Slytherin Game 13

The Day Carobelle Left Her Friends

It is Autumn and the weather is chilling though still sunny out. One morning in DADA with Professor Quirrell discusses with the class the counter jinx to the Leg Locking Curse. At one point Professor Quirrell takes annoyance at Tale’s lack of attention (but really she was just sleepy) and asks her to stay after class. Then Hagrid comes bumbling into the room. Hagrid and Prof. Quirrell engage in whispering in the back of the room, though it is clear that Hagrid is concerned that they have found something in the Forbidden Forest. It appears a Unicorn was slain. Hagrid consults with Prof. Quirrell for advice. Class concludes, Tale stays behind. Alastor drops a book and Flora Carrow slows down to help him, but Hestia Carrow slaps her hand and hurries her out the door. Eventually after about 5 mins Prof. Quirrell finally notices that Tale is still sitting there and directs her to take the trash bags down the hall and then he heads out. One bag is not closed, so Rodney “helps” by taking the bag and then accidentally spills the bag on the floor. We notice some really nice envelops with papers inside. Cordelia reads one and it is a Thank You note to Mrs. Abervashum from Gringots bank thanking them from visiting Gringots. The next one is a similar thank you to the next person for touring as well. We suspect that the Bank is likely asking Prof. Quirrell for help since he’s the DADA expert.

Tale sends a letter to her father asking if he knows any of these names on the Gringots letters. Rodney studies the Alchemy book that was discovered in Tale’s room. Carobelle is too busy hanging out with her other friends. Rodney gets sick with a flu or cold, so he heads off to visit the infirmary and takes a “Pepper Up Potion” – his ears start steaming. He is spotted by his brother Thomas in the halls. He hands Rodney a little package of something that will make him feel better when he gets sick next time. It is a small red vial (potion) that looks much like the ones that they previously tried to get Rodney to take. It says “To Nathan From Madam Opiere”

Rodney comes back and lets us know that Adrian Pucey and Rachel Ethem are up to something. They take the vial from Rodney that he got from his brother and demand that he get another one next week. Rodney sends a mail to Nathan and asks him if he can send some potions, as Thomas says there is a potion better than the Pepper Up Potion.

Tale’s dad writes back that he doesn’t know any of the names in the Gringots letters. Alastor starts getting “The Cold Shoulder” and Rodney buddies up to him to try to show others that Alastor is ok. Cordelia doesn’t get extra close or extra far from Alastor. But Tale still keeps her distance from Alastor.

Rodney. Alastor and Cordelia noticed that Agatha Thrussington is being harassed by some older Slytherins. They try to come to her rescue and she quickly shuffles off to her common room.

It transitions to October, Cordelia goes for a walk near the lake. She doesn’t wander too closely to the forest or Hagrid’s hut. She dips her hand in the water on the lake’s edge and all of sudden she can smell all sorts of strange new smells. She realizes that many hours have passed and it’s nightfall. She turns and runs for the castle. She is being chased by some cloaked figure coming out of the forest. She makes it to the castle, grabs the door handle and tries to open the door. The cloaked figure opens the door shoves Cordelia in and then slams the door closed. It is another boy of her age, Heath Bishop. He invites her back to the Ravenclaw tower for a Butter Beer. She later invites him to join a study group.

Some girls from Ravenclaw caught up with Cordelia in the hall and, having heard a rumor, ask Cordelia if she likes Heath Bishop. Which causes quite a stir given that he’s apparently seeing Kim Sheringham.

Rodney gets approached by Joshua Blitzen on more ideas on how to take down Harry Potter. Harry Potter receives a new broom delivered breakfast. Rodney starts quickly spreading the news that Harry Potter is the new Gryffindor Seeker. By dinner everyone is talking about Harry Potter and also about Cordelia and her ill intentions toward Heath & Kim’s relationship.

Nathan sends Rodney 4 vials of the red potion. Cordelia will learn some fancy 3rd year memory potion. Agatha is clearly ducking away from Cordelia and the Slytherins. Tale wanders the castle with Amiri, as they are walking around often there are other cats will come up to us and bow to Amiri. We come into the great hall and see that the decorations are being put up. It’s the Halloween Feast!! We are all so excited to be able to enjoy it this year. In the middle of the feast Prof. Quirrell comes running in to announce that there is a Troll in the Dungeon. Professor Dumbledore instructs prefects to move the students back to their houses. The next day it is rumored that Harry Potter single handedly killed the mountain troll.

After Astronomy class one day Alastor decides to talk with Professor Sinestra about Mika and the shunning he’s getting. She welcomes all four of us into her office and serves us tea. We don’t drink the tea. Alastor tells her quite a bit about the troubles with Mikka. He inquiries about a good group of Slytherin wizards that would work against the Death Eaters and Sinestra says that this would be her. He indicates that we would like to help her out. She suggests to Alastor that he should win the upcoming Quidditch match. Then she escorts us back to our common room.

The end.
We will pick up with the first Quidditch Match of the season.


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