Slytherin Game Session 21; Year 3 Game 4

Looking for the Tomb

Game 4 of year 3; Game session 21; July 26, 2015

Present: Tale, Cordelia, Rodney, Alistor, Flora
Ancient Runes party scheduled for spring

Uchi Akimbo, approaches Alistor, who is alone in the hallway, and invites him to a party of the Morris Mordre club (death eaters) on Friday night to make up for treating him poorly. Alistor goes to his friends and they discuss if he should go to the party. They agree he can go, but Tale who is good at sneaking, will hide in the hallway just outside as backup in case he needs help. Allistor follows the directions Uchi gave him up to the 4th floor, which is mostly abandoned, lit by torches, and he finds a door at the end of the hall. Entering the room, the goes to the center and stands next to a giant cauldron in the center of the oval room. 20 or so people in masks encircle this scene, and Uchi removes his mask. From behind the curtain opposite the entrance a tall woman is revealed. She asks, on behalf of the founder, for Alistor to state his name and bloodline. When the woman retreats to behind the curtain, she returns and announces that everyone else is to leave; they remove their masks as they step out. In the hall, Tale sees a shadowy fog emerge from the open doors, but as the lights are is dimmed when those figures pass, Tale is also hidden.

In the room Alistor steps toward the curtain. He is asked questions by the disembodied voice about what he knows, Alistors reveals that he knows of the Basylisk’s existence, as well as it’s name. The voice notes that he is her heir, and the heir of Slytherin. After much discussion, the voice declares that she built the chamber when she was headmistress to have a place for the returned founders who were heirs to Slythern: the multi-legged snake, Tenguin; Kendren, the golden haired king of the unicorns who enjoyed being outside and so was never interested in being the headmaster; Donnalee the squid, who was also the heir of Godrick, and doesn’t have his human memory; and Fawxilmore (pronounced Fozzelmore) is a phoenix. It seems that whenever an heir is needed, an heir can be produce and the memories of being heir may slowly erode over time. It is unclear, and Alistor isn’t able to find out from the voice, who put the heirs in there present forms. He finally pulls back the curtain to reveal a 17th century portrait of Headmistress Elizabeth Burk!

When Alistor returns to the common room, everyone follows him into his second bedroom and he tells them of what he learned as well as the fact that, as the heir to Slytherin he becomes the automatic leader of the club. We know that Thomas opened the chamber through Ginny, because Rodney had conversations with Thomas in Parseltongue. He learned that opening the chamber and releasing the heirs in their ascended form one can gain vast amounts of knowledge. We know that Ginny is being possessed by Thomas, and in the conversation Rodney had with Thomas they made a deal: 1) Thomas will help find them find the Tome in Hogsmeed where the can find the scroll with the spell to release the heirs from their trapped forms (Ascended Form per Headmistress Burk); 2) that Thomas wouldn’t harm Ginny. Flora states that her Aunt has a portrait here in Sytherin but she has been hanging out in her portrait in France, so Flora has to contact her family to be able to connect with her Aunt and that may be a good way to learn more about the Headmistress.

In the days leading up to Christmas break, many people who are unknown to Alistor greet him in the hallways. Flora asks Alistor to help her learn to fly better. She did get a new broom when the Slytherin team also got new brooms.

The students discuss things they have learned in a few classes. In Muggle Studies with Professor Burbage he recommends everyone wear a variety of patterns in the same color to best fit in with Muggle society. They learn that the Chamber of Acumun is Rowena Ravenclaw’s chamber where only smartest students figure out the way into the chamber. They know Circle of Everwood is Hufflepuffs chamber.

