• Alastor Burke

    Alastor Burke

    Alastor is the third child of a pure-blood family. He is constantly trying to live up to the legacy of his two older siblings and while being just average in many things he enjoys quidditch very much.
  • Carobelle Nott

    Carobelle Nott

    Carobelle Nott is the wealthy daughter of a very old pure-blooded wizarding family. She's been at an elite muggle boarding school since aged 4 years old studying aristocratic pursuits like horseback riding and dance.
  • Cordelia Pomme

    Cordelia Pomme

    Small, dark and determined. Cordelia is shy and somewhat prickly but has a good knowledge of Wizarding politics and magical lore which she would share, to those judged worthy.
  • Rodney Prewett

    Rodney Prewett

    Rodney is a boy with red hair and bright green eyes. He very rarely smiles but when he does his face lights up and draws you in. He has average size and build. Dressed in generally stylish clothing and often found with his head buried into a book.
  • Tale Atwell

    Tale Atwell

    A young witch raised in London to a South African family. Tale is a unique girl with a talent for potions & mischief.