevent abuse. Example: Draco Malfoy’s father bought top-end racing brooms for the entire Slytherin team. (Presumably, the individual team members were not the brooms’ owners.)

Participation Trait:
Charisma Quality “Her Hair Turns Heads” [Earned after play began, through participation levels]: Carobelle is a social creature, able to blend into almost any social setting. Carobelle was always pretty, but the extremely expensive highlighting that she received on her auburn curls over winter break has pushed her from “pretty” to “impossible to ignore”. [Add two to one of your Charisma Category Attributes (Appearance, Composure, Humor, or Persuasion). You have a positive reputation associated with this characteristic. Examples: Despite losing loads of house points, Fred and George Weasley still managed to remain popular.]

Participation levels earned: 4, credits is currently at 12

Participation levels spent:
“Midnight Research” – Learning “Tarantallegra” early; upgraded in 3rd year to Summoning charm (Accio; 4th yr)
“Midnight Research” – Learning “Beautification potion” early; upgraded in 3rd year to “Murtlap Essence” potion (5th yr)
“It Builds Character” – Add 1 minor positive trait; selected charisma quality
“Practiced Resilience” – Plus 1 to popularity pool

Pronunciation: /təˌræntəˈlɛɡrə/ tə-RAN-tə-LEG-rə
Description: Makes victim’s legs dance uncontrollably, so the victim cannot control his or her movements (recalling the tarantella dance).
Seen/mentioned: First used by Draco on Harry in the Duelling Club in Chamber of Secrets. It can be stopped using Finite, as mentioned in Order of the Phoenix. It is notably used against Neville in the Department of Mysteries, causing the prophecy to be broken.
Suggested etymology: Italian taranta or tarantella (traditional Southern Italian folk dances with rapid, whirling movements) and Italian allegra meaning “joyful”.

Magic Items:
The Glory of Fashion

A magical brooch that transfigures clothing

Description: A silver brooch set with a blue moonstone. On the back is carved “Fashion is Glory.” Beneath that, amidst magically engraved symbols, is carved “Decus et tutamen ab illo,” which is Latin for “in defense of glory.” This magical brooch will change the wearer’s clothes into any other clothing desired, from simple to elaborate. The wearer simply concentrates while touching the brooch and the change takes place withing the space of five heartbeats. This brooch once belonged to Imogen Nott nee Rosier.


Caroline Belinda “Carobelle” Nott is the wealthy daughter of a very old pure-blooded wizarding family. She has been at boarding school since aged 4 years old at Abbots Bromley School for Girls in Staffordshire, while her elderly father has been busy with international wizarding activities. Her father was much older than her mother. It never occurred to any of them that her mother would die first – in a magical accident witnessed by her then three-year old younger brother Theodore. (Carobelle was just turned four, and in another room at the time). Their elderly father had no idea what to do with small children on his own, and was stunned by this tragedy after they had just narrowly avoided disaster when his side lost the First Wizarding War, and he avoided being named as a traitor.

Quite busy with his work for the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Nott placed his young children in gender-segregated boarding preparatory schools. Fearing the children were both somewhat traumatized by the accident that killed their mother (and paranoid that her death was no accident and someone might be striking at his family in revenge for his role in the First Wizarding War), he made the unusual choice of placing his young children in muggle but wealthy and aristocratic boarding schools, and spent less time discussing their magical heritage than he might otherwise have done, though he never doubted that they would be as eager to take their place in the wizarding world when the time came as he had once been, knowing that they were certainly accustomed to a wide range of magical conveniences and other commonplaces of the wizarding world (like house elves) in their visits home on occasional weekends and holidays.

Carobelle particularly enjoyed her equestrian studies (begun at age six at Abbots Bromley) and her dance classes.

Her whole life at Abbots, she rigorously trained with single-minded focus to audition for the Alkins School of Ballet, which offers a curriculum in partnership with Abbots Bromley with an international reputation for girls aged 11 to 18, with staff including former international ballerinas and a Director of Dance with many years’ experience as an examiner with the Royal Academy of Dance. She successfully auditioned (without telling her father), and had been sent her acceptance letter weeks before she received her letter from Hogwarts. Her father was astounded to realize that she had considered any life for herself other than wizarding. He insisted that she decline the invitation to Alkins School of Ballet, and accept the one from Hogwarts. Her tantrum was epic, but her father was resolute. He learned from this lesson, and withdrew Theodore from muggle boarding school in 1990 for a year of full immersion in the wizarding world prior to his matriculation.

At Hogwarts, Carobelle will be assigned to Slytherin because of her pure-blooded heritage, and because of her ambition. Though her particular ambition is unusual, she has demonstrated in her young life that she can pursue a goal with extraordinary dedication, and that she is not satisfied being anything but the best – the prima ballerina – at something that she cares about. She arrives feeling sullen and rebellious.

