Game 22 - 3rd year 5th game

Good news! Flora’s play is taking place near Hogwarts so she is joining those staying for Christmas Holiday. With her inclusion, that means all of us are staying.
Allister and Rodney have decided to start practicing with their off hands with wands. This and the preparation of the potion protecting our rooms hopefully prepares us for the next time the teachers decide not to protect us.
On the last day, Professor Snape cancels potions class, but our potions Poindexters decide to have their own class. At breakfast, the blizzard outside gets worse and Herbology is also cancelled. The potion practice group spends more time talking about boys than potions, but does come up with the good slang name for Hufflepuffs – PUFFS!
After the free time we all head to transfiguration. The mood is light and no one is able to concentrate. Toward the end of class, Peeves gets our attention by yelling “We are under attack.” We discover that Harry “Mother-Fucking” Potter has attacked and defeated a ghost! Caught red-handed and looking guilty, we see a Puff at his feet. Some muggle born. Potter denies any involvement. He was not even smart enough to cover it up. The other Puffs walk the victims to the infirmary. We go to lunch. We speculate that there is a worldwide puff hive mind for them to know when one is in danger.
Rodney hears in the wall a parsal tongue voice asking to meet him in the dungeon. Rodney tells his friends and Tale follows him to the meeting. Jenny is still possessed by Thomas. Thomas asks Rodney to get the Diadem for him and he will no longer need the notes. Percy Weasley has an agreement with a Ravenclaw girl to share it and do well in their classes. After discussing it with the group, they spot Percy talking with a girl. Professor Lockhart left a note telling everyone to read quietly. We all ignore it and trail the girl to the Ravenclaw common room. After giving her a head start up the spiral stair case we climb the stairs and find Dumbledore’s bird chilling in his weird birdhouse. The markings on a key that Allister’s uncle gave him. He gave it to him saying “you might need this. These markings on the birdhouse match the key’s decoration.
AT the top of the stairs there is a landing with a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw wearing the described Diadem, We head back down the stairs before we get caught.
We brain storm as to options. Everything from making a mini basilisk to just planning the party. We decide to get the Ravenclaw girl off to the side and threaten to reveal her cheating ways unless she loans us the cheating device to us just for Xmas break. If she agrees, then we will use it. If she doesn’t, we can plant rumors and destroy her credibility. We discover her name is Penelope Clearwater and she is Prefect. Carobelle is going to lure Penelope to a side quiet location so we can have a conversation. Carobelle fails to come up with an idea, so Allister is going to ask for help with classwork.
Cordelia and Rodney wait in the room. Tale will follow Allister in with Flora and Carobelle will watch the door. No way this plan can fail.
The plan kind of fails. She agrees to allow us to use it if she can be there, but we have to get the Diadem from Percy. After putting our heads together we remember the Diadem is silver, has blue gems with a bird motif. It may be etched with the Ravenclaw motto. It is supposed to give mystical wisdom. Highly sought after for many years. It is rumored to require intelligence to find. No rumor exists that it makes people mean or cruel.
Flora is going to use her wiles to get close to him and try and locate the Diadem. Tale is going to shadow him tomorrow to see if he returns. Heading from the common room we hear Percy talking to someone insisting that his trunk be loaded tonight. We immediately “borrow” the Slytherin brooms and fly out to train and discovered that Percy had been beaten pretty badly. We assumed based on conversation that it was Penelope that beat him. We return back to the castle.


Randy York

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