Slytherin Game 7

by druzbasky

Slytherin iconIt’s still Sunday and we are still downstairs on the other side of the door from Rick. Rodney jiggles that handle and looks for magical symbols, etc. He sees some decorative etching that looks like snakes. Cordelia is nervous about the door and advises that Rick cannot see a door. Carobelle came up with a genius idea to try to turn the door to glass so we could see through it. Rodney takes a stab at it and we watch the texture of the wood door turn smooth and the color drains a bit, though the glass is still tinted brown.

The other side of the door appears to be another room. It doesn’t appear to be water. We are confused. Rodney wants to open the door and tries, but it doesn’t work. Alastor tries. And still fails.

We decide to go check out the other tunnel and use transfiguration spells to “cut” our way through the vegetation growing throughout the tunnels. We approach a spiral staircase that goes both up & down. We can see that the up path was bricked off. We recall from our History of Magic class that Hogwarts has been remodeled several times, there was a time in history when all the founders left the school within a similar period of time, Salazar left first. At that time it was said that the school was renovated/remodeled/etc at that time and these bricks are reminiscent of that time.

We go down many stairs and encounter a bunch of debris outside a door. It looks like it could be a bunch of bones that are decomposing. There is a doorway with a similar handle. Rodney unlocks the door and Alastor opens the door. On the other side there is a tunnel that appears to continue on for some time. But there is something strange with the floor. It appears to be a rusted metal grate that has just enough metal to walk on. Tale drops a rock down the grate and hears the sound of breaking glass. We walk across the metal grate one at a time and there is a stone door with runes on it. Carobelle has this crazy notion that the blood of a true-blood would open the door, she barrows Rodney’s silver knife and cuts herself a little bit. She rubs it on the door and then the rune starts to glow a bit. Tale screams!

Carobelle decides to give herself a decent cut to try to open the door but only covers about 1/20th of the door. We decide after some time that we cannot get enough blood to get the whole door.

We go back to Rick’s door. Rodney tries again to unlock it and is able to. We open the door and enter the space… it does not immediately flood the tunnel. We walk in and find a pool of water that appears to be very deep.

We decide that it’s time to head back up to the main castle. We sneak back up through the hallways and find our way to a window where we realize it is quite dark outside. We were gone for a long time.

Rodney & Alastor sneak off to the kitchens to see if they can get some food for all of us. It appears to be eerily quiet. Rodney talks to some of the house elves in the kitchen. They have apparently seen the house elf ghost and are very freaked out. They say that “House Elves are not becoming ghosts.” They find out that Sally’s ghost elf is named Midge.

Cordelia & Tale escort Carobelle to see Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing. Along the route we encounter Joshua Blitzen, a young Gryffindor, who has a cut on his neck. We carry him to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey seems to believe Carobelle’s story of her potions knife falling out of her bag and promises to keep her secret, as poor Carobelle wouldn’t want it known that she had such a klutzy accident. Cordelia assists Madam Pomfrey in creating a healing potion paying special attention to each ingredient. Meanwhile Tale starts meandering around looking for items of interest. She pockets a handful of Mint Humbugs.

During breakfast the next morning a letter is delivered to Tale by owl from her Uncle Martin. She quickly grabs a roll from the breakfast tables and runs off to the Owlry to write him back immediately.

Carobelle continues to brainstorm ways to get her hands on a store of blood. Rodney thinks it’s better to ask Snape for information on Salazar Slytherin thinking this will help us get past the door. Snape sends Rodney to Professor Sinestra for a book.

Rodney gets a note from Joshua Blitzen asking for help later that night because he thinks he is being followed. All except Tale decide to meet him. Tale sneaks off to try to locate the hellebore herb for her uncle. She notices that the field that was formerly filled with it has been harvested. But with her keen eye for observation and knowledge of Herbology she is able to locate some more nearby. She harvests and bundles some and leaves a little note that says “I hope this helps” – un-signed.

Cordelia takes some time to brew a memory potion. Rodney suggests that Duncan Inglebee should take some to see if it helps him. He looks kinda odd, like he might be hallucinating, but he starts describing a scene where he was harvesting Mallowsweet and he noticed a man with brown hair wearing blue jeans. He remembers being taken to a cabin in the woods. He describes that he was chained down and that they put a candle on his chest. He remembers that Roy Jones was there with others.

Duncan then shakes his head and says “What are we doing?” as if he doesn’t remember just speaking with us.

We then decide to go give Joshua a bit of the memory potion as well to see what he would say. He re-counts the evening when he was discovered on the balcony. He was there and heard a fluttering noise and then three kids in purple sashes were there and someone said “He’s got em” and then he woke up exhausted and drained.

Cordelia goes to visit Rick and gives him some potion. Rick does seem aware of the Alchemist cell, that it is in castle, and that it’s a secret.

Carobelle is insistent that we need to try animal blood and tries to convince us to grab a live chicken from Hagrid’s Hut. And so we do… We stuff two chickens into Alastor’s briefcase. We decide to head back down the dumbwaiter. Cordelia, Carobelle, and Rodney head down first and encounter Midge.

Midge wants Alastor to pluck a chicken, meanwhile Carobelle and Rodney sneak off to rub the door with chicken blood. We decide to head back upstairs.


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