Snow covers the ground on the last Hogsmeed weekend, also called “shopping weekend.” The students have cast spells for warming cloaks and are ready to set out on their adventure. It takes about 45 minutes to walk up the hill before they arrive at the ruins of “The Good Inn” (which they believe was the headquarters for the war). As the students know, the inn stores its food in the pantry cave that belongs to Nibget. They approach the boulder and knock to see if someone will enter and answer so they can enter. Flora calls out but Alistor immediately pushes the boulder past the door and the cave behind is revealed. They see the narrow cave, about 20 feet deep with shelves carved into the walls and food piled up around the edges. Flora, who had agreed with Nibget that, “your pantry is yours,” goes in and explores the shelves looking for a leaver that would open a secret passage to another cave where they could find the scroll. Behind a small pile of loose stones Flora finds something that looks like it could be a leaver, pulls it out, lifts it up and discovers it looks like someone’s wand, and noting to herself that it can’t be Nibget’s because Goblins don’t keep wands. Flora puts the wand back, exits the cave, and they go off to explore more around the cave. They continue up the path looking for a graveyard or tomb near the church further up the hill. They find old tomb stones, all written in Ancient Runes, many of which have fallen over. No crypts are around this area and the only place without tombs that we can see is the ruins of a building foundation – Tale and Cordelia melt the snow to see the foundation better. It’s possible to see that the stones go very deep into the ground, and they wonder if it used to be a very tall building, or if there is an underground space. It’s possible that if it had been a tower one would have been able to see the Good Inn below. Tale, exploring the hill side near by, finds a few cave entrances in an area relative to this building foundation in the same way the pantry was relative to the Good Inn. The caves are covered with boulders. Alistor is called and helps move the boulder. Everyone enters the cave.
The floor of the cave slants downward, and eventually becomes stone carved steps. It is unclear if the stones were carved by humans or shaped by wizards. At the bottom of the steps appears to be a statue of a person. It turns toward them, drawing a golden sward, and charges up the stairs.
(Action sequence):

Rodney trys to stun him but the spell goes straight through
Alistor trys an impediment jinx but that spell also goes straight through
Tale dodges the figure
Cordelia throws a rock at it and the rock passes through him
Flora attempts to cast a spell that is supposed to work on ghosts, “Confundus abundus” which doesn’t do anything to the non-solid form
Alistor is “struck” by the sword, he feels that he’ll never be cheerful again.

R – sends a spell, strikes the apparition which yells as its sword soars out of it’s hand
A – runs
T – runs to get the sward, but sees a pantry, rugs, and other passage
C – also runs for the sword but swerves to go down the passage
F – trys spell for disarming a hostel personality that she learned from Lockhart – “Personus acomodus” the spell goes through the apparition

The apparition floats down stars, picks up his sword and yells, enraged

R – again knocks the apparitions sword out of his hand but it only flys into air and lands at apparition’s feet
A – trys spell “wadawasi” on the sword but his wand flys out of his hand
T – trys a freezing charm, and though the spell goes through him energy is seen
C – runs down tunnel (6.5 meters long) and sees there is another chamber that slops away from the entrance. In the center of that room there is a “stairwell” lined with tiers that each holds a sarcophagus, she sees about 30 coffins to the edge of the light source
F – turns on her Vela powers to distract the apparition and let everyone run out, but the apparition picks up his sword and, as though he suddenly remembers who she is, points it at her then runs down tunnel and almost runs into Cordelia
C – dives through the apparition

R – calls out to Cordelia and lights his wand to call to everyone to get out
A – runs back down stairs to get everyone out and notices that the “sacks” on the side of the shelves are somewhat human shaped
T – covers Cordelia in a shield charm
F – continues to help everyone to get out
The ghost turns and though Tale is the closest, he runs straight for Flora

Rodney blasts the ghost once more and the sword goes flying. Everyone is running for the door though the ghost is between half of the party and the door, they dodge around him as they pass. Flora runs to try to go around the ghost, and as she passes him she sees that the armor is “really old timey goblin made armor” and similar to one she saw in a period play she once did. Flora makes it up the stairs and outside
the ghost runs back and grabs his sword. Alistor and Randy are the last to run out out of the cave. Once outside, both Flora and Alistor, having been struck by the apparition, feel disheartened and are struggling want to walk or move forward at all. They finally make it down to the village and buy chocolate at honeydukes – which helps Flora and Alistor to recover. Eventually they make their way back to the castle following Jeremiah Blitzen and Angelina Johnson who are on the path ahead of them. Back in Slytheryn, everyone is exhausted goes to sleep.


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