Slytherin Game 10

Slytherin icon- Game 10 re-cap -
Rachel wakes up and doesn’t remember anything but going to bed – the snit complains about her slippers being muddy. Her wand is missing.
We find the stream to follow out of the welcoming forest and follow it quietly for 20 minutes. After this time we begin to doubt that it is the correct stream. We conclude that we are most likely parallel to the stream we thought we were on. The stream is meandering through and we check our direction often while moving a quietly as possible.
Cordelia hears a twig snapping ahead of us. Rodney hears it again a few minutes later. Sneaking ahead we hear the water making more noise. This ends up being a 15 foot drop on into a larger stream going perpendicular to where we wish. Rachel has troubles remembering details of even what we have told her and continually asking where she is.
Seeing a light ahead we discover a glowing flower that Rodney remembers a bio-luminescence plant. It is potted in a terracotta pot sitting on a tree stump. There is a path of these that we decide to follow. As we follow the pots become more frequent and become a well worn / well tended path. As the path climbs a hill away from the stream we pass a pile of brush that had been cleared. When the path levels we come to a plateau with two red tents set up.
We take a back pack as the owners return and we overhear one say “I am not responsible for them getting away” and “I will not be the one to tell Arch-e-alder-ton” -(dumb name) We use the sound of them looking for the backpack to cover our escape – that and the sound of the rain. We decide to climb the hill instead of circling back to the river. At another plateau there is a wooden frame with a roof. It has flower pots, bags of fertilizer, and several casks. There is a strong smell for devil’s snare seed emanating from the casks. We scatter the seed across the plateau to be disruptive.
On continuing we find the “Circle of Inner Wood” there is a bridge leading to an island in the grotto. The streams led to this grotto instead of the lake – curses! In crossing the bridge we discover a strange little island with a ring of ancient Oak trees that are swarmed by devil’s snare. There is a smaller circle of potted plants. In this is a circular door with an iron ring. When Burke opens it – Rachel bravely goes in. In the barrow is a woman with rough skin who warns us we cannot go past her. She then passes out.
We hear a male voice from the tunnel – a red haired man appears and asks who we are. AT this point we all try and hit him with a spell – they all fail. He then uses a memory charm. Next thing we know all of us are contemplating the lady on the ground. Tale and Cordelia remember hearing a voice, so we explore the tunnel. The tunnel is a portal to a subway tunnel in London. We return and now assume that the grabbers are making it rain to let the Devil’s vine choke the lady protecting the portal. This gives them free access to the forest and the ability to kid nap students to steal their magic. After this discovery we tromp through the forest and arrive at the castle.
We come up with a brilliant plan to avoid blame/credit for solving the plot issues. We spill plot onto the pages of a found journal. Dimes flies out to meet us. While something is odd about him we cannot place it. He does not believe the “grabber” plot. In fact, he dismisses the whole idea as unbelievable.
We are escorted back and interrogated by Snape, Sinestro, and Dimes. Burke sticks to the story. We are chastised by them to not talk about grabbers. When they are pointed to the planted message – Snape’s eyes alight on Burke. The adults huddle and whisper amongst themselves. We are all given large detention as punishment for going in the forbidden forest. We are also each given 10 points for Slytherin. We are told this afternoon teachers and magical enforcers will go the circle of inner wood and investigate it. The teachers consider our offer of better detention for the spreading of certain “truths”. Rodney is assigned the sweeping and mopping of Snape’s lab and the dungeon. Tale organizes and labels Sinestro’s supplies. Carobelle is assigned to help Professor Quirel with organizing and understanding muggle studies. Alaster is assigned to serve as equipment organizer/manager/grounds keeper to all quiddich teams. Cordelia is assigned to maintain the astronomy equipment.
While cleaning the lab, Peeves arrives to help Rod with cleaning. Rodney uses the spell from his brother’s book and drives him off.
While Cordelia is cleaning the astronomy equipment, Professor Sinestro strikes up a conversation talking about her father. He was killed by muggles after they saw him performing magic. She said that she knew her father and that he would not want her to hate muggles because of it.
While on the quiddich pitch, Burke is cleaning up when approached by some older Slytherin students. Mika Akimbo approaches Alaster and talks to him about “the family business”. Alaster tells her he is going to inherent his seat.
While organizing herbs, Tale’s Uncle Martin visits Sinestro and meets with Tale too. Tale discusses her “project” and she says she got a “good haul”. While dropping eaves, Tale overhears them talking of weather magic.
While counting and organizing muggle studies “equipment”, Carobelle is left to it by herself. While pretending to work, Edwin (the butler) and Theodore (brother) find her there. Her brother is being given a tour and she is being collected early to be privately tutored for the private finals.
The exams are super easy – for those who take them…nothing compared to the forest.


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