Game 23 - 3rd year 6th game

We return to the castle without the diadem, it turns out Percy didn’t have it.

Flora gets a new scroll that is around Milt Kreager (sp?)
• Cordellia remembers he testified in the 70s about Muggles about dangerous groups of Muggles who knew about wizards.
• He is a member of the Knights of Walpurgis, a secret spy group in the ministry of magic.

Penelope beat up Percy pretty bad.

Rodney and Alastor have breakfast while Cordelia, Talia, and Flora try to waylay the house-elves loading the trunks.

Cordellia convinces them to stop and finds the trunk for Penelope (to give her a present).

They find a box that may have the diadem. Talia causes a distraction, Cordellia fails to stealthily take the diadem box, ends up running off while Flora pockets the box.

Talia gets a note from the Slytherin Prefect (Felix Brunt) – Minus 25 points from Slytherin.

Cordellia tries to open the box. There’s nothing in there but a voice-note that drains all of Cordellia’s willpower.

We try to follow Penelope to get the diadem from her, which we assume she is carrying, but she eludes us.

After the feast I read a note, inviting to the grand high ceremony of the Mors Mordre club. (AR on behalf of EB), midnight.

We make gold masks and dark robes to go as the eternal court.

Alastor takes on the mantel of the heir of slytherin and after some hesitation he allows his arm to be tattooed.

Rodney hears a snake. Alastor mentions that the serpent is near and that it will kill somebody. Uchi suddenly realizes everything he’s doing is real.

The Elizabeth Burke painting is unphaised by all the things as if she expected all this.

Alastor assigns Rodney to check it out. Rodney convinces the snake not to go anywhere, but apparently it already had killed.

Alastor receives the dark mark.

Rodney begins to wander the halls day and night to try and hear the basilisk before it kills so he can stop it.

Rodney gets more notes from Thomas and needs to make sure Ginny is okay as well as killing all the roosters and collecting 2 chickens worth of blood.

One of the notes contains a reference to the Knights of Walpurgis.

Alastor stops Rodney from killing 2 roosters, Alastor kills them by breaking their necks, Rodney drains the blood.

The bloody baron has distracted the ghosts around the Tomb, we want to get the notes, there is a trip over new years weekend.

On the way to Hogsmead Alastor breaks up with Rachel Etham, and he loses popularity.

We take our lunches into the hills and find where we fought the knight ghost. The knight ghost is wrapped up in chains now. Descending into the mountain past tombs. We come across 2 partial cave-ins. There is a thick layer of dust all around.

We pass under an arch after the 2nd cave in, the tunnels are covered in ancient runes. Find a handle-less door, these were all built by Hingus the Woodcroft. We may need liquid to get through the door.

Cordellia talks about a water summoning spell, Flora uses another theater spell which would “condense the water molecules in the air” but for some odd reason it doesn’t work.

Alastor transfigures the dust on the door to water, and the door opens.

There’s a door with a bar across it and covered in ancient runes. Cordellia translates one of the symbols which translates as danger.

Alastor summons Gordon Pummel, 5th year, to open the door.

The door binds Herpo the Foul, dark wizard – died before Hangust the Woodcroft, Hangust was moved from this place.

Gordon opens the door, there is a booming voice with a warning. Alastor gets the group, there is a bunch of clay tablets that shattered in the blast. There is a desiccated corpse. It appears that the zombie was destroyed by the blast.

Alastor takes the skull of Herpo the Foul and places it in his briefcase. Alastor dismisses Gordon back to Hogsmead.

Everyone tries to repair and then take rubbings and then translate the tomb notes.

Hermione Granger & Penelope Clearwater are petrified.

Gordon has been bound to not discuss horcruxes or Herpo the Foul.

Herpo invented Horcruxes, ancient magic that allows you to reach for immortality. It is created by murdering someone, thus splitting your soul in two. You put the other part of your soul in an object, when you die you are mystically rebuilt from the other portion.


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