Slytherin Game 20

Dance and discoveries

Our dates for the dance:
Carobelle – Omar Shaw – Slytherin
Cordelia – Rodger Davis – Ravenclaw
Alastor – Rachel Etham – Slytherin
Tale – Miles Bletchley – Slytherin
Rodney – Ferga Bletchley – Slytherin
Flora – Lee Jordan – Gryffindor

In the few days leading up to Halloween there was a lot of excitement surrounding the secret dance that first through third years have no idea about, unless they are in the exclusive few invited.

The girls all spend some time to go get ready for the dance. Carobelle mentions that she will not be eating at all if she wants to look her best. We all dress and arrange our hair. The boys also look smart in their dress robes or other formal attire. Donning out dresses and heading to the feast in and the dance after. Some of our less fortunate fellows have no idea why we are dressed up. One of the first years comes to get Rodney to tell him to meet with Ferga. “You look amazing!” he says. She asks him to go for a walk with her and they make small talk. As they are walking the small, cloaked figure of a child dashes across the hallway ahead of them. “Is that music?” she says. Rodney hears a raspy screeching noise but she wants to investigate and so they do, Rodney pulling out his wand just in case. After a bit there is another hallway and Rodney thinks he hears his name being called from down the hallway. He thinks it is his younger cousin. Ginny Weasley. They go down the hallway. “Ginny? What are you doing down here Ginny?” No response from her. He then hears a disturbing voice telling him to kill them tear their flesh. “It’s my younger cousin. I can’t just leave her down here.” He grabs her arm and walks her back up the stairs. He apologizes to Ferga and escorts her back up to a group of Gryffindors. “That side of my family is all really weird.”

When the other girls are ready we walk down the stairs into the common room. Flora had arranged to meet Lee at the top of the stairs. All of the boys seem properly appreciative of our attire. We are all sitting at our house tables for the feast but talking with our dates. Carobelle gets more information about the Shaw family and seem to be having a lovely time. Rodger and I discuss our curriculum and upcoming academic projects. Rodney couldn’t help but be thinking about Ginny after noticing that she exited the hall but was also having pleasant conversations with his date. Rachel and Alastor seem to be having a lovely time.

Jeremiah Blitzen comes over to pay compliments to Tale and took a plate of food from the table as an excuse. He does not seem to remember their last encounter though. Rodney still glares at him and then noticed that Ginny returned to the great hall for a moment.

Finally the feast ends and people begin to file out to go to their dorms. Those who are going to attend the dance go to the front of the hall while house elves file in to rearrange the tables. Then a mid-year ravenclaw runs in the side door. Whispers spread through the hall and everyone begins to rush out the great hall to see what has happened. We see that someone has vandalized the hall with some red paint (Rodney supposes that it might be blood) and Filch is screaming about something.

Rodney and Ferga go to the front and see that it says “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened Enemies of the heir… beware” and notice that Dumbledore and Filch are arguing. Word starts to filter through the crowd that Mrs. Norris, who we suppose to have been an animagus, has been petrified. We aren’t sure if it is some attack on Filch or perhaps they figured out it was not a cat or maybe Harry Potter trying to get attention or perhaps the Heir of Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts and opened the Chamber of Secrets.

We all hope the dance is not canceled.

After some time the dance begins and, despite some distraction regarding the mess in the hallway. The dance was not as upbeat as we were expecting but still quite fun. Carobelle told Omar all about our theory that Mrs. Norris is an unregistered animagus. With varying degrees of success we all dance with our dates and when Dumbledore comes in to end the dance early we all say goodnight to our dates and head back to the dorms. Rodney kisses Ferga on the cheek as they part and thanks her for a lovely evening.

Then as we all gather in the common room Alastor gathers us all up “Did you all see how Jeremiah Blitzen was dancing his date next to Tale the whole time?” “No.” “Well I did.”

Rodney then told us that the house elf he had heard before had told him to kill again. He tried to mimic the voice and Tale and Cordelia remember that it sounds like what they think is Parseltongue and Cordelia hurries everyone to Alastor’s spare room and discuss it rather than in the common room. We all agree to not tell anyone about this but promise to look into it further.

