Slytherin Game 15

The Eternal Court is born.

Year 2, Second Term Game Recap:

Train from London, Jan 2nd. Overcast

Cordelia, Tale, Randy, Carobella, Flora and Alastor sitting on the train together talking about their Christmas vacation. Carobelle and Flora introduced by Cordelia. Flora notes that she knows Gilderoy Lockhart and suggests the girls reread his books before Flora is sent his advanced copy of “Magical Me” that he’s currently working on.

Rodney got a kitten sweater for Christmas from his family. He spends most of the time in the train looking out the window.
Rachel Ethem, 3rd year, visits cabin, gives Flora advice to avoid tasting “forgetting potions” so that she can remember her lines.

Carobelle gives Rodney a 6th year Arimanthy text book (because it looked like a smart people book) and Tale ceramic jungle cat, respectively. She gives Alastor a signed picture of his favorite Quiditch team the Grimport Huckers from Holland. Rodney gives Carobelle a ribbon that becomes a butterfly and perches in her hair. He gives Tale a swath of cloth like a silk handkerchief that cleans her face. He gives Cordelia a necklace that is a stone that changes color.

Gifts from Alastor: Rodney self-repairing glasses, Carobell slippers, Cordelia bracelet, Tale dream journal with lock, Flora auto-quill.

Alastor, who has been quiet, gets up and leaves the car just after Uchi Akimbo (3rd year), brother of Mika, the girl he liked before, passes by.

Cordelia and Flora get pumpkin pasties from the trolley. Tale gets a chocolate frog with a card of Felix Summberby 1447-1508, inventor of Cheering (people up) Charms.

Flora and Carobelle go for a “mean girls” walk down the corridor. See Alastor talking with Miles Blechly, 3rd year Slytherin, Qidditch player. Uchi Akimbo is also there. The boys do not notice Flora nor Carobelle. The boys are talking heatedly about brooms, Uchi wants them to “lean on the captain” to allow someone (a first year) on the squad, and they’ll get new brooms from that someone’s father. Broom Nimbus 2001, which Flora is very interested in. Boys move off without noticing Flora or Carobelle, the girls return to the cabin, Flora and Tale go to change into their robes.

Jeremiah Blitzen, who had been a squib prior to that year but displayed magic recently, (too handsome for his own good) stops by the cabin and meets Flora; Carobelle appears to adjust her clothing and seems to like him. He offers to do something with Flora and promises to send her an owl. (He never follows up with this which pleases Carobelle but confuses Flora.)

The train arrives in the station.

Tale and Flora wait on the platform as Rodney goes back to train to look for Alastor. Jeremiah runs off the train and Rodney and Carobelle enter the train to find Alastor. In the last car they see several adults talking to Alastor and on the walk toward the last car. The adults are intense with Alastor, Carobelle calls to him, he runs over and says they should leave. Professor Kettleburn (who teaches Care of Magical Creatures) introduces himself to the other adults on the train.

Everyone gets into the last cart as it’s pulling away to take them up to the castle. The rest of the ride is uneventful. Everyone settles in their rooms and goes to the supper meal. Professor Snape approached all to do an unknown task with Prof Kettleburn. Cordelia offers to help Flora learn how to take notes and do homework.

Rodney leads the group to find Prof Kettleburn near the Hufflepuffs. Prof Kettleburn tells them all to go find Rubius Hagrid, tell him that they are doing Prof Fliwicks work. Kettleburn gives Rodney a note to allow them to remain out of doors after curfew. The kids go down to the hut. Hagrid takes them to the shed for burlap sacks and shovels. Instructions: Go to the hall of keys, scoop up the scooping’s /molting’s left by Flitwicks 20 Fwoopers, put them into bags, then elsewhere put them into bags sorted by colors (green, yellow, orange, red). (The Fwoopers have been silenced and pose no harm to the kids.) Take the colored molting’s to Flitwick and then return shovels to the shed.

