Slytherin Game 16

Grabbed again!

Rumors are going around that there is a three headed dog living on the third floor.

In early May – Slytherin is going against Hufflepuff in quidditch. It should not be problem.
While walking to class a little late Rodney is almost surprised when a person is who is attempting to leg lock charm him. In response, Rodney attempted to use a blocking charm and to stun the prankster. The stunning spell works very well and the prankster is discovered to be Jeremiah Blitzen. Rodney decides to turn this wand into his teacher’s possession for safe keeping. There is something odd about the wand but neither Rodney nor his friends can tell what. 13" ebony – quite rigid.

It is raining at the match as it begins. Alastor does well, but not as well as last time. Slytherin wins. If it was against anyone other than Hufflepuff we would have been excited.
Later, some of the first year Slytherins are speaking very quietly about something. Turns out Malfoy says that Potter has a dragon. We send him on his way saying “we will be watching”.
At the same time Rachel Ethem is found “hitting the potion” again and has forgotten much. Cordellia gives her a remembering potion. This seems to depress Rachel when she remembers and is also hesitant to enter her room – the same place from which she was “grabbed”. Cordellia leaves her in her room and goes to Madam Pomfrey a few days later to report the problem.

We return to our rooms and both the boys’ rooms have been ransacked. It appears nothing is missing from Rodney’s room but something may have been planted. They investigated his pepper up potions but did not take any – maybe they added something?

Alastor’s room has been searched too. Nothing is found to be missing or added. Malfoy searches his room but it was untouched.

At lunch Professor McGonagall announces that there is still a wand that was found Rodney suggests to Duncan Ingle(s)bee that it might be his wand. When he looks at it he screams and runs away. McGonagall questions Rodney but can find no wrong doing. Cordellia then goes to the library to look for him but instead find Jeramiah Blitzen putting back an advanced potions book behind the shelves. She then attempts to switch the covers form a different book in order to hide another book back there.

After switching the covers she leaves the library with the book and heads to an alcove without a suit of armor. She then gathers with everyone for lunch and then Alastor’s spare room. The book is booked marked at the polyjuice potion section. It is suspected that Blitzen may be using this – it is also suggested that Rachel might be replaced.
Ravenclaw beats Griffindor in quidditch. Ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup but Slytherin . Gryffindor lost a lot of points for some reason.

Cordellia copies a horrible spell that makes people forget that they have ever been loved.
Rodney researches a way to defend his room from being ransacked again. Quirrill tries to get him a book from the forbidden section but Dumbledore has kept it. He gets a lesser version of the book that has some spells in it. One was a potion that lets you know when someone crosses a line. Another is a fifth year charm that would make a contingency trap for opening something. He makes the potion twice and both Alastor and Rodney use it to protect their rooms.
Studying for finals begins.

Rodney goes to Professor Sinerstra and asks about alchemy. She lectures him about the dangers and ends up using Occlemancy and Veritas potion to get information from him. She discovers the stolen fuel in Rodney’s head. She offers to endorse Rodney in Alchemy if Alastor turns over the fuel to her. By doing so he would also avoid expulsion from Hogwarts. Before they can be delivered, we had to sit our Herbology exam. After Herbology, the fuel is given to Sinestra. Tale still has one because Rodney did not know about it.

Four exams are taken – but in the middle of Astronomy the test is interrupted.

Ingl(s)bee meets in the library and reveals that the wand that Blitzen had was one of the grabbers wand. This combined with the polyjuice book leads us to think that Jeremiah Blitzen might be a grabber. It is decided that Rodney will speak to Joshua to get him to lead his “brother” into a trap in the key room.

During astronomy exam , Tale spots a flash from the portal in the forest. After we adjust the telescopes to see what was happening, we all spot two individuals running up to the castle. They use a key to open the front door. After a while the alarm on Rodney’s room goes off. They leave the exam to investigate. Alastor and Rodney catch Blitzen and two adults. Rodney is stunned and Alastor is bound. Blitzen monologues the plot. He says we cannot stop him this time muhahaha. He was Roy Jones and knows the password for the Slytherin common room. Real Roy has Ingle(s)bee’s power. Rachel will be grabbed and the room trashed. He then breaks both of their wands. As the stun wears off, Rodney cuts ALaster free and they discover that Rachel has been kidnapped and her room has been trashed again. Rodney and Alaster grab Alaster’s broom and fly straight to the astronomy tower after having retrieved their broken wands. Upon arriving, they “borrow” Draco and Crabe’s wand in exchange for making sure Draco makes the Quiddich team. Sinerstro finally notices our arrival. She asks “What is the devil is going on?” and Rodney responds with “Professor, I am afraid I have to fail your exam.


Randy York

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