Agatha Thrussington


Met Cordelia in the library in 1990, was working on replacing bloodroot with other, similar roots.


Born in Strabane, Ireland on March 17, 1980, Agatha is the daughter of cinematographer/director Caleb Thrussington and author Mary Jo Weir-Thrussington. She is of French (from her paternal grandmother) and Irish descent. She was named after Agatha Glass, the protagonist of her mother’s favorite novella. Her older sister, Emily (also a Hufflepuff), is an aspiring actress and works with her father during the holidays.

Miss Thrussington, who is allergic to eggs, dairy, and wheat gluten, formerly adhered to a vegan diet but it since coming to Hogwarts has begun to experiment with other foods. She is also allergic to dogs and cats and has a hypoallergenic owl.

When Agatha was younger she took all the dance classes she could, but was never a very prmising dancer. She also started taking voice lessons when she was 9 and hopes to join the Hogwarts Choir as soon as she is able.

Her parents are very supportive and give her advice all the time. They encouraged her sister and Agatha do to what they love to do and do what they want to do. She has an aura of someone who does something because she loves it not because it is the popular thing to do.

She knows a few secret passageways and can usually be found in one of the exterior walkways between the castle and greenhouses.

Agatha is an aspiring herbologist and potions mistress.

Favorite candy: Lemon sherbert.
Favorite goblin: Elfric the Eager

Agatha Thrussington

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