Slytherin Game 19

Alastor - Social Master Manipulator

We had a picnic at the “good inn” at the old Hogsmead. Original buildings (foundations are still visible).
Tale snuck away to investigate the village while the others were eating. We return with the members of the Ancient Runes Club to Hogwarts. There are some rumors about our group and the Ancient Runes Club and it being perhaps more than it is.

Over the next week Mr. Dimes comes on campus. His partner the frizzy haired witch Ms. Crane is not with him this time. One day after Charms class on a Wednesday, Katie Bell approaches Alastor to inquire if he knows anything about Tale Atwell – Jeremiah Blitzen might be interested in her.

Alastor approaches Tale and the group in the hallway outside of the potions class. Alastor lets the group know of Jeremiah’s interest in Tale. We debate whether we should do anything with this information. We go into Potions class and Roy Jones pulls Tale aside “Watch out for Jeremiah Blitzen, he’s a scum bucket.” I confide in Alastor what Roy says. Alastor thinks that Roy also likes Tale.

We have lunch and then head to Herbology – Greenhouse 3. It has significantly more dangerous plants. We are gathering Seed Pods. We have a debate on whether it’s weird that plants could be sentient. Rodney sarcastically says “Now we’re supposed to care about House Elves.” Cordialla quickly responds “No, but you have to agree that their sentient.” The argument is then made that “Hufflepuffs are also sentient…” and we all break into a fit of giggles.

At the beginning of October another Hogsmeade trip is scheduled. The Ancient Runes club appears to have several new members. The Hogsmeade trip has also appears to have several more people attending with blankets and picnic baskets. People are discussing the upcoming Halloween Feast.

Rodney is trying to convince the would-be followers to have their picnic at a location other than where the Runes are in an attempt to be able to leave them behind. We sneak off. Rodney tries to locate a keyhole – we all try to follow his lead, but we all fail. The Runes club arrives and discovers Rodney taking some rubbings of the Runes. Alastor goes off to try to locate Rachel Ethem. He leads her off to look at some Runes. Alastor holds her hand and then brings up the social gathering after the Halloween Feast and how some 3rd years are hoping to attend. Rachel suggests that it could be ok, if they were invited by a 4th year. Alastor hints that he’ll have to find a 4th year to invite him. Alastor spends a willpower to try to impress Rachel. She inquires if he likes to dance and he says he does. She says “Good, it’s a date.”

We are all nodding knowingly (although clearly bored) at the various Runes. We hear from behind the inn a commotion. We all determine that we should go check it out. We see a hole in the side of the mountain. A short creature is trying to block the hole with a large rock. He is able to get the rock back in place and turns around to pick up his pack. He’s a goblin. Rodney offers to help him with his pack. This is Nibgit. We met him in the Forbidden Forest during our first year when we were trying to rescue Rachel Ethem. He asks what we are doing and we let him know we are studying Runes. He wants to know if we are treasure hunting in tombs. Somehow he diverts are attention discussing food and we start talking details about hosting a large feast event during our next Hogsmead trip. He asks us to make a “Goblin Promise” that we will not steal his pantry. Finally after much debate and clauses Nibgit allows Flora to look inside his pantry. We agree that we will coordinate with him via owl the details and confirmation of the feast.

By the time we get back to Hogwarts everyone seems to know that Alastor and Rachel are now a thing.

Later on, Rodney overhears a house elf mumbling to itself about killing chickens. He asks us if we think the kitchen brings in chicken meat or if they pluck and kill chickens. We decide that we don’t really know. We think it’s odd that Rodney would hear this. He says yeah he said “slah si saww ssstteh sas”. He then shrugs it off and walks away. Next morning no chicken or eggs at breakfast, nor lunch or dinner. Later in the day there is a rumor that all the chickens in the chicken coup were found murdered.

Flora goes on a quest to get an invite to the dance. She seeks out advice from Cordialia and Tale. She goes to try to find Uchi Akimbo – this 4th year that she’s had a crush on for a while. Her goal is to catch his attention and try to see if she can convince him to ask her to the dance. Unfortunately she fails and finds that she’s lost popularity by being so publically rejected.

Alastor approaches Tale to see if she would say yes if Miles Bletchley were to ask her to the dance. She agrees that she would, if he were to ask her. He then goes off to find Adrian Pucey to find out which 3 girls he’s asked to the dance.

Miles later approaches Tale in the common room “Hey so, are you going to the Halloween Feast? Cause there is this thing afterward that I thought you might be interested in.”
Tale – “Yeah, I’d be interested.”
Miles “Cool, I don’t really know how to dance, so yeah…”
Tale “Well, I’ve never really tried to dance, so yeah… we could try to figure that out.”
Miles “Cool”
Tale “Yeah, cool”

Alastor continues his quest to try to set us all up with dates. As he approaches Cedric Diggory and Lee Jordan they both inquire about who Tale is going with. He tries to convince Lee to ask Flora to the dance. He might be interested but didn’t commit and said he was heading off to the library. Alastor goes back to the common room and tells Flora to head to the library. Tale insists that Rodney should go with him. They head out and as the approached the end of the hallway, they pass by Lee Jordan who is lurking around trying to figure out where the Slytherin’s area is. Rodney continues on toward the library and Lee awkwardly finds the nerve to ask Flora to go to the dance with him.

Omar Shaw (6th year) has asked Carobelle to attend the dance with her. We also get a special invitation to go shopping with Carobelle in London about a week and a half before the event. Flora insists that Tale should go shopping with them, even though clearly she’s not super interested in any of this nonsense.

Alastor, Flora, Tale & Carobelle continue to try to get dates for Rodney & Cordelia. Miles Bletchley suggests that his sister Ferga could take Rodney for 40 Galleons. We decide that it’s not right to buy her. But we try to locate her to see if she’d be interested in taking Rodney. Alastor goes to try to distract Prof. Sprout while Flora & Tale approach Ferga. They clearly don’t have skill. An owl arrives mid conversation and Ferga opens it. She then suggests that we should walk back to the castle. She again proposes that we need to pay her 40 Galleons for her to take Rodney.

Later at dinner Flora approaches Lee to see if he knows anyone without dates. Lee says his only friends are the Weasley twins and they already had dates.

Carobelle gives us 40 Galleons to get Rodney a date. So Alastor approaches Ferga again about the proposition and she agrees. Right before the dance Roger Davies and his girlfriend broke up. Roger asks Cordelia to attend the dance with him. Somehow we are all invited to go to this event. It is going to be AMAZING! Now… what to wear?


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