Slytherin Game 14

The Plot Thickens...

Homework: 1-3 pages about what we would do over the holidays.

Game Recap:

We go to the Quidditch game. Alastor is flying SPECTACULARLY and everyone, even the snotty Gryffindor announcer, is impressed. We are doing such a great job and the crowd is going wild. Then Harry Potter just about falls off his broom and catches the snitch in his mouth. It. Is. Ridiculous. We thought it might have been Blitzen who cursed him off his broom.

The first year blond boy is yammering about how the Gryffindors are going to replace their seeker with a wide mouth tree frog. We all agree that he is obnoxious even though Gryffindors are pretty terrible.

As we are heading back we see Joshua Blitzen dressed in a overcoat (despite the warm day). He motions “discreetly” to Rodney, who goes over to him. Blitzen thought it was Rodney who had jinxed the broom and tried to kill Potter but doesn’t want the grudge to go on anymore. Rodney told us what Blitzen had said while giggling.

We try to cheer up Alastor and figure out what to do since Sinestra told us to win the Quiddich match. Rodney thinks to use the time turner that we had found. We all agree to sneak down tonight to get it.

The password is changed though so we decide to go find the Hufflepuffs (who have cleaning duties down there so might know the password).

I volunteer to go into the great hall where EVERYONE is celebrating the stupid Griffindor win.

Heidi Macavoy and Kim Sheringham are sitting on either side of Agatha. I try to get her to talk to me about the study group, but no luck. They were being mean so I reminded them that it is a inter house study group and that there are even Ravenclaws there so they might learn a thing or to. Kim turns to huff off and falls flat on her deserving Ravenclaw face.

As a result of my poise and grace (I offered to help them clean up some of the under dungeons if they would give me the password), one of the Hufflepuffs, Huxley, tells me the password and then runs off to console Kim. “Stay out” is the password apparently.

Flora, who has been hanging around the DADA classroom for awhile helping Quirrel with chores and whatnot, goes to clean off the scrap parchment bits, sees a “To Do” list in Quirrel’s handwriting. On the list is a door description and notes about a collapsed passage. There is also a description of a box of stored alchemy bits that Quirrel wants to get but is too small to get through due to the size of the passage. Since the directions to do this are on the sheet, including the password, are on the list, Flora determines to go down Saturday after making an appearance at the Quiddich game.

There are a bunch of mops and cleaning impliments inside the portrait. The narrow, spiral staircase appears to be inside of a wall rather than a normal staircase. There are random little slits in the walls like to spy on people. Like looking through some portraits only there is nothing to see besides collapsed bits of castle. Unfortunately Flora got a little lost and wanders the halls for a bit until after it is probably dark. She walks through a part that is outside of the castle walls with roots poking though the ceiling. Finally she comes to a dead end with a spiral staircase, built from a metal pole and stairs (as opposed to stone). She begins to climb and after climbing up a floor she comes to a door which, as she goes to open it, opens!

“Who’s there?” We quickly sort out that it is Flora facing Alastor with the rest of us close behind. Flora tells us that she is on a mission for Quirrel and the rest are on a mission for Sinestra. Tale gives Flora a roll after she said that she had missed dinner. Tale and Cordelia don’t like her much at first, especially as the boys seem to like her. Rodney tells us to shush a couple times as he listens at the door.

Flora tells us that she is down here looking for a box for Quirrel. We tell her we are down her looking for a necklace for Sinestra.

We peek out into the hallway after the footsteps pass. When no one is there we sneak out. Tale leaves Amiri to keep watch for us and we hurry down to get the “necklace.” The door is closed, which it wasn’t before, Rodney listens at the door and hears a faint bubbling sound, like the barrels cooking before. Tale reveals her sneaky skills to open the door silently.

The room is the same as before, a cot with muggle knitting magazines, and two barrels of bubbling stuff but the necklace isn’t there.

Just then, a door opens at the end of the hallway. We douse our wands but are pretty sure that whoever opened the door has seen us and we run! Back towards the alchemist cell! Rodney lights his wand again so we can run quickly. We come to a spiral staircase and run up it as quickly as possible. It only goes up one floor but there are a number of doors on the hallway and another staircase at the end. We douse our wands again and keep running towards the staircase. Burke is the last to come up the staircase. He sees that it is a suit of armor with a torch lighting the way. Burke tries to transfigure a few of the bottom stairs to mud so the suit will not be able to chase us any farther. He gets two stairs transfigured before the suit blows a trumpet. Burke transfigures that as well but it’s too late! All of the doors open when the trumpet blew and Burke catches up to us but we hear a whole bunch of trumpets from below. We climb up another staircase but we hear all the doors creaking open below us again! We all dive through a crack we find in the wall because the suits are coming up the stairs! Rodney tries to throw a stunner but misses.