Carobelle gets fixated on Rodney’s bloodline and Rodney doesn’t believe any of it but agrees to find a snake and test it. We think that we may have opened the chamber last year and that Dumbledore’s traps have disturbed his bones or caused something to happen.

The next morning, at breakfast Rodney goes over to the Gryffindor table to see the other Gryffindors and asks Ginny to come talk with him a bit. “Are you ok? Last night I found you wandering around the dungeons…” She appears very nervous at this line of questioning. “When you were down there last night did you hear anyone talking?” Ginny bursts into tears and all the Gryffindors all turn to look. He tries to play it off but the Gryffindors begin to get upset and he backs away apologizing. Ginny runs out of the room crying.

While he was over there Carobelle and Cordelia had a conversation about the use of magic in the household and different levels of tutoring before attending Hogwarts.

Rodney came over to tell us what happened.

As we are leaving breakfast we see signs for a dueling club and all agree to sign up. Flora is particularly excited about Prof Lockhart teaching it. She is sure that she can impress Lockhart because of a play she was in.

In brainstorming how to find a snake to test Rodney we think to go visit Prof Kettleburn. His residence is in the tower next to the owlry with the animal menagerie above him. We try to sneak up without him noticing planning a story about helping Tale look for Amiri in case we are caught.

The door to the menagerie was locked but Cordelia opened the door with an unlocking charm and we entered the room to the menagere. There are a couple of rooms with various cages and shortly Rodney finds a cage with a snake in it. It looks at him when he says his name in Parselmouth. Another snake wakes up, they look at each other for a moment and then say “Food.” After he established that we could not hear them and when he talked to them it sounded like hissing to us we quickly left the menagere. Rodney thinks he saw one of the snakes escaping as we left.

Over the next few days Rodney is very withdrawn. Tale and Carobelle went to find information about the Slytherin ghost hoping he might be able to help us.

We found out that the next chance we would have to meet the Baron would likely be the Christmas feast. After some discussion Carobelle, Tale, Cordelia, and Rodney decided to stay over the holidays. Flora and Alastor needed to check in with their parents first.

At the dueling club meeting we all arrived early because Flora was so excited. Lockhart was busy with other students though so she didn’t get a chance to speak to him personally.

- see book for scene -

Harry had hissed at the snake and after everyone started saying that Potter was a parselmouth. We all quickly left the room. Carobelle proposed that Potter may have been the one in the hall telling Rodney to kill things. We talk about it and decide that he is probably NOT evil even if he is a thoughtless yutz.

When we get back to the common room one of the first year students comes up to Rodney. His name is Daryl Morden and he tells Rodney that there was a letter delivered to him through the professors’ house mail system rather than by owl. It is a very pretty letter which says: “Dear Rodney, Please meet me behind greenhouse 3 tonight at 9:00pm.” It is unsigned but it appears to be a girl’s writing. We are all a bit nervous and Rodney invites Tale to go with him in case it is a trap.

They sneak out with the key a little before 8:30 planning to wait out by the greenhouses. Tale hides in the bushes and Rodney waits to meet the person.

At the appointed hour a shadow passes over the moon and a small figure comes around the greenhouse. It’s Ginny Weasley. She greets him in parseltongue. Tale gasps quietly in the bushes. Rodney pretends to not understand her and Tale gets her wand out. Rodney realizes that it is not Ginny before him.

“Who ARE you?” he said in parseltongue.

“I am someone who recognizes your potential.”

Rodney then begins to have a discussion with this person about what they want from him. “Ginny” tells him a bit of history and Rodney remembers from the History of Magic that it was a backfired curse that caused the designated heirs of the founders to become animals which were then bound to the castle. It was also the start of the animagus ability in wizards. They have a conversation about this. Rodney wonders if whatever has possessed Ginny might be the ghost of Salazar Slytherin and what it has planned that it needs Rodney’s help. Eventually it says that it wants him to release the heir so that it can turn him back into a man. Rodney will receive a package which will explain more.