Carobelle’s idols in the magical world are those who work in performing arts – for example, Celestina Warbeck, the Singing Sorceress. Historically, she knows there was a tap dancing wizard, Xavier Rastrick (1750 to 1836). Professor Flitwick, as Musical Director of the Hogwarts Choir (per the movies) may also be a kindred spirit.

She has the physical grace to be a talent at flying, but will likely refuse to do anything that creates risk of a twisted ankle or broken leg. She is good with animals, and misses her horse.

Other notes from the continuity regarding her family:

Mr. Nott became a Death Eater in 1955 (one of the very first), and fought in the First Wizarding War. He may have attended Hogwarts with Tom Riddle. He did not search for Voldemort after his downfall, but does apparate to his side after his return in 1995, professing to be his most faithful servant. In 1996 he is injured by Harry/Hermione in Battle of the Department of Mysteries and left behind by the Death Eaters, and sent to Azkaban. In 1997 he escaped and rejoined Voldemort. He is presumably killed or re-imprisoned after Voldemort’s death.

Theodore is in Slytherin-1991. He can see Thestrals, perhaps because he witnessed his mother’s death. Theodore is described as “a clever loner who does not feel the need to join gangs, including Malfoy’s” who Malfoy treats as an equal because their families are equally pure-blooded. Physically, he’s reedy, stringy, rabbity – which is a similar build to his sister but less attractive on a boy than a girl. Theodore makes a NEWT in potions, and sits beside Malfoy in potions class. Theodore is passed over for membership in the Slug Club due to the suspicions about his father’s role as a Death Eater.

1. What is your character’s full name? Caroline Belinda Nott

2. Does your character have a nickname? Carobelle

3. How does your character look? Tall, slender, corkscrew auburn hair; see pic
– Is she tall, short, or average height? Tall
– How about size? Average, thin, or plump? Thin
– What’s her eye color? Blue
– What’s her hair color? Auburn

4. Where in Britain does your character come from? Staffordshire (preparatory school)

5. Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Pureblood wizards; her father is a Death Eater and works in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and frequently travels abroad. Her mother died in a magical accident when Carobelle was 4 years old.

6. How do you interact? Carobelle has been a full time boarder since age 4; she sees her father once a month on average, sometimes less when he is on extended travel; their relationship is awkward and distant; she has seen her little brother no more frequently

7. Are your parents muggles? (Did the magical talent skip a generation or two?) No – they are purebloods

8. Is there something special about your parents? Purebloods; see story above

9. Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? She has a brother Theodore who is in Harry Potter’s year; he has attended a boy’s boarding school since aged 3; she has spent very little time with him; he is a “clever loner”

10. How many? She only has the one younger brother
– Are they older or younger? younger
– Are they also magical or are they muggles/squibs? Also magical

11. Does your character have any other relatives that pop in and out of her life? No

12. What are your character’s hobbies? Dance and horseback riding

13. Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Carobelle has not paid much attention to team sports prior to arriving at Hogwarts, but will likely adore quidditch though refuse to play it as unfeminine and likely to put one at risk of a broken leg

14. Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess? She has spent more time playing kid’s games with muggles but she’d die before she admitted that, so she tends to come off a bit haughty as she refuses invitations to games of this kind

15. What are your character habits? She practices dance relentlessly, despite the apparent lack of application to her new life

16. What are your character’s your favorite foods? She doesn’t eat much; she has been trained rigorously to eat lightly and healthily to maintain a dancer’s body; she considers girls who eat chocolates and sweets to lack proper breeding

17. How would your character describe his or her style of dress? She wears a school uniform, with Slytherin silver and green; she carries a pair of green and silver ballet shoes in her pack, which she uses for practice before class

18. Who are your character’s friends, other than the characters of the other players in your play group? TBD

19. Is your character friends with any muggles? Not that she maintains contact with; it’s too painful and hard to keep up any communication with her old friends from Abbots Bromley; they consider her insane for turning down the place at Aktins School of Ballet and she can’t tell them anything about her new life. She told them she was studying abroad.

20. Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
– Mundane or magical? Not at start of chronicle. She has had limited interaction with boys, and is a bit nervous around them initially.
– Knowing or kept in the dark about the wizarding world? N/A

21. How does your character feel about being a witch or wizard? She hates it!

22. How does your character feel about the magical world? She takes magic for granted and eagerly welcomes its many conveniences but also prizes “real” skills like dance that are earned in muscle and discipline and not “magic” which she considers a cheap shortcut for anything artistic…

23. How does your character feel about the mortal world? She has more respect for muggles than most purebloods, but would die before admitting it to her Hogwarts peers

24. What is the your character’s greatest secret? She would be perfectly happy to be a muggle ballerina

Carobelle Nott

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