We come out into another hallway. It is very dusty. We go left but quickly come to a dead end. We turn around to go the other way and pass the knights trying to get through the crack. Rodney throws another stunner but it does not seem to have an effect so we keep running. Cordelia starts panting and says that we have to stop soon. We come to a familiar door and scurry though it. Cordelia tries to transfigure the door but fails. Alastor and Tale try as well while we clamber up onto the dumbwaiter. They make the lock solid and we start going up the dumbwaiter. We are about 10 feet up when the door starts being slammed upon. Rodney, Flora and Cordelia cast Wingardium Leviosa as Alastor keeps pulling us up. We are about 20 feet up when we hear silence and then a squeeky voice. Then there seems to be smoke and a bunch of crashes.

We all pile out of the dumbwaiter. There is still the smell of smoke as we all pant on the 3rd floor classroom floor. We try to figure out if avoiding Sinestra is the way to go. The rest of us scourgify ourselves. Cordelia does for Flora and Rodney does for Alastor.

We all head downstairs. Tiredly and at a leisurely pace as the bell just rang for curfew. We invite Flora to do homework with us. She reveals that she has been an actress but had decided to take a break from her career to focus on her studies.

Sunday morning we wake up relatively early. The Slytherins are all commiserating about how we lost the match. At breakfast the owl post arrives. Rodney invites Flora to breakfast with us. Flora brings over some fan mail and a large package with help from Alastor. There is a scroll in the package which Flora tells us is a contract for a new production but she is not sure she wants to take it as she has just returned to school. Rodney seems unimpressed but Alastor is intrigued.

Eventually she tells us that it is a play to celebrate the life of Laurent Pomme and she has been cast as Cordelia. Cordelia tells everyone that she doesn’t know anything about it and that she will write to her family for more information, quickly gathering up her stuff to leave. No one will tell her anything. Tale leaves as well shortly after, Rodney goes to study and Alastor sits and talks to Flora.

Tale walks Cordelia to the owlry and writes to her dad about Cordelia‚Äôs dad as well on a spare bit of Cordelia’s parchment. They they go up to the library to study and find Flora there. Cordelia agrees to help Flora practice her lines so she can get a chance to read the scroll of the script.

We go to Alastor’s spare rooms to practice. Tale does some of her homework and eventually falls asleep. The play is more idealized than real life but pretty much how Cordelia remembers it. Then, later on, there are a few scenes where Laurent gets involved in an underground movement to expose magics to the muggles, for better coordination with muggle law enforcement and such. The eventual idea that in 100 years or so we can all live together in harmony. Rodney says that it is insulting and Cordelia shouts that her dad is a good wizard. He worked in the government and if he was doing something like that it would be to keep the muggles under control and keep wizard society great.

Flora wants to do the play and Alastor points out that we can all go see the production opening night.

When we next go to Astronomy, we are all afraid she would be totally upset. After class we apologize and she says something to the effect of “It’s all right kids, I didn’t have too much money on it.” The brighter of us (aka not Burke and not Carobelle if she were here…) get the impression that Sinestra might have not actually cared about the match and been distracting us from the important stuff.

Burke seems to be more popular again, since he played so well in the game.

Rumor has it that two unicorns were killed. Rodney asks Quirrel about it, who says that normally the King of the Unicorns would protect them but he died last year and so werewolves might be responsible for it.

We also notice that things in the hallways have gotten particularly nasty. Particularly between Slytherin and Gryffindor. People trying to jinx Harry Potter (he might be a dark wizard why are people doing that?!). Mint humbugs are still super popular to counter the colored face jinx that the Weasleys were spreading. The leg locker curse is used liberally. Rodney uses the counter jinx on whomever we come across.

Time passes. For the winter holidays Flora announces that she is going to go to the Swiss Alps with her mother and Gilderoy Lockhart to work on the production. Cordelia mentions that her family normally goes to be with her grandmother but this year they may be doing something different since they are now living with the Notts. Rodney spends time with his family.


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