Abigail Leatherby


Abigail Leatherby always knew magic existed, but never hoped to get it. After all, her parents seemed so normal, and often shunned Fawn Swansea, her eccentric, witch grandmother who loved to shower magical treats and practical jokes on the family.

Abigail’s powers manifested slowly, and she kept them hidden for as long as she could—particularly from her twin sister, Laurel, who clearly wasn’t manifesting any powers herself. It wasn’t until her mother and grandmother took her out alone one day that she learned that her mother knew about her powers—and had powers of her own that she kept hidden for fear of upsetting her husband’s position in society. Though her father was accepting of the magic that ran in his wife’s family, they both feared his loss of position—and therefore their well-to-do life—if her magical nature became evident.

Her parents agreed to send her to Hogwarts, though Abigail was torn apart to have to leave her twin behind at their private boarding school.

Abigail and her twin sister are identical in every way—average height, athletic build, flaming red hair and grey-ish green eyes. While Laurel is the more studious, reserved of the two, Abigail found that good-enough grades came easily, and life was better if lived on the edge—breaking rules and having fun.

Abigail knows very little of her Grandmother’s wizarding side or the Swansea family, but she’s heard rumors that they were a proud family that fell out of favor amongst the wizarding world. Abigail isn’t sure of the truth of the rumors or any of the details, but it has made her wonder a bit about the true reasons her mother has hidden her magic.

  • What is your character’s full name? Nickname or other names? Abigail Leatherby, called Gail or Abbie by some close friends
  • * What does your character look like? Is she tall, short, or average height? What about size? Is she average, thin, plump? Eye color? Hair color?* Average height, athletic build, red hair, grey-green eyes

Where in Britain does your character come from? Is she an exchange student from another land? Abigail and her family are from just outside London, where they live in a posh neighborhood filled with her father’s coworkers and golf buddies.

  • Who are your character’s parents? What are their jobs? Is there anything special about them? How do you interact? Are they muggles or did the magical talent skip a generation or two? Abigail’s father is a reasonably high ranking British official in the Ministry of Labor, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Though she didn’t know it growing up, her mother is a wizard who has kept her powers quiet for most of her marriage to save her husband from any scrutiny. Abigail’s grandmother on her mother’s side is a wizard and proud of it, but the family only saw her on holidays so they could keep their distance from the eccentric woman.
  • Does your character have brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many? Are they younger or older? Are they also magical? If so, are they at Hogwarts and what year are (were) they in? Abigail has a twin sister Laurel who is not magical, and a younger brother (3 years younger) for whom it’s too soon to tell.
  • What other relationships does your character have? Are there other relatives in her life? Who are her friends? Are they mundane or magical? What do they know about your character’s life? Does your character have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Abigail has attended a posh private school all her life, and has a large group of friends from that school. None of them know about her magical powers, and to her knowledge none are magical themselves. Abigail’s friend circle and her sister’s overlap but aren’t identical. Abigail had been interested in a boy at school, but now that she’s going to a new school she’s decided to keep her options open.

Other than her grandmother and parents, Abigail has two uncles on her father’s side, but of whom live abroad on the continent with their wives and children. Her mother is an only child.

  • What are your character’s hobbies? Does he or she like sports? Who are her favorite quidditch teams? Does your character like to play other games like Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess?
    Abigail grew up horse-back riding and playing lacrosse, having only vaguely heard of quidditch in a conversation with her grandmother that her father cut short. She loves to play games that are more daring, though—exploding snap and other wizard games and jokes that might seem like a bad idea. Her grandmother delighted in her excitement over these games, and often snuck her the parts required to enjoy them.
  • What are your character habits and mannerisms? What is her style of dress? What foods does she like? Abigail is fun-loving and always up for adventure. She stays up late and often sleeps in, and reserves only the minimal amount of time for homework required to skate by—a habit that drove her twin nuts. She doesn’t have a terribly healthy respect for authority. She often dresses in the latest fashions and loves to experiment with food—a result of travelling mainland Europe quite a bit growing up.
  • How does your character feel about the magical world? About the mundane world? How does she feel about being a witch or wizard? Why is your character a member of the House he or she is in?
    Abigail loves the wizarding world and the possibilities it opens up to her, but she also feels guilty about entering it without her twin. To her, the mundane world is just that—mundane. She feels as though she’s already explored it, and now it’s time to explore the wizarding world and determine what adventures she can get up to there. She loves being a witch, but wishes her sister could have been there as well.

Abigail is a member of Ravenclaw because she has a natural wit about her that has helped her through life. She has always managed to get by through her wit and creativity rather than any studious attention to her work, but her success in academics shows her innate intelligence.

Abigail Leatherby

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