As the kids walk back to the castle, we see 2 redheads (guessing Weasley twins) headed toward the forbidden forest. Can’t determine what they’re doing. We all go back to the castle, down the hall, to the Hall of Keys with a large door. Open the door, along wall there are thousands of keys. On other wall are purchases and many brightly colored birds with piles and piles of feathers below (the Fwoopers). There are no labels on the keys. We begin with scouring and Alistor shovels, take the bags of feathers in the bags into the hall, dump them out and begin to sort by color – Alastor, Rodney, Tale, and Carobelle pocket one of each color feather, Flora follows suit, Cordelia does not. Rodney takes the largest, oldest looking key. When the task is completed, they take the key and determine that it fits into the front door to the castle.

Tale leads the group to go see the 3rd floor corridor which has been forbidden, though she doesn’t know why as she was there last year and it was neat but nothing special. They see Kim Sharingham (girlfriend of the guy who “likes” Cordelia) during this “restricted time” after hours. She is carrying a scroll and she brandishes this before passing them without a word and heading downstairs. This is the hall behind the unused classrooms. At the end of the hall, there is a door with an iron lock that looks fairly new. Flora tries “Alohamora” to unlock the door, but it doesn’t work. Rodney tries to open the door without success either. Tale looks under the slit at the bottom of the door but can’t see what’s in there; at one point she gets a face full of fowl air. As they continue to try to strategize how to find out what’s in the room, Mrs. Norris comes in and Amiri begins to confront her. The kids decide it’s time to go, so they head down to the front door and out to return our shovels to the Keepers Hut. As we pass across the ground, see a large hulking figure, about the size of Hagrid, pacing back and forth in front of the Forbidden Forest. As the creature begins to move to all fours and comes toward the group, everyone runs toward Hagrid’s hut, pursued by the creature, which turns out to be a werewolf. Alastor manages to change the mud into a trap for the werewolf and the kids return the shovels to Hagrid who then escorts them back to the castle. Hagrid hands the kids off to Filtch and he marches them back to their common room.

The next day, first day of classes

1st class: Charms with Prof Flitwick 1 hr. Flora sits next to Cordelia and learns how to take notes during lecture. Carobelle sleeps during class. At the end of class Prof singles out each student of our goup and gives 10 points each for “special but secretive services”.
2nd Class: Defense Against Dark Arts, with Professor Quirl, double session with Hufflepuff. The whole classroom reeks of garlic, yet Prof intent about talking about Hags despite questions from our group. The rest of the afternoon is uneventful:
3rd Herbology 1 hr
4th Transfiguration 1 hr
5th History of Magic 1.5hrs

2 weeks go by, then Quidditch game Slytherin Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw wins match.
Alastor and Uchi chat about adding a first year to the team; Alastor agrees to promote idea to the captain so they can get new brooms.

Next day:

The next installment of the script arrives for Flora. Flora and Cordelia discuss it.

Some weeks later:

All in the library “studying.” Rodney called away by someone else to talk. Rodney returns and says he suspects Jeramiha Blitzen or someone impercenating him is making polyjuice potion. Moste Potente Potions was a book by Phineas Bourne that gave instructions on how to brew advanced potions. This is the book we are looking for, it was supposed to be in the restricted section but we can’t find it anywhere.
While sitting together, they explain to Flora what happened to them last year and that Squibs hire “grabbers” to get a wizard and suck the magic out of them utilizing a magical ritual.
Rumor: Roy Jones got snidged and is not returning to school.

Toward the end of the semester approaching Easter Holiday:

One day released early from History of Magic, sent to common room where head of house address us all. Only the second year Slythryn class is present, but everyone is there. Snape informs all that it’s time to choose elective classes for next year.
Everyone’s electives: Arymanthsy, Muggle Studies

The kids decide it’s time to put together their group officially. The name of group: The Eternal Court


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