Rodney told us about the beasts of the houses. A giant squid for Gryffindor, some sort of draconic beast for Slytherin. He doesn’t remember the others. He told us that it had offered it money and fame but had agreed to teach him alchemy. Carobelle thought this was a wasted opportunity for money and fame but agreed that alchemy could be useful.

Carobelle thinks that the animals might be the founders themselves. That maybe Mrs. Norris and Rick and whatever the other animals are are trapped in their forms.

We come up with a way to pretend that if Rodney slips up with parselmouth we will pretend he is making fun of Potter.

On her way to breakfast the next day Cordelia goes to the docks to see if she can talk to Rick. It is bitterly cold and started to snow the night before so she doesn’t stay long. Cordelia finds Rick and has a conversation with him asking about the beast of Slytherin or the Chamber of Secrets of the Heirs of the Founders. Rick said that he was once called the Heir of Godric but he is now called Rick. He doesn’t remember more though and Cordelia promises to come back in a week to talk more.

At breakfast an owl appears and lands in front of Rodney. It is a huge owl and has a sizable package that appears to be a book. He doesn’t open it right away though.

Cordelia hurries back to the great hall to talk to her friends. They sneak off into a hallway and Cordelia tells them that Rick is short for the Heir of Godric. Rodney also opens the package to find a book from the Hogwarts library about history and a handwritten journal about alchemy. He devotes himself to reading both books.

Cordelia begins working on another batch of the memory potion for Rick. Carobelle works to find a means of reversing the petrification. Flora went to talk to Lockhart to get a pass to the restricted section but he doesn’t seem to be in his office much these days.

In the book Rodney finds an illustration of four fields of colors. In the green field a multi legged snake named Tenguin. In the red field, a giant squid with the name Donnalee. The yellow field contained Kendren a golden haired unicorn which Carobelle pointed out appeared to be the King of the Unicorns who had died in our first year. The blue field contained a phoenix with the name Fawxilmore. (pronounced Fozzelmore)

We remember that we thought it was the Dark Lord who had killed the unicorns and that if that was Kendren then when an heir dies, as an animagus dies, in their animal form then they die.

Carobelle found a book in the library depicting a basilisk as the multi legged serpent that must be the heir.

Then we studied a bit and Carobelle then went to talk to her Ravenclaw friend Peregrine and learned that Dumbledore has a phoenix but not the name.

She comes back to tell us that Dumbledore has a familiar that’s a phoenix. “What if Dumbledore was the one who put the memory charms on them all and trapped them in their animal forms? We need to free the phoenix from Dumbledore.” “What if Dumbledore doesn’t even know?” We discussed it for hours it seemed.

We also researched the fidelius charm and discovered that it didn’t make you forget but it did keep you from telling anyone which might make you forget eventually.

The writing on the wall did not match any writing that we had seen but Rodney received another letter supposedly from Ginny to meet her at the same time and place. One of the Weasley’s noticed us, the prefect, and told us that a student had been attacked and that we should return to the common room.

Once we return Malfoy came up to us to tell us that it was Creevey who had been attacked but that he was petrified. He didn’t think it was Potter though since his friend was a mudblood.

Rodney gets another message and we all prepare to sneak out with him. We all hide within sight but not hearing range. It is cold but Cordelia put warming charms on us all before we left the castle. Rodney thinks that Ginny will not show up because of the tightened security but she does.

“The heirs are trapped because of a magic that they put on themselves and then other witches and wizards took advantage of them. I want to help all of them but primarily the heir of my ancestor. When the curse is broken on one I believe it will lift on the others as well. You must find notes from the time of the founding within this castle. A wizard alive at the time of the heirs would have taken to his grave his notes about a fidelius charm.”

Rodney learns all of this and that there will be more information about alchemy as well within this tomb. He also learns that the being inhabiting Ginny is named “Thomas” and is a descendent of Slytherin.

We decide to start contacting the goblin that we met to make plans for the party and try to get information about the tomb of the famous goblin there Hangus of Woodcroft. The founder of Hogsmeade.


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